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Chapter 257: Destruction (1)

“Master Huangzu, let’s find out which one of us will die faster.” Seeing that Huangzu Fu had instantly turned pale, Yun Feng flashed to the remaining young men and grabbed two of them. Huangzu Fu’s pupils contracted as he roared, “Don’t you dare!”

Yun Feng laughed coldly and loudly. “Of course I do!” She exerted her strength, and the two struggling young men immediately died in her hands. Three of the young men were killed without putting up any resistance, and there was nothing Huangzu Fu could do. Yun Feng was obviously completely infuriated!

Huangzu Fu’s eyes were bloodshot. There was nothing he could do! He had played his only trump card, yet it didn’t work at all. He could only hope that the people he sent out brought good news back. Then, he would cut Yun Feng into pieces. However, his fury wouldn’t be vented even if he did that!

Yun Feng sneered. Since she protected Mu Xiaojin as a Commander Level mage, how many people of the Huangzu family were capable of killing her? Even the level-9 experts wouldn’t be able to break the mental barrier. Mu Xiaojin was absolutely safe!

Yun Feng had lost all her patience due to the Huangzu family’s continuous provocations. At this moment, Yun Feng’s heart was filled with the desire for vengeance, and the guilt of Mu Canghai’s death. Although Huangzu Yelian had died and the Royal Mercenary Group was gone, she wwouldn’t top until the Huangzu family was destroyed!

The Huangzu family was a cancer and an obstacle no matter how small it was. It would be a problem unless it was completely eradicated.

It was common sense not to leave any problem for oneself.

Yun Feng turned cold. Unwilling to play tricks with those people any longer, she waved her wrist and grabbed her wand. Huangzu Fu’s eyes widened when he saw the wand. “Are you not afraid that something will happen to your friend?”

Yun Feng sneered. “You don’t need to worry about that, Master Huangzu.”

Yun Feng suddenly flashed, leaving blurry shadows behind her. Her speed astounded everybody in the Huangzu family including Huangzu Fu. Countless Yun Fengs were flying and taking action in the sky. She was so dazzling.

“W-What kind of speed is that?” Huangzu Fu watched everything, stupefied with cold sweat all over his body. He flinched with fear, as Yun Feng had suddenly become immeasurably strong. He suddenly found that it was stupid to provoke and attack her. He couldn’t be more regretful. At this moment, keeping the Huangzu family safe was his priority!

“Yun Feng, please spare us! I, Huangzu Fu, swear that we won’t touch your friend or retaliate against you in the future!”

Yun Feng’s laughter came from the sky. Finally, all the Yun Fengs combined into one person that stood in front of Huangzu Fu. Her beautiful face was expressionless, and her black eyes were filled with a thirst for blood. Her black hair fluttered in the wind alluringly.

“Yun Feng, please have mercy! We can do anything for you as long as you spare our lives!” Huangzu Fu became obedient. He could abandon his pride and the grievances from the past, as long as the Huangzu family could stay alive. Then, he would have the opportunity to rise again!

Yun Feng laughed. “Do you take me for a gullible kid, Master Huangzu? I know exactly what’s on your mind. Today, the Huangzu family will be my offering to my friend’s soul in the other world!” Yun Feng’s tone became harsher and harsher, until in the end, she brandished her wand with a wave, igniting a large area of red fire element!

“Fire Field!”

Everybody exclaimed at the same time. Red fire elements had covered the Huangzu family’s house without leaving any gaps. Flames rose to the sky, and there were brutal fire elements everywhere. The members of the Huangzu family were even exhaling sparks!

The high temperature became unbearable for many people, whose clothes, skin, muscles and bones were burnt into smithereens. The Huangzu family’s buildings, under the attack of the rampant fire elements, collapsed one after another!

Some tried to resist the fire elements with fighting energy, but the entire place had been filled with fire elements so how long could they endure? Besides, Yun Feng had already reached the Commander Level. Could they even resist her flames?

Yun Feng seemed determined to torture Huangzu Fu. Her fire elements circumvented him and swallowed everybody else. Huangzu Fu stood there, watching the misery of the Huangzu family and listening to their devastating screams. When he saw that the kids next to Yun Feng were burnt into ashes by the high temperature too, his eyes became completely bloodshot.

“Master Huangzu, how does it feel to lose everything? Do you want to enjoy it again?” asked Yun Feng with a smile. Inside the Fire Field, Huangzu Fu was the only person of the Huangzu family who remained standing. The others were all gone. The human beings, buildings and planets had all been wreathed in red and turned into ashes!

“How brutal… Yun Feng, you are truly a heartless woman,” growled Huangzu Fu with red eyes. The greatest torture was not to face death, but to watch the people and things that one cared about being destroyed without being able to do anything about it.

“When Xiaojin’s brother was killed by your good daughter, she was in pain too. What did your daughter say? It’s exactly what I want to say to you right now. The bi*ches of the Huangzu family deserve to die.”

Huangzu Fu looked awful. Everything of the Huangzu family was gone, leaving him as the leader of nothing. What else could he do except die?

“Yun Feng, you’ll have your karma. You will!” Huangzu Fu roared and then laughed crazily. “Your karma is that your friends will die because of you. That humble man was the first. There will be a second, third and fourth very soon!”

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