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Chapter 674 She’s Back (1)

“Since it’s just a small conflict, I won’t bother about it. It wasn’t easy for me to come out this time,” said the young man casually as he scratched his head like a sloppy young man. “My lord, did you come out this time… for something or…” One of them asked tentatively. The young man’s eyes suddenly changed and an invisible force shot out of his golden pupils. The bodies of the few old guys tightened again!

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.” The young man’s deep voice came, and then he burst into laughter again. The simple and easy-going smile reappeared on his face. “Ah, I’m going to take a good breath this time. I’m so jealous of that old guy. I’ll go find him. Do whatever you want.” The young man waved his hand. The few old guys were about to say goodbye to him, but the young man had already disappeared strangely.

“He… He’s gone? Hah…” One of them heaved a sigh of relief and his body suddenly relaxed. If other Magic Beasts saw this, he might lose his dignity, but he couldn’t care less.

“What’s going on? He came and left after saying a few words!” Another person mumbled in dissatisfaction. They had been in fear since they knew that he was coming, and hadn’t had a good sleep for a while. They couldn’t eat or sleep well, yet he left after saying a few words

“Do you want our lord to stay here?” shouted the other one. The others immediately shook their heads. Stay? If he really stayed, their lives would be even more miserable. They wouldn’t have a good life at all!

“He said he’s going to find that… old guy? Was he talking about… the one in the Foggy Forest?”

The others all frowned and pondered. “Very likely. Although we don’t know the person in the Foggy Forest very well, the Foggy Forest isn’t part of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range because of that person. Judging by our lord’s attitude, that person should be on the same level as him.”

“Seriously? They’re on the same level? Is it possible?”

The others didn’t say anything else. They originally thought that the person in the Foggy Forest couldn’t be provoked easily, but they didn’t expect that their lord would be so concerned. “Luckily, we haven’t done anything these years. Otherwise…”

“Alright, it’s good that our lord is gone. At least we can live a peaceful life. Those guys from the Foggy Forest will be the ones to suffer!”

The others all smiled gloatingly, and one of them suddenly burst into laughter. “It’s rare for our lord to come out. If he comes out this time, he won’t leave until he stays for a while. The Foggy Forest will take this hot potato!”

“We have to be careful during this period of time. We have to restrain ourselves and behave ourselves. You know our lord’s temper…”

The few of them nodded solemnly and then left in a flash. However, the few old guys had some doubts in their minds. Why did these big shots, who rarely appeared, appear at this moment? What did it mean when they appeared?

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range peacefully this time. There was nothing wrong at all. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were both a bit puzzled. “What’s going on? This place is too quiet.” Yun Feng frowned and looked down. The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was quiet. There was no sign of the Magic Beasts at all. It was as if all the Magic Beasts had disappeared in an instant! And the ferocious creatures that were usually seen everywhere had also disappeared silently!

“What happened? The Magic Beasts shouldn’t have disappeared. It’s more like…” Qu Lanyi also sensed the unusual change and guessed with a frown. Yun Feng took it. “Hide.”

That’s right, they were hiding.

It was as if they were hiding from something. They hid their auras completely, creating such a silent scene in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. She couldn’t feel the aura of a Magic Beast in the place where Magic Beasts lived. This was too unbelievable.

“What are they afraid of?” Yun Feng mumbled. Qu Lanyi chuckled. “It shouldn’t be


Even though both of them had reached the Monarch Level, their strength wasn’t enough to have such a shocking effect. Even the Lord Level couldn’t have such a shocking effect! If it wasn’t them… then it must be someone else! Just as this thought flashed through Yun Feng’s mind, she suddenly felt a terrifying pressure coming at her. The pressure was too strong. It was like a wall was pressing down on her fiercely. Her mental strength surged out fiercely and she only managed to resolve a little!

Qu Lanyi’s light elements enveloped the two of them in an instant, but the momentum was still overwhelming. Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and the veins on his neck bulged abruptly. His handsome face was already covered in sweat. “Damn it!” He gritted his teeth and said. Qu Lanyi’s body suddenly shook and he knelt down in a mess!

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened. Without thinking, she released all of her mental strength to support Qu Lanyi’s light elements. The terrifying pressure was temporarily eased. Yun Feng was about to heave a sigh of relief, but the momentum suddenly became stronger and directly penetrated the barriers between the two of them, pressing down fiercely!

“Ugh!” Yun Feng couldn’t hold on anymore either. She knelt in the air in a sorry state with cold sweat on her little face. She bit her lips and knelt there with a pale face. Her mental strength was still resisting stubbornly. Even though she knew she wouldn’t win, she still resisted!

“Hm, interesting two people.” A voice sounded. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi didn’t hear it. Both of them looked gloomy. The sudden momentum made the two of them so miserable, which meant that the person who gave out the momentum was much stronger than them!

A powerhouse of the Lord Level? Yun Feng gritted her teeth and held on. It wasn’t surprising that there were Magic Beasts of the Lord Level in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. After all, there were a few deep and dangerous auras in the depths of this mountain range that Yun Feng couldn’t detect. However, Yun Feng didn’t understand why those powerful Magic Beasts that were supposed to be hiding in the depths would suddenly appear here!

“Ah…” Yun Feng suddenly breathed easier. The overwhelming pressure just then suddenly disappeared, and her body, which had been tensed up, relaxed. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but sit in the air, covered in cold sweat. Both of them were panting quickly. Yaoyao and Meatball also looked awful, but they were much better than Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi. It seemed that only Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were affected by the momentum just then.

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