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Chapter 72: Rejecting the Martial Arts Institute

The principal immediately wanted to refute. “That Mei Bing can’t compare to you at all!” However, it was indeed inappropriate to say this, so he swallowed it back down. “Kid, being admitted to the School of the God of War is your chance of succeeding. When you achieve something, the Yun family will also be able to reach the sky!”

The principal still persisted in persuading Yun Feng. He truly couldn’t just let go of such a genius without a reason. And yet, everything was up to the student’s will. If she didn’t want to go, he couldn’t force her either.

“Mr. Principal, how can the Yun family put everything on a little girl?” Yun Jing said something softly. The principal then mumbled, “You’re right, Master Yun, but…” It would really be a shame if they missed this kid.

“Thank you for your kindness Mr. Principal. If Feng doesn’t want to go back, I certainly won’t oppose it. Thank you for coming this time, Mr. Principal.” Yun Jing cupped his hand in the other in front of the principal. Even though the truth was that Yun Feng had already taken the burden of the Yun family, in Yun Jing’s mind, he would never really let Yun Feng bear everything. He wasn’t just the leader of the Yun family, but also Yun Feng’s father!

Besides, Yun Feng had a brother as well. With him here, with Yun Sheng here, how would Yun Feng need to take on all the responsibilities? Even if her skinny shoulders could, her father and her brother wouldn’t let her.

Seeing this situation, the principal certainly understood that Yun Feng wouldn’t go back to the Martial Arts Institute. They still had Mei Bing, who was also an outstanding student being able to reach the early stage of level 4 at his current age, but compared to Yun Feng, he was indeed…

The principal still didn’t want to give up and he glanced at Yun Feng. Yun Feng could only smile embarrassedly. “Ah, kid, I hope you won’t regret this one day… Ah…” The principal sighed as he left the Yun family. After the principal left, Yun Sheng held Yun Feng’s little hands and lifted her body high, holding her in his arms like a baby. This made Yun Feng blush slightly.

“Brother, I’m not a baby anymore. Put me down quickly!” Yun Feng moved her body anxiously, but Yun Sheng held her tight and refused to let go. His black eyes were full of love. How would he not know what his father said when Yun Feng entered the ancestral hall back then? Thinking that the heavy burden of the Yun family was all pressed on these skinny shoulders, Yun Sheng didn’t only feel ashamed, but was also more determined to work hard. He must help his sister a bit no matter what!

“Feng, if you’re not going to the School of the God of War, go to the magic school with me!” What Yun Sheng said startled Yun Feng. Yun Jing also glanced at Yun Feng, as if he was thinking in his mind, then asked Yun Sheng to put Yun Feng down.

“Feng, have you thought about what to do from now on?”

Yun Feng nodded. She had certainly planned for her future path. Now that the Lin family’s matters had been settled, the Yun family had almost regained all of their lost vitality. She could leave at ease. Training is the foundation of rapid growth! It didn’t matter for Yun Feng if she studied at school or not. After all, these schools didn’t help her in the training of a summoner at all. With the ancestor here, she didn’t need any other guidance. And yet, her brother was a mage and she also had to practice magic, so it was a good and harmless idea for her to go to the magic school to study magic.

Yun Jing nodded. “That’s great. A few days later will be the enrollment day of the Imperial School of Magic. You should go and check it out with Yun Sheng.”

Yun Sheng was immediately thrilled after hearing that. Seeing how happy her brother was, Yun Feng also nodded. She wasn’t interested in the Imperial School of Magic at all. She only did it for her brother. As long as Yun Sheng was happy, what couldn’t she do?

Due to the system of the East Continent, warriors accounted for almost 80% of the population. No matter which of the four largest empires on the East Continent, their main forces and army were formed by warriors and there were quite a lot of strong ones among the warriors. However, a single combat force wasn’t enough. Even though the warriors were the main forces, the status of the mages wasn’t low at all.

Because the number of mages was far less than that of warriors, even the total number of mages in the four largest empires wasn’t as large as the number of warriors in a second-rate city. Although the overall strength of mages wasn’t as strong as that of warriors, mages didn’t have a low status and were even at a higher level than warriors.

Mages, who were good at using magic, were long-rage killers. Even though they didn’t have mysterious and powerful Magic Beasts like summoners did, their powerful magic also gave them pretty good strength. Warriors might have strong and excellent power, but they also had to be careful when they encountered the mages. The power of magic was comparable to or even surpassed any combat techniques!

Weak mages could mobilize all kinds of elemental forces to form a perfect combination of attack and defense, while the strong ones could create a knotty problem for warriors of the same level or of a level higher and might even frighten them!

The mages, who didn’t have a high overall strength, enjoyed a noble status on the East Continent. The diversity of battles made magic an indispensable element. A thing was precious when it was rare. It was something that made people happy when a mage was born. Of course, the most powerful and mysterious summoner was still the profession that people constantly looked at from afar and dared not imagine. The five most powerful summoners born on the East Continent in the last few centuries had already passed away slowly. Only one of them was left and this remaining summoner kept his empire in an invincible position. As for the Karan Empire, the empire where Yun Feng lived in, it had already been desperately looking forward to the birth of another summoner for countless centuries.

Everyone knew that summoners were also mages. This gave the mages another layer of anticipation. Even though there was only a slim chance, it still existed after all.

The Imperial School of Magic was the only magic school in the Karan Empire. Unlike the School of the God of War that had a dozen campuses in the Karan Empire, The Imperial School of Magic had only one and there were less than a thousand people in the entire school right now, including students and teachers.

Almost all of the mages in the Karan Empire were trained there. The Imperial School of Magic was also highly valued by the Karan Empire. Although their overall strength wasn’t strong, it didn’t reduce the empire’s expectations on them. The enrollment day of the Imperial School of Magic every year even caused a great furor in the Karan Empire.

The enrollment day of the Imperial School of Magic wasn’t simply for the school to recruit new mages. The most important responsibility was to find a summoner! If summoners were also mages, could those talented young mages possibly become summoners as well? The senior officials of the Karan Empire thought so, but only one summoner was born in the Yun family. They didn’t really have much understanding of summoners. Although none of those talented, smart young mages became a summoner, the Karan Empire still hadn’t given up.

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