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Chapter 1053: Master-Level Versus Advanced Three-Star (1)

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Yun Feng only felt that it was quite a pity and also felt that it was quite ridiculous. The genius that the You family thought of as a genius was nothing. The You family treated You Bai like a treasure, so they certainly thought highly of You Bai’s potential. However, the You family didn’t expect that the importance they had always attached to You Bai’s heart world would have an extremely huge impact. It could be said that the You family’s importance made You Bai overconfident and he reached the end of the road ahead of him. Even though he could go further, there wouldn’t be an essential leap.

So, if you wanted to succeed, you must maintain a good mentality. Only by having a good mentality could you go further on the road in the future.

You Bai spent some time on the stage making advanced three-star potions. His movements were proficient and he even looked at Yu Xia, who was already biting her lips and didn’t know what to do below the stage. Yu Xia looked at You Bai’s relaxed look and bit her lips fiercely. This was bad. Hua Ling had failed. You Bai would definitely win. Did she really have to lower her head and apologize on such an occasion? No!

Yu Xia’s eyes brightened when she suddenly saw something. She immediately left Hua Ling’s side. Hua Ling couldn’t help but feel shocked. “Yu Xia, where are you going?” Yu Xia didn’t answer Hua Ling. Instead, she moved quickly through the crowd and approached a corner. You Bai, who was standing on the pharmaceutical platform, only sneered when he saw this scene. Did she think she could dodge?

He began to finish the last step of the concoction. You Bai seemed to be at ease during the entire process of making the potion and his technique was also extremely proficient. It could be seen that he had stayed in the advanced three-star area for a long time. Soon, after the precise fusion, the advanced three-star potion was successfully made! Immediately, the students below the pharmaceutical stage cheered. “Senior You is indeed impressive!” “Right, right. You can make advanced three-star potions at will. You’re indeed impressive! You deserve to be the first person in the branch of potions!”

A complacent look flashed through You Bai’s face as he held the potion he had just made in his hand. The sunlight shone on the potion, but Yun Feng smiled. She thought it would be of perfect quality, but it was only of mid-quality. That was true. Even though he was proficient in that move just then, he lacked patience and care. It had to be known that no matter how proficient he was, he had to be careful to make a perfect-quality potion. With You Bai’s action just then, it was already good enough for him to reach the mid-quality.

You Bai looked into the crowd and received the admiring gazes from all directions in satisfaction. He was the only person in the pharmaceutical branch who could make high-level three-star potions! He was the top person in the pharmaceutical branch. He truly deserved this title! You Bai suddenly glanced in Yun Feng’s direction and didn’t see the admiration and appreciation he expected. Instead, he saw an expression that said, “You’re just so-so.” He was immediately unhappy in his mind. Who exactly was that woman?

However, the most important thing right now was to embarrass Yu Xia. You Bai looked away and shouted, “Yu Xia! As the last disciple of the Third Elder, you can’t escape. If you don’t want to embarrass the Third Elder, come out obediently and apologize to me!”

The crowd began to stir. Hua Ling stood there a bit awkwardly. She didn’t know where Yu Xia went. It was impossible for her to escape. You Bai looked at Hua Ling. “Hahaha! Even though Yu Xia’s strength isn’t outstanding, she’s the last disciple of the Third Elder after all. Now that she ran away, if word gets out… the Third Elder will probably be so angry that his face turns green!”

“You Bai! Shut up! I didn’t run! This person offended me, so I just taught her a lesson!” Yu Xia’s unruly voice came from a corner. Everyone immediately looked back. Yu Xia walked out of the crowd with a person in her hand. This person looked very messy and her cheeks were also red and swollen. It was obvious that she had been taught a lesson by Yu Xia.

Hua Ling was shocked. Offense? When did this happen? “Yu Xia, what are you doing?” Hua Ling walked over. When she saw the person Yu Xia was holding, she couldn’t help but frown. Yu Xia said, “Don’t worry about it.” Then, she walked out of the crowd. Even though Yun Feng was standing behind, she could see clearly that Yu Xia was holding the little girl of the Gong family that day!

When You Bai saw the person in Yu Xia’s hand, he couldn’t help but frown. “What do you mean?”

Yu Xia chuckled and pushed the person in her hand forward. The little girl staggered a few steps forward. One side of her cheek was swollen and there was a clear handprint on it. Yu Xia pointed at it. “She offended me, so she certainly has to apologize to me. She will apologize on my behalf right now.”

You Bai narrowed his black eyes and Yu Xia kicked him. “What are you waiting for? Speak!”

The little girl lowered her head slightly and her hair was a bit messy. Facing everyone’s different gazes, she didn’t have any expression. Perhaps she was already used to such things. She was an existence that could be bullied by anyone in the inner campus.

“I’m sorry.” The little girl said in a low voice, while You Bai’s temples throbbed fiercely a few times. He immediately swung his hand and a fierce force hit the little girl. The little girl’s body immediately went soft and she was sent flying to the side in a sorry state, falling on the ground.

“She’s not qualified to apologize to me!”

The crowd immediately dispersed. The little girl lay on the ground and didn’t move at all. Yu Xia raised the corners of her mouth. “I don’t care about that. She said it anyway. I don’t owe you anything. If you’re upset, just take it out on her.”

You Bai was immediately enraged. He raised his hand and was about to attack again. He couldn’t vent the anger in his heart on Yu Xia. After all, she was the last disciple of the Third Elder, but it was fine to attack the girl who had fallen on the ground!

“That’s enough!” Suddenly, a furious shout came from the back of the crowd. Then, a strong wind blew a path through the crowd. Some people even lost their balance and fell on the side. You Bai on the stage was shocked. He wanted to catch the wind with his eyes, but it was useless. Yu Xia and Hua Ling were also quite surprised. After the strong wind, a slim figure appeared next to the little girl on the ground and extended her arm to help the little girl up.

“It’s you?” A glint of light suddenly flashed through her big clear eyes when she saw Yun Feng. Yun Feng curled her lips gently and cold blue water elements immediately surged in her hand, nourishing the injuries on the little girl’s body. The little girl moved. “No, you don’t have to…”

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