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Chapter 602: The Contest Begins (4)

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Yan Tianhao glanced at the two family masters and chuckled. “Of course, but the Yan family doesn’t dare to be arrogant.”

The two family masters chuckled. “Brother Yan, you’re too kind! With someone like Yun Feng here, what’s there for the Yan family to worry about? It’s very difficult for such a talented person to appear even in a first-rate family.”

Yan Tianhao said humbly that he didn’t deserve the honor, but he was delighted in his mind. At this moment, Yan Ming came over. The two of them immediately said when they saw Yan Ming, “This must be Yan Ming. Brother Yan, you really have a great son!”

Yan Tianhao was stunned for a moment. Then, he looked at Yan Ming thoughtfully. Yan Ming smiled and sat next to Yan Tianhao without saying anything.

“Impressive and calm, not bad.” The Lan family’s master complimented on the side. A hint of complacency flashed through Yan Tianhao’s eyes. Yan Ming smiled humbly on the side. “Brother Yan, you must’ve already picked the heir of the Yan family!”

Yan Tianhao burst into laughter. “Of course. I’m very satisfied with this son of mine.” Yan Ming sat aside with his black eyes slightly lowered and didn’t say anything. The masters of the Hong and Lan families burst into laughter. How could you not be satisfied? Is there anyone who doesn’t know the

background of your son’s ?

The noisy venue suddenly became quiet. The few of them looked up and saw the Hall Master walking out slowly. Excitement and anticipation flashed in everyone’s eyes. The competition this time was about to begin!

The Hall Master stood in the middle of the arena and looked around at the crowd. These second-rate families were lucky to be able to come here today. It could also be said that if the Hall Master hadn’t agreed, the second-rate families wouldn’t have been able to participate in this election.

“The first-rate families have always been responsible for the position of guardians, but after so many years, the development of second-rate families has far exceeded my imagination. Some second-rate families aren’t weaker than first-rate families! The position of guardians can’t be monopolized by the

first-rate families. All the powerful families in the Bright Moon Hall can participate!”

The crowd cheered after hearing this. The second-rate families were extremely grateful for the Hall Master’s wisdom and righteousness in their hearts. The faces of the four family’s masters of the first-rate families were half black as they sat there. The man took all the good things and put all the shit on

their heads!

The Lord of the Bright Moon Hall said a few more words. It was about how generous he was, how determined he was to recruit talented people, and how he would let everyone thrive together. The first-rate families and second-rate families were the main forces of the Bright Moon Hall. These words made

the second-rate families all excited. They looked like they would sacrifice their lives if he gave the order.

Yan Tianhao sat there with excitement all over his face. This was an opportunity for the Yan family to stand up for themselves. As long as they could get the Hall Master’s recognition, the Yan family wouldn’t have to worry about anything in the future! Yan Ming, on the other hand, sat aside with a calm

look on his face. He didn’t look excited at all. This young man was probably the calmest one in the audience.

The Hall Master then explained the rules of the contest. Firstly, the second-rate families would go on stage and draw lots to form five groups, giving four winners. The time of victory was more important in this contest. Not only did they have to win, but they also had to win quickly! If they were the last

one to appear, they would be eliminated even if they won.

Yun Feng stood backstage and listened to the speech. She yawned lazily. Certainly, the man had to talk big, She glanced at the other nine contestants, who looked as nervous as ever. Even the members of the Hong family and the Lan family were the same. Yun Feng didn’t know what they were nervous

about. It didn’t matter to her who she picked to fight. She only needed to win in the shortest time possible.

The other nine people were nervous because of Yun Feng. How strong was this summoner of the Yan family? Even if they didn’t know Yun Feng’s strength, they also knew that she wasn’t someone to be trifled with just because she was a summoner! The nine of them were praying subconsciously in their

minds that they wouldn’t meet Yun Feng by drawing lots, especially the two members of the Hong family and the Lan family. If they met Yun Feng in this round, they might not be able to quality!

The speech was finally over. The ten contestants walked up one after another. When Yun Feng walked out, there was a round of cheers. “Look, that’s the Yan family’s summoner!”

“What? She’s so young!”

“How strong can she be? I think she’s just so-so!”

Yan Tianhao sat on the high seat and his body suddenly tightened. Yan Ming glanced at Yun Feng with his black eyes. The girl’s face was so calm that there was almost no expression on it. There was even a trace of impatience. Yan Ming suddenly smiled.

Yan Tianhao looked at Yan Ming curiously and didn’t understand what he was smiling about. Yan Ming simply smiled and there was delight in his eyes. She was probably the only one who could show her impatience at such an occasion!

“Tsk! You’re here anyway!” In a corner above the arena, a voice sounded. Ina hidden space, Yan Che, Qu Lanyi, Yaoyao, Little Fire, Lan Yi and Meatball, who was sitting on Little Fire’s head, were all here!

This time, Yun Feng didn’t bring Little Fire and Lan Yi with her, because she didn’t need the power of the Magic Beasts. Her strength alone was enough! If the summoners of the first-rate families were truly tricky, it wouldn’t be too late to make use of her pets then!

Apart from the first-rate and second-rate families’ candidates, no outsiders were allowed to enter today’s competition. Qu Lanyi and Yan Che certainly weren’t qualified, but who were they? Qu Lanyi had the strength of a Monarch Level expert and Yan Che was a dark-element mage. Both of them had no

problem hiding in the space. Even if there were many powerhouses in front of them, they wouldn’t be discovered or exposed.

Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng with a smile. At this moment, Yun Feng suddenly raised her head and looked at where Qu Lanyi was. Qu Lanyi was stunned. Yun Feng seemed to understand everything. She even put on a smile at Qu Lanyi. Qu Lanyi chuckled and winked at her. Yun Feng then looked away.

Yan Ming, who had been observing Yun Feng, saw that Yun Feng was looking somewhere. He couldn’t help but look up. There was nothing in the sky. What was she looking at? After thinking for a while, Yan Ming knew that Qu Lanyi must be here too.

The Hall Master asked someone to take out the lots and glanced at the sky. Qu Lanyi looked at him and frowned..

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