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Chapter 723: There’s Still a Long Way to Go (3)

Yun Feng slowly turned around. She didn’t need answers anymore.

“Wait!” Seeing that she was about to leave, Ah Jin immediately said, “Kid, where is he?” Ah Jin asked again patiently. Yun Feng said, “That person built the Helian family and has been hiding in the body of the Helian family’s leader in Hualian City.”

Ah Jin’s golden eyes glittered. “Damn it. It’s hidden in a human body!”

“I fought with him a bit before I came. He’s already escaped.” Yun Feng said indifferently as she turned around and looked at the old man. “When will Meatball wake up?”

The old man was stunned. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. “When exactly will she wake up?”

“I let it sleep back then because I felt that it was different from ordinary Magic Beasts. I was afraid that something might happen. It will wake up in a few days.” What the old man said made Yun Feng feel relieved. It was great that Meatball was fine.

“Goodbye.” Yun Feng turned around and was about to leave. The old man frowned slightly. “Kid, is Meatball its name?”

Yun Feng paused. “No, its name isn’t Meatball. I just made it up.”

“Can you tell me its real name?” The old man asked tentatively. Ah Jin looked up at the old man, wondering what was wrong with this old guy today. Why did he have so many questions? Was there anything special about that Magic Beast that was as fat as a ball?

Yun Feng thought for a moment. “Na Xie. Its name is Na Xie.” Yun Feng’s body flashed and she had already disappeared from this space. She didn’t see the shocked look of the old man when he heard this name at all. And Ah Jin on the side, the arm holding his chin suddenly missed and he almost fell on the ground.

“Old man!” Jin roared with a tense expression. The old man frowned and stood there with inexplicable emotions surging in his wise eyes. “Isn’t that just a lie? How can it really exist?” Jin roared. The old man didn’t say anything for a long time. In the end, he glanced at Jin.

“It’s not made up. It’s just been circulating for so long that nobody believes it.”

Ah Jin’s breath tightened and his golden pupils shrank fiercely! “If it’s true, how can it be in that form? It…” Ah Jin suddenly remembered Meatball’s sharp teeth piercing into his body back then and he trembled!

“Jin, the one you’re looking for has already escaped. You should go back.” The old man looked into the distance with his black eyes, thinking about something. Jin was still in a state of shock. He finally came back to himself. “What about you?”

The old man chuckled. “I’m not going back yet, but let me remind you that we can’t tell if it’s the one.”

Jin was stunned. “Even you… can’t see through it?”

A glint of light suddenly flashed through the old man’s wise eyes as he smiled meaningfully. “There are some things that even I can’t see through. If it’s really that, it’s even less likely for me to see it through.”

Ah Jin’s golden eyes darkened. “Got it.” He turned around and was about to leave when the old man’s voice sounded again. “Aren’t you going to the Dragons to greet them?”

Ah Jin roared in frustration, “Who wants to greet those dragon brats? I feel annoyed just looking at them!” The old man didn’t say anything else. A beam of golden light suddenly enveloped Ah Jin’s entire body. The old man raised his hand and a crack suddenly appeared in the space next to him. The golden light entered the crack and a pair of strange wings with golden luster could be vaguely seen. Then, they completely disappeared.

Yun Feng came all the way out of the deepest part of the Foggy Forest. Those hidden auras were restless and Yun Feng was also tense along the way. When she came in, someone led the way, but when she went out, she was alone. Even though she was very nervous along the way, nothing unusual happened. Even though the animals were restless, they didn’t do anything in the end. Yun Feng left the Foggy Forest without any obstructions and went straight to Hualian City.

It was already dawn when she arrived in Hualian City. Bathed in the warm sunlight, it was as if everything that happened last night was a dream. Yun Feng went straight to the Helian family’s mansion. When she arrived, Murong Yuntian was standing in the middle of the yard.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Feng landed from the sky and asked in a low voice. Murong Yuntian turned around and suddenly felt that there was something different about Yun Feng. She seemed to be emitting a different kind of temperament, which was more stable and calm than before.

“After we came back last night, all the servants of the Helian family disappeared, and the few ladies and children of the Helian family died on the spot, just like the master of the Helian family,” said Murong Yuntian in a deep voice. Yun Feng frowned. Among the corpses in front of her eyes were Lady Helian and Helian Fu. It could be said that the members of the Helian family were completely dead overnight.

“I think the families that are connected to the Helian family by marriage will have the same situation. Deal with this place first. I’ll go back to Mu City first.”

Murong Yuntian nodded. This matter was too strange. Yun Feng immediately rushed back to Mu City. As soon as she arrived, she heard the strange news that the members of the Helian family, who had an arranged marriage with other families, had all died mysteriously last night. The cause of death was almost the same. This matter caused a sensation and made the Fengyun Empire a bit anxious. The Helian family rose abruptly and died mysteriously overnight. Anyone would be a bit terrified.

Yun Feng first went to see her sullen father and brother after she came back. The two of them were finally relieved to see Yun Feng return safely. Yun Feng immediately told them what happened last night one by one, ignoring the soul power of her ancestor that had been stolen. She didn’t miss anything else.

Yun Jing and Yun Sheng couldn’t come back to themselves for a long time after hearing that. Their heads were a bit swollen. Who exactly was this strange man in a black robe? Yun Jing’s handsome face was solemn and gloomy. “There are a lot of doubts about the rise of the Helian family. I didn’t expect the truth to be like this.”

“It’s not bad for him to disappear. If Feng didn’t force him to show his true form, the Fengyun Empire would be swallowed by him sooner or later!” Yun Sheng also looked very serious. Yun Feng sat on the side and didn’t say anything. It wasn’t just the Fengyun Empire. Perhaps the East Continent would be swallowed sooner or later.

That black-robed man was the target of the Fantastical Beast and he… had ulterior motives towards the Yun family!

“The disappearance of the Helian family is a relief for the swallowed families. Feng, thank you for your hard work.” Yun Jing looked at his daughter in relief. Yun Feng smiled. “Father, there are some things I need to do. Someone told me on the West Continent that the president of the Magic Union I’m looking for has appeared on the East Continent.”

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