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Chapter 68: That’s Enough! Are You Kidding Me?

When Yun Sheng saw that his father and sister had gone ahead of him, he couldn’t help but smile wryly. Did they forget that he was a mage? How could he possibly keep up with them with his speed? Yun Sheng stood there a bit speechlessly. Then, an impatient shout came.

“Human, why are you still standing there?”

Yun Sheng was startled. He finally saw that Little Fire hadn’t left yet and realized Yun Feng didn’t forget about the fact that he was a mage. However, judging by the current situation…

“Do you mean…”

“Cut the crap!” Little Fire wasn’t in the mood to stand there and talk nonsense with Yun Sheng right now. It opened its wolf mouth immediately and picked Yun Sheng’s body up. Its body moved and turned into a beam of dark red light, flashing towards Yun Feng.

Tonight, Lin Quan had been having ants in his pants since Lin Sen and Lin Miao went out. His eyelids suddenly twitched just now, which made his anxiety even worse. Thinking about the time, Lin Sen and Lin Quan should also be back. The lineup he hired was extremely powerful. They shouldn’t need so much time to deal with the old man and the little girl of the Yun family, so why wasn’t there any news at all? He also lost contact with his two brothers. What made Lin Quan more confused was that the two masters who went to deal with Yun Sheng were missing as well.

Even if the old man and the girl of the Yun family were hard to deal with, Yun Sheng weren’t. A level-5 warrior should be able to smack a level-2 mage to death casually. Why wasn’t any news delivered back at all?

Lin Quan paced the living room of the Lin family anxiously and his eyebrows were completely squeezed together. As time passed slowly, the anxiousness in Lin Quan’s mind grew stronger. This was abnormal, too abnormal!

Perhaps… something went wrong? Lin Quan’s heart pounded. Perhaps these people he sent out failed? Thinking of this possibility, the hair on the back of Lin Quan’s neck stood on end. There were four level-5 warriors and one level-6 warrior. If such a lineup still couldn’t deal with the Yun family, the Lin family would have only one way out. They must leave Chunfeng Town right away!

When a person was anxious, his heart would feel like it was being bitten by ants. Thousands of situations, which made sense or didn’t, appeared one after another, sending Lin Quan into panic. It wasn’t a big deal that no news came back from those employed masters, but it was when he hadn’t received any message from his two brothers. Even if something was wrong, they should have come back after seeing the situation!

Lin Quan didn’t know that they had thought about escaping. And yet, under Yun Feng and Yun Jing’s chase and without the help from those masters, where could Lin Sen and Lin Miao, these two early-level 3 warriors, go?

While Lin Quan was anxious to the extreme, he suddenly felt a hint of familiar aura in the Lin family. Lin Quan was delighted. It was the aura of his third brother, Lin Miao!

“Brother!” Lin Quan followed the direction of the aura and stepped out of the living room. Once he walked out, he saw Lin Miao’s body as expected, but the joy in his eyes immediately froze into ice. Lin Quan’s expression changed abruptly and his face turned extremely dark.

Lin Miao was tied up and held in someone’s hand. That person was small and there was a cold smile on her gorgeous little face right now. And on her other hand was Lin Sen’s head!

Lin Sen’s eyes that couldn’t be closed were wide open, with anger and resentment inside. Lin Quan’s eyes gradually turned red. His second brother Lin Sen, was dead!

Yun Feng smiled coldly and casually threw Lin Sen’s head on the ground. Lin Quan’s eyebrows pulsed a few times, but his body didn’t move. He didn’t forget how his second brother died. And yet, Lin Miao was still alive and he was in Yun Feng’s hand.

“Master Lin, you’re still up. Are you thinking about the Yun family?”

Lin Quan didn’t answer her. He just looked at Yun Feng with a dark expression. At this moment, Lin Quan realized something. The few masters he sent out had undoubtedly failed, or his two brothers wouldn’t have ended up like this! Even four level-5 warriors and one level-6 warrior couldn’t kill Yun Feng. Just how terrifying was this kid…?

Yun Jing came forward and stood next to Yun Feng. When Lin Quan saw Yun Jing, he couldn’t help but say with a deep voice, “Master Yun, even though there has been a feud between the Lin family and the Yun family, it’s already something from a few generations back. Now that Lin Meng has died at Yun Feng’s hands and the Yun family has also killed my brother, all this should be enough.”

Yun Sheng arrived at this moment. Little Fire didn’t follow him. Yun Feng told it not to let the Lin family know it existed. After hearing what Lin Quan said, Yun Sheng truly felt like screaming in the sky. Enough? The family property of the Yun family taken by the Lin family, the humiliation from the Lin family generation after generation, the lives of the members of the Yun family murdered by the Lin family, Lin Quan thought two lives were enough to compensate for all these things?

Yun Jing took a step forward slightly and smiled coldly at Lin Quan. His serious black eyes were full of fierceness and anger that couldn’t be ignored!

“Lin Quan, are you kidding me?”

Hearing what Lin Quan said, Yun Feng instantly wanted to scold him, “Fuck you! You shameless old man!”

Lin Quan was indeed shameless enough to say that. Let alone the feud between them in this generation, the Lin family took the property of the Yun family and had always been humiliating and bullying the Yun family, including murdering the members of the Yun family! How would Lin Meng and Lin Sen be able to cancel out Yun Qi’s death and the grievances throughout these few centuries? Even if Yun Jing agreed, generations of the Yun family ancestors would not!

If you respect me, I’ll give you ten times more respect, but if you lay a hand on the Yun family, I’ll definitely make you pay a hundred times back!

The members of the Yun family were perfectly clear who were their friends and who were their enemies. What Lin Quan said was indeed a fantasy. When Lin Quan heard what Yun Jing said, his face immediately darkened. He also knew he was joking, but what else could he do right now? Other than praying that the Yun family would let him go, his strength as a level-4 warrior was truly nothing in front of Yun Jing!

“What do you want? What do you want me to do for you to let go of the Lin family?” Lin Quan shouted furiously. He had completely lost his superiority as the leader of a family right now. Other than compromising, what else could he do at this moment? He underestimated the bastard, Yun Feng’s strength. He underestimated the Yun family!

Let go? The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up coldly. If they switched places right now, would the Lin family let the Yun family go as well? There were so many old grudges and blood debts. Let go… Where could they even start?

Yun Feng gave her poker-faced father a signal to ask him not to talk first. She slammed her hand hard on Lin Miao’s face, which was already swollen like a pig’s head. Lin Quan’s eyelids suddenly pulsed and he clenched his fists tight after seeing that. Yun Feng hit Lin Miao without any restraints in front of him. She completely ignored him!

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