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Chapter 258: Destruction (2)

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes. Red fire elements instantly tied up Huangzu Fu, who roared and laughed crazily and screamed in pain. He also cursed Yun Feng once in a while.

“I curse you! Curse you!”

Finally, Huangzu Fu’s voice was gone. His blackened body, or whatever was left of it, fell on the ground. The fire elements were still burning, further shrinking the size of the body.

The nasty curses were still echoing in Yun Feng’s ears. She solemnly waved her wand. “Curse? Hehe. I’ll kill whoever attempts to kill my friends!”

When the Fire Field was gone, the Huangzu family’s house had been razed to the ground. It had been completely deformed. In a short while, everything had been burnt into ashes. The Huangzu family was hence gone from Park City and this world.

Yun Feng immediately left for the inn where she lived, only to find four level-7 warriors in Mu Xiaojin’s room. She flashed into the room and approached them, raising her fist without saying a word. They had been punched in the chest before they could say anything. Then, all four of them collapsed and died.

There was a dent on their chest. Their hearts had been crushed by the dents, causing their death.

Mu Xiaojin was still sound asleep in bed. The four level-7 warriors had been here for quite a while. They tried to attack her, but found that they couldn’t approach her. She seemed to be behind a transparent shield that their weapons couldn’t break even when they joined their strength.

When they were at a loss about what to do and planned to retreat, Yun Feng returned and instantly killed them, saving them the time of resistance.

Yun Feng walked to Mu Xiaojin’s bed. Staring at her cheeks and her brows that were slightly furrowed in her dream, Yun Feng smiled casually. “Xiaojin, have a good dream. I’ll protect you. Nobody can hurt you.”

The next morning, when Mu Xiaojin woke up, she found that Yun Feng was asleep in a chair next to her bed. She quickly nudged her and said, “Xiao Feng, get up and sleep on your bed!”

Yun Feng opened her eyes dizzily. Seeing that Mu Xiaojin was awake, she smiled delightedly, “You’re up. Did you sleep well?”

Mu Xiaojin nodded. “I always sleep well when you’re by my side. Why didn’t you sleep on your bed?”

Yun Feng smiled. She rose and stretched out her arms. As her body was continuously modified, she required less and less sleep. Unlike ordinary people, she only needed to sleep for two or three hours a day to keep herself energized.

Seeing how vigorous Yun Feng was, Mu Xiaojin was relieved. They freshened themselves up and walked downstairs together. This was the day when the teachers of the Masang School of Magic would take the students away. Once they entered the Masang School of Magic, they would be official students of the magic school.

When they reached the central square, they saw the twenty people who had passed the test. As they walked close, they saw Mi Lingli from a distance. She stood in the crowd, as condescending as ever. The other students whispered when they saw Yun Feng. Some of the bolder ones greeted her, and she greeted back with a good temper.

Her friendliness made the other students feel that she was approachable. They gradually gathered around her and talked to her. Mi Lingli stood aside and watched them coldly, before she turned her head with a disdainful snort.

“I truly doubt that Mi Lingli is a double-element mage. Why are you so much stronger than her if you’re both double-element mages?”

“I think so too. Look how proud she is. Why does she feel so good about herself? She isn’t the only double-element mage. Don’t be so cocky!”

The other students agreed. Yun Feng simply smiled and didn’t say anything. Mu Xiaojin, on the other hand, laughed and secretly raised her thumb at Yun Feng.

“Right, did you hear the news? The Huangzu family of Park City was wiped out last night!”

The other students all discussed the matter when they heard it. “I did! The first person who passed by was nearly scared to death! I heard that the Huangzu family’s house was burnt to the ground. There’s no telling where the members of the family are!”

“Where do you think they can be? In the netherworld, of course! None of the Huangzu family was decent. They deserved what happened to them!”

“Who do you think did it? They’re so tough. Although I wasn’t there to witness it, it sounds rather crazy to me!”

“I bet it must’ve been done by an unparalleled expert, like a level-9 one!”

“Yun Feng, what do you think?” a student asked Yun Feng curiously. Mu Xiaojin became gloomy and couldn’t help but hold Yun Feng’s hand tightly. Yun Feng replied with a smile. “I don’t know about that. Maybe your guess is true.”

The other students chuckled and proposed their own speculations. At this moment, Mi Lingli approached and squeezed through the students. Some of them were angry, but didn’t say anything.

“You don’t know? Why do I feel that you were the one who did it?” Mi Lingli walked close and raised her chin. She was as tall as Yun Feng, yet she had to raise her chin to make herself appear taller than her. Yun Feng smiled. Before she said anything, some of the other students had already started defending her.

“Mi Lingli, what’s the meaning of that? That’s just a groundless accusation!” declared a student.

Mi Lingli, on the other hand, glanced at him and said, “Am I talking to you?”

“You…” The boy blushed in fury and Yun Feng smiled and said, “You claim that I did it. Do you have any evidence?” The other students all cheered for her.

“If you don’t have any evidence, then you’re just a slanderer. Yun Feng is a double-element mage just like you, yet she’s so much better than you.” A girl looked at Mi Lingli with utmost contempt. Double-element mages were rare and called for envy, yet the other students didn’t really respect Mi Lingli. It’s not like she was unique in the entire world, so why was she always so cocky?

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