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Chapter 603: This Is Combat (1)

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“That old man can see us?” Yan Che looked at the Hall Master curiously on the side, who smiled thoughtfully. Qu Lanyi also gave him a smile. “What do you think? The Hall Master is stronger than you and me. Otherwise, how can he be the master of this hall? Someone who can sit on this chair can’t be an

ordinary person.”

Yan Che pursed his lips. His hand was itchy and he wanted to touch Yaoyao’s face. Yaoyao looked very cute on the outside, like a little girl. She was so cute that Yan Che really wanted to pinch Yaoyao’s little face. However, every time he did that, Yaoyao showed an extremely fierce expression, and her sharp

little teeth didn’t hold back at all. Yan Che was helpless. He could only give up the thought in his mind and sit in the air in boredom.

“The election is about to begin. There’s really no suspense at all.”

The few Magic Beasts also sat down, Meatball sat on Little Fire’s head and wiggled its little body a few times. Lan Yi chuckled. “Of course, our master will win.”

Yun Feng, who was standing on the stage, withdrew her gaze. Qu Lanyi was here after all. That kid, Yan Che, also came to her brain. She smiled helplessly. “Let’s begin drawing lots!” With a command, a box appeared in front of everyone one by one. There were ten notes in the box, and every two notes had

the same mark on them. Those who drew the same mark were naturally in the same group. The others all carefully reached into the box to get the lots, with a hint of nervousness on their faces. Yun Feng was the third from the last to draw. She casually reached her hand in and took one out randomly. The

others couldn’t help but glance at her. Which one would she draw?

“Open the note!”

Everyone opened the note. Yun Feng unfolded the note. The two people standing next to her couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw this. They looked so relaxed. Great, she and I aren’t in the same group.

“Those who get the same mark will be a group!”

Once the order was given, the ten people quickly divided into five groups. The Hong family and the Lan family didn’t meet, and the two of them were very lucky not to encounter Yun Feng. Those who didn’t meet Yun Feng all looked at the person in Yun Feng’s group gloatingly. The person who drew the

same mark as Yun Feng was a young man with average looks. He was from a small family that wasn’t famous among the second-rate families. The young man’s face was a bit pale. He thought that he had truly hit the jackpot. Out of the nine people, he was the only one who drew this death lot!

The other people’s gloating expression made him feel like there was a dagger at his back. Yun Feng stood opposite him and casually threw the note in her hand away. She sized him up slightly. A Mid-level Commander. Although this young man’s strength wasn’t the best among his peers, he was above


The five groups each occupied one of the five areas. The ten of them had to decide the winner at the same time. The four winners with the shorter time would directly qualify.

“Let the battle begin!” The second-rate families watching the battle immediately cheered. There were dozens of second-rate families that the Bright Moon Hall informed. The interests of each family were intertwined. Those watching the battle certainly weren’t purely watching the battle. They certainly

had connections.

The audience, in particular, were the hot-blooded young generation who were easily excited. Cheers immediately sounded. Even those old guys who had always been calm couldn’t help but become excited.

The contests of the five groups immediately began. Time was the key to qualifying!

The other four groups had already started fighting one after another. The sounds of fighting and cheers immediately sounded, while Yun Feng’s group was surprisingly quiet.

Yun Feng and her opponent were standing there. Yun Feng looked at the anxious young man opposite her with her black eyes. The young man chuckled dryly. “I know I can’t beat you.” He glanced at Yun Feng a few times and suddenly raised his voice. “Even though I know I can’t beat you, I still bear the

expectations of my family. I’ll never quit without fighting!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “You have a backbone. Not bad! If you’re a coward who automatically forfeits, I’ll feel bored.”

‘The young man gave a dry laugh and forced himself to get into a stance. “I don’t think everyone will have a chance to meet a summoner. I’m quite lucky.”

Yun Feng was silent for a while, as if the battle was about to begin. The crowd immediately turned around. “The summoner of the Yan family is about to attack!”

“Hurry up! What are you talking about? They’ve already started fighting. What’s she waiting for?”

“Why are you in such a hurry? People with high strength tend to be pretentious.”

“Haha, I even wonder if she’s just a rookie. She might not be as strong as you! Even a summoner has different levels!”

Some of the younger generation were very proud, especially when they were just spectators, which made them even more unrestrained. The four first-rate families’ heads sitting on the other side were also a bit nervous. They were also looking forward to Yun Feng’s attack. Once she made a move, they

would naturally be able to see who was stronger!

Naturally, Yan Tianhao was also very nervous. This was the first time he saw how strong Yun Feng was. Even Yan Ming, who had always been calm, was a bit short of breath. Even though he knew that Yun Feng was a summoner, this was also the first time he saw Yun Feng attack!

‘The Hall Master sat on the high chair and looked at Yun Feng with anticipation in his eyes. How big of a surprise could this summoner of the Yan family give him for her to be able to become Zhan Li’s daughter? Whether it was true or not, this little girl must have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Yun Feng slowly raised her head. The young man on the opposite side had already rushed over with a furious shout with a strong momentum. However, in front of Yun Feng, he was destined to be defeated!

“Hal” The young man roared as he rushed forward. The fighting energy inside his body had already burst to the extreme. It could be seen that he had already used all his strength! Yun Feng raised her hand gently. There was no magic, no summoning, nothing!

‘When the young man rushed over and saw Yun Feng’s unguarded look, he couldn’t help but feel lucky in his mind. As a summoner, she didn’t use magic or a Magic Beast? Why didn’t she use a Magic Beast? Was it really as people said? She was just pretentious and had no strength!

He might… not lose this battle!

‘The young man’s attack was fierce in an instant, with a lot of confidence mixed in it. The people who had been watching this corner were also extremely shocked. Those young people who originally doubted Yun Feng suddenly burst into laughter. “Hahahaha! Did you see that? She’s a summoner.. She

doesn’t even summon the most basic Magic Beasts!”

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