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Chapter 67: Joy

When Yun Sheng heard what Little Fire said, his expression changed drastically. Master? This Magic Beast had a Master? So… Was there a summoner in Chunfeng Town?! Thinking of such a situation, Yun Sheng couldn’t help but become excited. Summoner, the profession that everyone on the continent dreamt of becoming! The most important thing was, the current situation was obviously that this Magic Beast was helping him, which meant that this summoner was with the Yun family! Having this thought, Yun Sheng was even more thrilled. He couldn’t help but whisper, “Who’s your Master? An old friend of the Yun family?”

Little Fire glanced at Yun Sheng in confusion, as if he was an idiot. Yun Sheng was a bit baffled by its gaze. In the end, Little Fire gave Yun Sheng the answer.

“My Master is Yun Feng. You know her.” Little Fire said indifferently, while Yun Sheng was completely frozen. Just like his poker-faced father, Yun Jing, Yun Sheng also turned into a stone statue directly when he knew that Yun Feng was a summoner.

“What… What did you say? Feng, Feng is a… summoner?!” Yun Sheng seemed to be muttering and seemed to be mumbling to himself. He felt like he was dreaming. A summoner, his sister was a summoner!

“Come quickly, dumbass. Master is waiting for you!” Little Fire grumbled in discontent. It felt like its status had dropped when it stayed with this weak human. Right after solving Yun Sheng’s problem, Little Fire immediately thought about going back to Yun Feng in its mind. However, Yun Sheng seemed to be still in shock. Little Fire couldn’t help but growl impatiently. In the end, it opened its wolf mouth wide and directly put Yun Sheng in its mouth!

Yun Sheng was brought back all the way by Little Fire in its mouth. When they arrived in the Yun family, Yun Sheng finally collected himself. Once he entered the mansion, he saw that bloody scene that happened. Being carried all the way back by a Magic Beast with its mouth, probably nobody had had such an experience. And yet, Yun Sheng was quite emotional right now. He held Yun Feng’s shoulders firmly in his arms with passion and anticipation on his handsome face.

“Feng, you’re a summoner, right? This is the Magic Beast you’ve contracted with, right?” Yun Sheng asked as his heart pounded at a high speed. He couldn’t believe it. After all, the Yun family had looked forward to this for a few centuries and it finally came true at this moment. It was truly illusory and unrealistic!

Yun Feng smiled and the Ring of Contract appeared in her hand. Once Yun Sheng saw it, a trace of excitement immediately rushed out of his black eyes. The Ring of Contract! The symbol of a summoner. His sister was indeed a summoner. The second summoner had appeared in the Yun family!

“Feng, you’re truly amazing!” Yun Sheng was thrilled. He directly exerted himself and lifted Yun Feng up high with his arms. Nine-year-old Yun Feng was still a kid, so Yun Sheng didn’t use any effort to lift her up. Feeling her brother’s excitement, Yun Feng also let him hold her up just like that for a long time. Suddenly, something seemed to come to Yun Sheng’s mind. He turned around and exclaimed in front of his sullen father joyfully, “Father, Feng is a summoner! The Yun family has a summoner again!”

Yun Jing smiled gently. His eldest son’s ecstasy was just like how he felt at first. He just repressed his emotions at the bottom of his heart. The dream of the Yun family for the last few centuries… It had finally come true at this moment. All the waiting and hard work was worth it!

“Brother, father already knows. Put me down quickly. I feel dizzy!” Yun Feng smiled and said. Yun Sheng burst into laughter and immediately put Yun Feng down, but his delighted look didn’t disappear at all. His heart was shaking and he was feeling proud of his precious sister, Yun Feng!

Yun Feng let Yun Sheng be happy for a while, then said to her brother and father seriously, “Father, brother, the Lin family took the family business of the Yun family and murdered my brother. It’s time for the Lin family to pay their debt!”

Yun Sheng instantly blushed out of excitement after hearing that. Thinking of Yun Qi who died miserably, he couldn’t help but feel sad. “Brother… was indeed killed by the Lin family. Mother was also devastated by brother’s death. Everything was because of the Lin family. They all deserve to die!”

Yun Jing forbore to show his emotions, but anyone could imagine the anger and resentment in his heart. The Yun family guessed that the Lin family was responsible for Yun Qi’s death, but they didn’t have any proof, so they could only accept his death. Now that Lin Sen had admitted it himself, all the hatred had found its root and they could vent it out without any hindrance at this moment!

“The Lin family didn’t only take the property of the Yun family, they even murdered the descendants of the Yun family. It’s indeed time for them to pay the price!” Fierceness surged out of Yun Jing’s black eyes. As the leader of the Yun family of this generation, he must get back everything the Yun family lost, nothing less!

Yun Feng immediately nodded when she saw that her brother and father were also passionate. The Yun family, who had been suppressed by the Lin family for a few centuries, could finally look up, lift their heads and straighten their bodies, getting everything that belonged to them back!

“Father, brother, let’s go. Let’s give Lin Quan a surprise.” Yun Feng picked up Lin Miao who fainted on the ground and Lin Sen’s head, and smiled at her father and brother gently. Yun Sheng and Yun Jing also smiled from the bottom of their hearts. Years of depression and frustration were finally released. They both knew that the reason why the Yun family could be in such a bright situation today and could stand upright and lift their chests, was because of her, Yun Feng!

“Master, are we going to work again?” Scorching heat burst out of Little Fire’s wolf eyes. The two people who died miserable at its hands today weren’t enough for it to stretch its body. Listening to Yun Feng’s tone, it seemed that they were going to pick fights again. Little Fire couldn’t help but feel excitement lingering in its mind and it quickly followed them.

Yun Feng smiled. Meatball jumped out of nowhere and hopped on Yun Feng’s shoulder. It wiggled its round, chubby body at Little Fire with slight ridicule. Little Fire stared at Meatball, but it wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, it turned its butt around at Little Fire and started wiggling even more joyfully.

“You meatball, I’ll deal with you with one bite sooner or later…” Little Fire dared not be reckless in front of Yun Feng. It could only whisper fiercely. And yet, Meatball wiggled even harder, as if it wanted to anger Little Fire.

At this moment, the interaction between these two Magic Beasts cracked Yun Feng and the others up. The atmosphere eased immediately and wasn’t as serious as before. Yun Feng pressed her lips and smiled. An almost enchanting smile appeared on her small face.

“Come along then. Let’s go!” Her slim body jumped into the air first, followed by Yun Jing. There was an unusually pleased smile on his face. Looking at the small figure of his daughter walking ahead of him, his heart was full of relief. His body also leaped forward and kept up.

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