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Chapter 1023: Popular (4)

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Little Fire stood on the edge of the platform and looked at the shrinking black dot below with its wolf eyes. “Master, what will happen to him if he falls from such a high place?”

Coldness flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes. “He won’t die. Just like his brother, he’s at most half-crippled.”

Little Fire burst into laughter. It swayed its wolf tail happily and turned into a beam of red light, entering Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract. Qu Lanyi walked over and looked down. “Tut-tut, why did you choose such a high place? You really reap what you sow.”

“This time, when this bitch is taken back, the Zhao family won’t do anything reckless.” Yun Feng put on a cold smile, but Qu Lanyi shook her head. “Fengfeng, won’t the Zhao family be even more furious this time? You’ve half-crippled both of their young masters.”

“It’s not bad for them to be more angry. I’ll cripple as many Young Masters as the Zhao family sends.”

“If the leader of the Zhao family comes…” Qu Lanyi’s voice couldn’t help but sink. The strength of the leader of the Zhao family was certainly not a problem. The Zhao family could have such a status in Yue City today. The leader of the Zhao family was at least at the Emperor Level. For Yun Feng, who was a Grade-5 King, the Emperor Level wasn’t a level she could challenge.

“Attack? I certainly won’t give him a chance to attack!”

Qu Lanyi raised his brows in confusion. “You won’t give the master of the Zhao family a chance to attack. Perhaps…”

Yun Feng burst into laughter and looked at most of Yue City under her feet with her black eyes. A white mist vaguely covered the thousand mountains in Yue City. A gust of wind blew and Yun Feng’s clothes fluttered a few times. Her beautiful face turned slightly and her red lips curled up.

“What if I’m a popular pharmacist?”

Qu Lanyi’s black eyes glittered and he burst into laughter. He lowered his handsome face and kissed Yun Feng’s cheek gently. “Of course… the entire Yue City will bow down.”

The Auction House in Yue City, which was home to one of the four largest families, had always been a place of great importance. Many explosive things and news came from here. It could be said that this was a place where legends were made. Many things appeared here one after another and many strange people came here. When Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi entered the Auction House, this place was busy.

They didn’t go to the main hall recklessly. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi stood in the main hall of the Auction House quietly for a while. Even though there were receptionists at the Auction House, they were busy and didn’t expect Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi to come. After observing quietly for a while, Yun Feng understood something. The Auction House here was a bit different. In the Auction Houses on the East Continent and the West Continent, only the sellers stored their goods. After a certain number of goods were listed, an auction would be held, but not here.

There were not only places for the seller to register in this auction house, but also places for the buyer to register. Yun Feng walked to the place for the buyer to register and glanced at it a few times. She saw that there was information about all kinds of needs on it. There was information about all aspects, but there was always the most demand for potions.

“What do you need?” It was Yun Feng’s turn. Yun Feng glanced at the book in the registrar’s hand. “Has anyone in the Auction House sold master-level Life Potions?”

The registrar was stunned for a moment and immediately looked up at Yun Feng. “You said you need a master-level Life Potion?”

Yun Feng nodded. The registrar glanced at Yun Feng again. “Master-level potions are very rare. Take Yue City for example. You can’t even find one in decades. Master-level pharmacists are too rare. If you need them urgently, I suggest you go somewhere else.”

Yun Feng chuckled and left. The registrar looked at Yun Feng a few more times. Qu Lanyi followed Yun Feng with a smile in his eyes. “One bottle of master-level potions can’t be seen in decades. Fengfeng, Yue City will definitely be alarmed when you make a move this time.”

“The two Young Masters of the Zhao family are both crippled. The leader of the Zhao family must be anxious. He won’t be able to find a master-level Life Potion.”

That was indeed the truth. Zhao Jianren was sent back to the Zhao family half-dead. When the leader of the Zhao family saw that his eldest son was carried back like this, he was immediately enraged! Zhao Jianren didn’t say anything about his situation and blamed everything on Yun Feng. Of course, because he had too much resentment in his mind, the You family was also implicated. The leader of the Zhao family immediately wanted to go to the You family to settle the score. “You think you can compare to the Zhao family? How dare you be so ruthless! I’m going to tear his mountain apart!”

Fortunately, someone persuaded him to stop. The most important thing right now wasn’t to vent their anger, but to find a way to let the two young masters get better quickly. It wasn’t that the Zhao family didn’t have water-element mages, but the healing speed of water-element mages was very slow. Master Zhao was afraid that something would happen to the two of them halfway. At this moment, only the master-level Life Potion could have an immediate effect!

The conclusion he got was obvious. The Auction House did have Life Potions, but they didn’t have it at the master level and nobody provided it at all! The Master of the Zhao family was immediately enraged and suppressed the anger in his heart. He could postpone settling the score with the You family and let the situation of the two sons stabilize first. The Master of the Zhao family sent someone to keep an eye on the news of the Auction House at all times as he sent someone out of Yue City to search. Even though there were master-level pharmacists, it was impossible to hire them at all. The Master of the Zhao family was also frustrated here. Besides, there were only a few master-level pharmacists. Unless they were from one of the four families, they wouldn’t be able to hire them at all!

The Zhao family was in a dilemma. Yun Feng waited patiently for a few days. She certainly knew that the Zhao family sent someone to the Auction House to keep an eye on the potion. After waiting patiently for a few days, Yun Feng decided that it was time to make a move.

Yun Feng came to the seller’s registration office of the Auction House. Not many people came to the Auction House to auction things. After all, who would send something to the Auction House unless they really needed the money? Seeing Yun Feng, the registrar sized her up and asked casually, “What are you auctioning?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Potions.”

The registrar yawned lazily. “What level of potion is it? If it’s a mid-level potion, don’t auction it here. There are plenty of potion stores.”

Yun Feng was still smiling gently. “I’m auctioning the Life Potion, at the Master Level.”

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