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Chapter 1017: The Troublemaker Is Here (3)

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The people in the tavern were shocked again when they saw this scene. “Hey, hey, hey! That girl is at the King Level!”

“The second young master of the Zhao family suffered that attack just then. He must’ve kicked an iron plate now!”

The second young master of the Zhao family was knocked down on the ground from the sky by Yun Feng. He couldn’t get up for a long time. His face and body were covered in dust. Enduring the mocking gazes of the people around him, he only felt like dying! The few lackeys on the ground immediately scrambled up and rushed to the second young master of the Zhao family. They immediately carried the second young master of the Zhao family away dejectedly. The second young master of the Zhao family gritted his teeth and said fiercely, “The Zhao family won’t let you go! Just wait!”

Yun Feng snorted and landed from the sky. She looked at the Second Young Master of the Zhao family, who was carried away, with her black eyes. Qu Lanyi walked over. “He was either paralyzed or crippled just then.”

Yun Feng curled her lips. She hit the most vulnerable part of his back just then. Since he dared to attack her, he must think carefully about the consequences. The second young master of the Zhao family attacked first. Yun Feng thought it was normal for him to fight back.

“Who cares? If the Zhao family is so powerful, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep a loser.”

Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but smile. Although Yun Feng didn’t say much when she came to the Central Region, Qu Lanyi could more or less feel the frustration in her heart. She wanted to reach the headquarters of the Yun family as soon as possible for her pursuit of higher strength. If it weren’t for You Yue, Yun Feng would probably have directly entered the Dragon Palace, taken out the Golden Cauldron Tree, and cultivated until she was satisfied.

The three of them entered the tavern. The people who were watching the drama just then couldn’t help but look at them in a different light. The tavern owner greeted them warmly. “Little girl, you’re really bold. Normal people don’t dare to provoke the Zhao family in Yue City, especially the second young master of the Zhao family. Little girl, you must be careful in the future. If possible, you should leave Yue City as soon as possible!”

Yun Feng smiled. “Don’t worry about that. Boss, where can I find the You family in Yue City?”

The boss was stunned. The others in the tavern couldn’t help but prick up their ears when they heard Yun Feng’s question. “The You family?” The boss asked suspiciously. Yun Feng nodded. “I came to the You family to do something this time, but I didn’t ask for the location. When I arrived in Yue City, I found that it is truly too difficult to find.”

The boss burst into laughter after hearing that. “Little girl, you don’t understand, do you? Even though there are thousands of mountains in Yue City, it’s not difficult to find. The You family is a new topic in Yue City recently. This family isn’t ordinary! I heard that an impressive figure appeared that can rise to the sky in one step.”

“Boss, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about this genius of the You family along the way. What kind of genius is he?” asked Qu Lanyi. The boss chuckled. “I’ve never seen such a genius. I heard that he’s the favorite disciple of an elder of the Juxing School. He has a promising future! What does it mean to be picked by an elder? The You family will definitely soar in the future!”

Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth and didn’t say anything. There had been such rumors along the way. Everybody was the most favorite disciple of an elder.

“Boss, where exactly is the You family?” Yun Feng returned to the topic. The boss burst into laughter. “The You family is on the mountain not far away. The mountains in Yue City are very special. The Gong family, one of the four largest families, is on the highest mountain. The Gong family owns a mountain. The You family, the Zhao family, and a dozen other families are on the second level. Below them are even smaller families. Little girl, do you understand?”

Yun Feng nodded. It turned out that the You family and the Zhao family were on the same level right now, but the You family had only been in Yue City for a short time. They were probably still a bit inferior to the Zhao family. Thinking of the conflict with the second young master of the Zhao family just then, would the You family have a conflict with the Zhao family because of this? You Yue knew what Yun Feng was worried about. He immediately rubbed her little head. “Feng, that second young master of the Zhao family is too much. He was the one who attacked first. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have taken him seriously at all. If the Zhao family blames us for this, just put it on me.”

Yun Feng smiled and held You Yue’s hand. “Brother, I understand.”

The three of them left the tavern after getting the information they wanted. After the tavern owner explained, they looked at the layout of Yue City again. As he said, even though there were many mountains, the height of the mountains was different. The three of them should be in a lower place right now. The second level of the mountain where the You family was located was even higher.

Yun Feng estimated the distance. If she went around the mountain road, she wouldn’t be able to reach the second level of the mountain where the You family was located in ten days to half a month. It was impossible for her and Qu Lanyi to take You Yue up. There was only one way now.

“Lan Yi.” Yun Feng called softly as a ball of green light flew out of the Ring of Contract and landed next to Yun Feng. The light faded and a handsome young man appeared. There were mysterious blue patterns on one side of his face and his face was very handsome.

“Master.” Lan Yi came out and smiled at Yun Feng casually. Yun Feng said, “I’ll have to trouble you again this time.”

A smile appeared on Lan Yi’s handsome face. “I’m willing to be used by Master.” Another beam of light flashed. The handsome young man’s body was no longer there, but was replaced by the huge and beautiful griffin!

“This is…” You Yue couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw Lan Yi’s original body. This was the first time he saw the original body of the Magic Beast Feng contracted. It was so huge. It was a griffin!

Those people in the tavern were also stunned. Pairs of eyes looked at the giant griffin at the entrance of the tavern and they couldn’t help but swallow. Some people even put their faces on the windows. For this world, summoners were the most awesome profession no matter where they were!

Yun Feng jumped onto Lan Yi’s body with You Yue, and Qu Lanyi followed. After the three of them stood still, the griffin flapped its huge wings and a strong wind swept past fiercely! The door and windows of the tavern were all blown open. The hair of the people in the tavern was also lifted and a few wigs were even blown off.

“Oh my god, that little girl is a summoner…”

“Impressive, impressive. There are only so many summoners in Yue City. That little girl has such an identity and she’s even at the King Level. Her strength isn’t bad either. Who exactly is she?”

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