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Chapter 73: Talent

How would it be so simple to become a summoner? Not to mention that the mental strength must reach a certain level, the person also needed to have the ability to sense the elemental force on the Magic Beasts. Not only that, that person must realize his own Array of Contract. Even if the former two requirements could be fulfilled by the later generation, how would they know how to realize the Array of Contract if they weren’t a summoner?

How would they be able to become a summoner if they couldn’t realize the Array of Contract? The Karan Empire was looking and hoping for a summoner so blindly. Apparently, they didn’t expect any results anymore. They only thought about it. And yet, the senior officials of the Karan Empire had never thought that the summoner they had been longing for and anticipated the most had been born silently in the down-and-out Yun family in the obscure Chunfeng Town.

Yun Feng was communicating with elemental forces at home as usual. She was currently at the final stage of level 6 and there was already a sign of going towards the peak of level 6. Once she broke through the peak of level 6, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to reach level 7.

Even though the final stage and the peak stage was just a step away, it wasn’t that simple. After Yun Feng finished her daily communication with the elemental forces, she stretched her body gently and her powerful mental strength increased even more. Yun Feng’s mental strength was already like the vast, endless ocean originally. However, although it was huge, it was in fact not really strong. And now, her mental strength faintly entered the state of merging, like flowing water began to gather, undergoing some vague changes.

“Kid, this is the sign that you’re entering the advanced level. Once you reach the threshold of level 7, you’ll find that the advanced level is a whole new world.” The ancestor’s words came, which made Yun Feng smile from her heart. She should be able to break through level 7 very soon. Thinking of the enrollment location of that magic school, Yun Feng found it a coincidence. They were recruiting students in Park City, the place where the Murong family, which she had a ridiculous engagement with before, was located.

Yun Feng still remembered what the arrogant Murong Ran said before she left, “Don’t come to Park City if you can!” Yun Feng smiled. She didn’t care about Murong Ran. She had nothing to do with the Murong family at all right now. This time, she was just going to the admission exam with her brother and she would have a brand new experience.

“Kid, you can visit the weapon store when you go to Park City this time. It’s time for you to choose a handy weapon.”

Weapon? Yun Feng pondered carefully. Practicing up till now, she still wasn’t very clear about the concept of weapons. The highest level of the people she had encountered was only level 6. She had just seen the masters employed by the Lin family use their weapons, but they all seemed extremely ordinary.

“Ancestor, are you talking about the swords those masters used the other night?”

“Bah! Those are scrap metals that aren’t up to standard! Kid, only people who have entered the advanced level, level 7, are worthy of the word ‘weapon.’ Anything else is just crap!”

Yun Feng stuck out her tongue gently. Meatball moved its body up and down on her shoulder. Its soft fur around its entire body made Yun Feng a bit itchy. She picked Meatball up and swung it in the air. Seeing Meatball show its teeth and wav its claws, Yun Feng widened the corners of her mouth and smiled joyfully.

“Ancestor, are weapons divided into different levels as well?” Yun Feng asked as she swung Meatball’s chubby body. The ancestor also saw Yun Feng’s mischievous side and he couldn’t help but smile from his heart. She was still a kid after all.

“The division of level of weapons is basically the same as that of strength. The rules on this continent seem to be the same. They’re all limited to such levels.”

Rules? Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. She continued swinging Meatball’s body as she listened to her ancestor. “Weapons themselves don’t have a level. Their power is determined by the strength of the person who uses them. Fighting energy and mental strength can be infused into weapons. The higher the level of the fighting energy and mental strength, the higher level of power the infused weapon will be able to release. Of course, the power of a weapon also depends on another factor, holes.”

“Holes?’ Yun Feng asked in confusion. The holes of weapons? What was that?

“Holes can be engraved on weapons, from one hole to nine holes. And inside the holes, you can insert something that can greatly increase the power of the weapon, Magic Beast Crystals!”

Magic Beast Crystals could be said to be the essence of Magic Beasts. They contained the elemental force and power of the Magic Beasts! If Magic Beast Crystals were inserted in all the nine holes of a weapon, its power would directly leap to a higher level!

“If any weapon can have nine holes and have crystals inserted, wouldn’t everyone be able to become a master?” What Yun Feng said made the ancestor nod in satisfaction. This kid was indeed extraordinary. Her mind was mature enough.

“Of course not. Not everyone can engrave holes in the weapons. The size and quality of the holes also vary by strength. Not everyone can inlay crystals inside either. These two processes determine the success or failure of inserting crystals into the holes on the weapon.”

Yun Feng was shocked. It turned out to be so complicated. Engraving holes in a weapon required an expert and inserting crystals in it also required an expert. Let alone these two things, even Magic Beast Crystals weren’t something ordinary. The higher the level of the crystal inlay, the more powerful. However, crystals of level 5 and level 6 were already rare in the market. After all, the ratio of human beings that could hunt Magic Beasts was too small, not to mention Magic Beasts of the advanced level or even the commander level.

“Then, why should I get a weapon? I need to find someone to engrave holes and insert crystals in the weapon for me. Isn’t it the same with or without a weapon?”

The ancestor laughed with a sense of pride and cunning in his laughter. “Kid, the person who engraves the holes must be a warrior, because it requires perfect and proper control of power to engrave holes in a weapon. And the person who inserts the crystals must be a mage, because the elemental force contained inside a crystal has to be tamed in order to be inserted in a weapon.”

When the ancestor said this, Yun Feng suddenly felt like she was enlightened. Warrior, mage… For other people, they might only be able to do one of them, but for her, she could deal with everything by herself!

“Do you still not have the confidence to make level-6 holes and insert level-6 crystals with your strength?” What the ancestor said immediately put a beaming smile on Yun Feng’s little face. She gently threw Meatball, which she was swinging, in the air and caught it firmly in her hand. Yun Feng knew clearly that she could do all these things!

Feeling Yun Feng’s excitement at this moment, the ancestor also smiled gently. Even though he had given Yun Feng a lot of details, he still hid something. The ancestor didn’t tell Yun Feng that people usually gave those who could engrave holes a title: Weapon Refiner, someone who could engrave holes in weapons. And those who could insert Magic Beast Crystals in weapons also had a title: Inserter.

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