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Chapter 1018: The Troublemaker Is Here (4)

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“Isn’t she going to find the You family? Is she from the You family?”

“Seriously? The You family already has a genius, and now there’s a summoner. Why is the You family so lucky?”

“If you say so, won’t the Gong family be envied by the heavens?”

“I didn’t say anything. How can the You family compare to the Gong family… They can’t compare…”

In the sky, the huge griffin flashed and gradually flew towards the second mountain of Yue City. After flying into the sky, You Yue didn’t feel the pressure from the space. Yun Feng also concluded that before he reached the King Level, he would be restricted by the Law of Space when he flew in the sky, but he could fly above the sky with external help and wasn’t restricted by this rule.

As Lan Yi flew upwards, Yun Feng also saw the exact situation surrounded by mountains in Yue City more clearly. As she expected, the second level of the mountain was extremely high. Just the mountain path alone would twist and turn and it would take a long time. However, flying in the sky right now would only take less than half a day. The two of them were far apart.

Half a day later, Lan Yi had already approached the second level of the mountain. Yun Feng asked Lan Yi to stop when she could see the situation on the second level clearly. If she approached recklessly, she would cause some unnecessary trouble. Since she was on the second level of the mountain, these families had a layer of protection outside.

“Although there aren’t too many families on the second level, there are also a lot of them. Which one is the You family?” Qu Lanyi stood on Lan Yi’s back and looked around. There were many large mansions of families standing on the mountain. It was impossible to tell which one.

You Yue also looked around. As a member of the You family, he couldn’t recognize it at all. What he was familiar with was the You family before he left. At that time, the You family was truly an unknown small family. Who would have thought that it would develop to such a level?

Yun Feng looked at it carefully with her black eyes. When her eyes landed in the middle of the mountain, a smile couldn’t help but flash through her eyes. “It’s very easy to tell. The You family is there!” Yun Feng extended her arm. Qu Lanyi and You Yue both looked in the direction Yun Feng was pointing at. “Feng, how can you be sure that it’s the You family?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “Look down the mountain. Aren’t the surnames of their families engraved?”

Qu Lanyi glanced down. As expected, the surname of the family was engraved on every mountain on the second level, and the location of the family corresponded to the mountain. The You character of the You family was engraved on the mountain Yun Feng was pointing at.

“That’s just playing to the gallery.” Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain, but Yun Feng didn’t care. “It’s good to play to the gallery. We don’t have to waste time searching for it. Lanyi, let’s go!”

The griffin flapped its wings and roared towards the mountain where the You family was located. You Yue, who was standing on Lan Yi’s back, looked at the You family’s mansion with extremely complicated feelings in his mind. He was sent to the Central Region by his family back then and he was back now, but the You family might not need him anymore.

However, no matter what, a family was still a family. As a member of the You family, he certainly had to return to the place where the You family’s roots were.

At the same time, as Lan Yi kept getting closer to the You family, someone from the You family ran into the house in panic and suddenly pushed open a door. A few people were sitting inside, as if they were talking about something. Seeing someone push the door open and enter so recklessly, they couldn’t help but feel enraged.

“What’s going on? Don’t you know we’re talking?”

“Ma… Master! It’s an emergency! An unknown Magic Beast is flying towards the You family!”

The man sitting in the main seat suddenly stood up. “What did you say? A Magic Beast is flying towards the You family? Did you see it clearly? Is it really a Magic Beast?”

“It’s really a Magic Beast! It’s absolutely true and it’s huge!”

“What’s going on? Why did a Magic Beast come all of a sudden?” The few people in the room all stood up nervously. “Did some big shot come to the You family?”

“No matter what’s going on, come out with me for a look first!” The person sitting in the main seat stood up and walked out in a hurry. The other people in the room also followed him. The person who came to report also followed behind in a hurry with an anxious look. His heart kept pounding. What exactly was wrong with that Magic Beast?

The few important members of the You family rushed all the way out of the door with nervous and serious expressions on their faces, which made the You family members curious. What exactly happened? Did a big shot come to the You family?

“Let’s go and take a look!” Some young people followed them curiously. Many people of the You family immediately followed them out. The few leaders of the You family walked in a hurry in the front. Some young people of the You family followed them curiously and discussed behind. The huge griffin that kept approaching the You family had already arrived on the mountain of the You family. Yun Feng and the others immediately jumped off the back of the griffin. At this moment, the members of the You family also walked out of the door.

“Who are you? What brings you to the You family?” The leader of the You family stood at the front and asked quite politely. Yun Feng was stunned and knew that they had obviously misunderstood something. Lan Yi turned into a ball of light and disappeared into the Ring of Contract. This scene shocked the few leaders of the You family. The person who came was a summoner at the King Level!

“I’m You Yue!” You Yue took a step forward and looked at the few members of the You family with bright eyes. There was a hint of heat in his eyes. He was back. He was home! The leader of the You family was obviously stunned after hearing that. You Yue?

“Are you from the group of bloodlines sent to the Outland by the You family last time?” A man next to the leader of the You family asked. You Yue immediately nodded. “Yes! You Yue is from that group of bloodlines!”

“Then what’s your current strength? Since you can come to the Central Region, it means that your strength has already reached the Lord Level?” The master of the You family asked. You Yue’s body trembled slightly. “Yes! You Yue’s current strength is at the peak of the Lord Level!”

“The peak of the Lord Level is still a bit inferior.” One of the masters of the You family mumbled. Yun Feng couldn’t help but sneer after hearing that. “Senior, what do you think should be considered not bad?”

The leader of the You family couldn’t help but frown when he heard Yun Feng’s question. If You Yue was of the You family’s bloodline, were these two people also members of the You family? If they were really members of the You family, that would be a joyous thing!

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