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Chapter 675 She’s Back (2)

The two of them didn’t say anything and just kept panting heavily. Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder and cried out worriedly. Yaoyao also touched Yun Feng’s cheeks with her hands. Yun Feng smiled and said weakly, “I’m fine.”

Qu Lanyi adjusted his breathing, and the light elements immediately covered Yun Feng’s body. She glanced at Meatball and Yaoyao. “That pressure was directed at you and me just then. It seems that they showed mercy to the Magic Beasts.”

Seeing that Yaoyao and Meatball were both fine, Yun Feng heaved a sigh of relief in her mind. “Maybe someone in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range isn’t satisfied with us passing through here.”

Qu Lanyi raised her eyebrows. That might make sense. “But if they’re not happy with us passing through, they won’t let us finish the journey.”

Yun Feng’s face darkened. If that astonishing pressure continued, it would be normal for her and Qu Lanyi to die. Obviously, the other party let them go. According to the personality of the Magic Beasts, it shouldn’t be like this.

“No matter what, let’s get out of here.” Yun Feng stood up. Qu Lanyi also stood up, but his body was a bit shaky. Yun Feng grabbed Qu Lanyi’s arm and pulled him closer to her. “I’ll take you away. Don’t try to be brave.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled. His body softened and he hung on Yun Feng completely. “If you say so, my wife, I’m willing to obey.”

Yun Feng blushed and pinched Qu Lanyi’s waist. Qu Lanyi chuckled and held Yun Feng, allowing her to lead her forward. Although they were much slower than before, they didn’t encounter any Magic Beasts along the way. Today, the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was just a normal forest in the mountains. However, it was unusually quiet. Yun Feng was glad about that. She and Qu Lanyi traveled peacefully and finally crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range again.

Yun Feng was more or less a bit worried about that mysterious powerhouse who hadn’t shown himself since the beginning. However, it was useless to worry too much. Since he was a powerhouse, he wouldn’t interfere in something easily. After all, the identity and dignity of a powerhouse were important. She didn’t have to deal with the trouble until they met again.


After crossing the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi advanced for another day and finally entered the terrain of the East Continent. Yun Feng breathed in the air that she hadn’t breathed in for a long time and sighed softly. Her black eyes penetrated the thin clouds in the sky as she looked at her disciple, who was both familiar and suddenly unfamiliar. It had been almost a year since she left. She had experienced some things on the West Continent and she didn’t know what changes had happened on the East Continent in this year.

The two of them landed from the sky. At first glance, Yun Feng could tell that this wasn’t the Fengyun Empire. After all, they had crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range from the Ancestral Forest Hall. If they traveled in a straight line, the position of the Fengyun Empire would be further to the south. The two of them descended slowly. This was a large city that looked very prosperous. Yun Feng heard noises in the sky. The two of them hid their strength and landed in a corner of the city. They didn’t want to alarm anyone on this trip. Yun Feng only wanted to return to the Fengyun Empire and accompany Mu Xiaojin, who would give birth to a baby that the Yun family had been looking forward to.

The two of them were in a corner of the city. They turned around slightly and saw that there was a city gate not far away from them. There were naturally guards at the city gate. After asking the guards, they knew where they were. This way, Yun Feng knew how to go back.

The two of them came out of the corner. This should be the most remote corner of this city. Nobody seemed to have passed through this city gate. At this moment, only Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were in this small area. The two of them walked towards the city gate. At this moment, someone seemed to be going into the city from outside the city gate.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi didn’t want to talk to them at first. However, when they came closer, Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked. Three men were coming to the city. There was a shiny badge on the chests of the three men. Yun Feng was so familiar with the fiery red maple on it, the Red Maple Mercenary Team!

There were two soldiers guarding the city. When the two soldiers saw that the three men were about to enter the city, they glanced at each other and stepped forward, blocking the three men outside! Seeing that, Yun Feng frowned, but didn’t say anything. She walked aside with Qu Lanyi as a bystander.

The three men were originally going into the city while talking and laughing. When they saw the attitude of the soldiers guarding the city, they couldn’t help but look a bit awful. “Guys, what’s the meaning of this?” Among the three men, one of them asked rather politely first. Yun Feng nodded on the side and didn’t get angry immediately. It seemed that the Red Maple Mercenary Team had changed a lot in this year. It should be known that the mercenaries were all hot-blooded gunpowder kegs. They didn’t get angry at this moment, which showed that their minds were much calmer than before.

“What’s the meaning of this? You’re from the Red Maple Mercenary Team, aren’t you?” The soldier raised his eyebrows and asked. His tone was full of sarcasm. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the soldier had a lot of opinions about the Red Maple Mercenary Team. Yun Feng was already puzzled that the Red Maple Mercenary Team, as a branch of the Mercenary Union stationed in the Fengyun Empire, would they come to an unexpected place outside the Fengyun Empire. They were even provoked by the soldiers. What exactly happened?

“We’re indeed from the Red Maple Mercenary Team. Please move aside. We want to enter the city.”

“You want to enter the city? That’s easy! Call me grandpa three times and I’ll let you in!” The soldier laughed. The other person also had the same attitude. “Call me grandpa and I’ll let you in. If you understand, just call me grandpa! Don’t waste my time!”

The faces of the three men immediately darkened. That was too much! Yun Feng’s expression turned cold. Were these two soldiers asking for a beating?

“My grandpa has been dead for a long time. You can be a dead person if you want,” said the three men with a gloomy expression. The two soldiers were immediately enraged when they heard that! “The Red Maple Mercenary Team! I’ve disliked you for a long time! Why did you come to Ovey instead of staying in the Fengyun Empire? Do you have nothing better to do? You stole our mercenary business, yet you’re not grateful at all and want to enter the city so boldly!”

“The mission commissioner came to find the Red Maple Mercenary Team. This isn’t something we can control. However…” The man who spoke paused for a moment and then said thoughtfully, “It also means that Ovey’s mercenary group isn’t very good. You watchdogs only know how to bite people.”

“How dare you say that about me!” The soldier waved the spear in his hand. “I’ll show you whether Ovey’s soldiers are pushovers or not!”

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