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Chapter 1022: Popular (3)

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After saying this, Zhao Jianren suddenly felt his heart tremble and a subconscious sense of danger instantly came. He couldn’t help but look around. The fire elements he cut just then were all around him and his body was already in a sea of fire! The scorching heat distorted the air and Zhao Jianren couldn’t see the situation around clearly!

“What are you doing?” Zhao Jianren roared as he swung the longsword in his hand again. However, the fire element wasn’t something with a real body to begin with. When it was waved away, the elements naturally gathered again. Zhao Jianren couldn’t help but feel enraged. He planned to use a combat technique to eliminate all these annoying fire elements. Right at this moment, the fire elements around him changed, like a fiery red curtain was instantly torn apart!

Before Zhao Jianren could react, he saw that the bright and scorching red color in front of him was cut by a sharp claw. Then, a huge wolf head appeared from the red color and its pure black eyes stared at Zhao Jianren firmly. Zhao Jianren only felt that his scalp was about to go numb!

“A… A Magic Beast…” Zhao Jianren was dumbfounded. How could there be a Magic Beast here? Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps she was…

The huge wolf body that had almost merged with the red fire element only had those black eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth that were unusually protruding. “Is your sword stronger or my teeth stronger? Roar…”

A wolf howl woke Zhao Jianren up completely. This wasn’t an illusion! This was a real Magic Beast! Zhao Jianren’s body retreated quickly and the fire elements around him immediately invaded his body from the side. He waved the longsword in his hand abruptly, facing the sharp teeth of the Fire Cloud Wolf!


The sharp teeth of the Fire Cloud Wolf bit the longsword in Zhao Jianren’s hand firmly. Zhao Jianren only felt the web between his thumb and index finger shake fiercely and a piercing pain came. He held the longsword in his hand with a hiss and found that the power of this Magic Beast was too astonishing!

Its sharp teeth emitted spots of white light, which looked even stranger under the light of the fire. Zhao Jianren was already drenched in sweat, but he knew that he couldn’t let go. He couldn’t let go even if he died. If he let go, he wouldn’t be alive!

“Damn it… There’s a Magic Beast…” Zhao Jianren gritted his teeth and wanted to take back his longsword. A glint of light suddenly flashed through the pure black eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf. Then, a powerful force passed through the longsword to Zhao Jianren’s hand. Zhao Jianren only felt that the web between his thumb and index finger was torn. He looked up and only saw a beam of light flashing in front of him!


Zhao Jianren’s eyes were as round as a toad’s. He looked at the longsword in his hand dumbfoundedly. The sword was broken in the middle by the sharp teeth of the Fire Cloud Wolf! The Fire Cloud Wolf opened its mouth and spat out half of the sword in its mouth on the ground. Zhao Jianren’s hands kept shaking. How was that possible? That was a weapon at the King Level. It was… bitten apart just like that! That was impossible!

Of course, that was possible. Little Fire could be said to be a Grade-5 King. What Zhao Jianren was holding was indeed a weapon of the King Level, but the quality wasn’t very high. How many high-level weapons could a Grade-3 King have?

“It’s broken… It’s broken just like that…” Zhao Jianren looked a bit lost. After all, it wasn’t easy to get a weapon of the King Level. Zhao Jianren was probably surprised that the weapon of the King Level was bitten off just like that!

“Roar…” A loud wolf roar sounded. Then, the fiery red elements that had been surrounding Zhao Jianren instantly disappeared! Yun Feng stood in front of Zhao Jianren with a cold look and there was a trace of coldness in her black eyes. Little Fire opened its mouth and bit at Zhao Jianren!

“No!” Zhao Jianren, who had lost his weapon, immediately stepped back in panic. It wasn’t difficult for a Magic Beast to bite him to death if it could bite off the weapon of the King in his hand! Zhao Jianren quickly stepped back. Little Fire came aggressively and its wolf mouth could swallow Zhao Jianren!

“Argh!” Zhao Jianren only cared about retreating desperately, but he had already forgotten that he was on a platform with a small protruding area on the peak! He retreated so quickly and desperately and had already retreated to the edge of the platform! His feet missed and Zhao Jianren’s body had already fallen down in a sorry state, letting out a scream!

Little Fire jumped up and stood on the edge of the platform. It extended its wolf claws and grabbed Zhao Jianren’s sleeve with its sharp claws, pulling him up and dropping him on the edge of the platform. Zhao Jianren was still in shock. He struggled to climb up with a pale face, but Little Fire smiled evilly and swung its claws. Zhao Jianren’s body swayed fiercely in the sky!

“Stop shaking! Stop shaking!” Zhao Jianren was so scared that his face turned pale. Even though the King Level experts all had the ability to fly, Zhao Jianren only remembered fear and forgot everything in such a panic.

Yun Feng slowly walked to the edge of the platform and squatted down slowly. Zhao Jianren’s pale face came into sight. Yun Feng’s red lips curled up. “I seem to have forgotten to tell you that I’m a summoner.”

Zhao Jianren’s lips trembled. “S-Summoner, summoner…”

“Zhao Jianren, have you forgotten that you have the ability to fly?”

What Yun Feng said woke Zhao Jianren up from his dream! Right, how could he forget that he wouldn’t fall from the sky at all? A look of embarrassment flashed through Zhao Jianren’s eyes. Yun Feng, who was about to push Little Fire’s claws away, suddenly attacked and slapped Zhao Jianren’s chest fiercely!

“You… You…” Zhao Jianren stared at Yun Feng firmly with his eyes that were as big as a toad’s. He only felt a bone-piercing coldness suddenly coming from his chest and this coldness invaded his blood at an extremely high speed, flowing to various parts of his body. What made Zhao Jianren even more surprised was that this coldness went straight to his Qi meridians!

Little Fire also loosened its claws when it saw Yun Feng attack. Zhao Jianren’s body suddenly fell from the platform! Zhao Jianren immediately mobilized his fighting energy to maintain his ability to fly with a pale face, but sadly found that his Qi meridians were like a frozen world! His fighting energy seemed to be completely frozen in his Qi meridians and circulated almost at the speed of a turtle!

Zhao Jianren was dumbfounded. He fell from the sky with a pale face, accompanied by the loud roar. “No…”

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