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Chapter 65 – Serious Issue

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Lang Qing scoffed and despised Feng Yu when he saw his terrified expression.

“You think I am asking you to kill Song Laosi? With your terrified expression, even if I give you a gun, you also don’t dare to fire. I am talking about finding professional killers to kill Song Laosi. But the fees for professional killers is not cheap.” Lang Qing said.

Feng Yu was relieved. Anything will do, as long as he does not need to kill Song Laosi himself. But these people were really lawless.

Initially, he just wanted these two gangs to blow up this matter. The bigger, the better. Feng Yu will even think of ways to make matter worse. This would let the Provincial government take note of this matter. If the higher-ups act on this, these two gangs would have no chance to escape.

And these two groups of people would rat Brother Ke out to save themselves. When that happens, Bing City will go back to its peaceful days.

But now, he found out that things had gone beyond his control. These people were going all out to kill each other. They even told him about it, and Feng Yu cannot feign ignorance.

“Master Crutches, I did not hear anything. But I think this small incense burner looks good, must be an antique. Why not sell it to me? I offer 300,000 RMB!” Feng Yu said. He was now thinking of ways to get out of this. He only wanted to watch the show from the sidelines.

Cripple Wang looked at the small incense burner in front of Guan Yu statue on the altar. The incense burner was given to him by one of his men. He estimated the cost to be about 10 or 20 RMB.

“Since you like it, then I will sell it to you. Lang Qing, get someone to clean it up.”

“Mater Crutches, I will send the money over tomorrow. I do not know about anything else.” Feng Yu said. He made it very clear that he does not want to get involved in this matter.

Cripple Wang nodded and said: “We are only making a normal trade.”

At the bank, Feng Yu looked for Manager Zhu to withdraw 300,000 RMB. Because of Manager Zhu, the withdrawal was expedited. Back at his office, Feng Yu put the incense burner at one corner and sat in his chair. He began to think of ways to get rid of all these people at one go!

The key was to get evidence. Without evidence, these people would still be at large. But in this era, the camcorder was too big, and cameras were not small either. Carrying these around would be too conspicuous, and no one would dare to do such things. Even if he hides in one corner and take pictures, he might not get any useful pieces of evidence.

Feng Yu can only pray that these two groups of people would fight each other to death. It would be better if they use their firearms and the higher-ups would act earlier to confiscate all hunting rifles.

Rebirth into this era, making money would be much more comfortable than the future. However, it was much more dangerous. Especially guns! Even his house has shotguns. One can imagine how lax the gun control laws in this era.

An old broken incense burner sold for 300,000 RMB. Master Crutches was still very satisfied with Feng Yu’s attitude. This 300,000 RMB, would be enough to compensate his followers. As for the money to hire the professional killer, he had prepared long time ago.

There were 7 Southerners in Bing City. Their leader is called Western bun. It was said that he likes to eat western bread with stuffing and his surname happens to be Yang (same pronunciation as western). Thus, it became his nickname.   

Western bun most famous battle in Bing City was he alone, armed with only a handgun, killed a rich and powerful boss in front of more than 10 followers.

He does not do business, collect protection fees. He, along with his 6 other brothers, did some kidnappings, extortions and revenge killings. In less than two years, he became notorious and was named the fourth boss of the underworld.

As these seven men don’t occupy territories or fight with others over territories, they were only considered as ruthless outlaws and not a fraction. Song Laosi, Cripple Wang and Brother Ke had wanted to recruit them, but Western Bun was not interested in working for others.

Even though they only had seven men, no one dares to eliminate them as these seven men had guns and were ruthless. If anyone of them escaped, he would be a threat to the one who tried to remove them.

This time, Cripple Wang want to hire Western bun and his men. If these seven men attacked Song Laosi, Song Laosi would either be dead or severely impacted by the attack. When that happens, Cripple Wang will take the opportunity to swallow Song Laosi’s territory and become the leader of the whole Longjiang province underworld!

Cripple Wang had thought of this plan a long time ago. Even if he were to be caught by Police, he could feign innocent. The most, he would be locked up for a few days to assist in the investigation. But what he did not expect was that Western Bun was not interested in this business.

Western Bun might be ruthless, but he is not brainless. Song Lasoi had so many men and not easy to kill. Even if he is able to kill Song Laosi, some or even all his brothers might die in the process.

Cripple Wang had offered a considerable sum of money for this task, but Western Bun was not short of cash. Furthermore, he was the only one that had killed someone. The rumors that all of them had killed people were spread by them to make others fear them. However, they often beat up people.

Western Bun not taking up this job made Cripple Wang very helpless. His men, under the leadership of Lang Qing, had no problems clashing with Song Laosi. But to assassinate him, other than Lang Qing, no one else dares.

If Lang Qing left him, he would have no usable men by his side. Een if he were to kill Song Laosi, how would he compete with Brother Ke? Brother Ke runs gambling dens and does loan shark businesses. He even pushed people off buildings when they fail to repay their debts. He is a genuinely ruthless man!

Lang Qing reminded Cripple Wang that Western Bun dare not kill Song Laosi was because he felt that he had no chance to escape after he killed him. But what if we asked Western Bun kill Song Xiaofeng?

Song Xiaofeng is Song Laosi’s Achilles feet. Once Song Xiaofeng is killed, Song Laosi would be affected and can no longer think straight. When that happens, he is bound to make mistakes and furthermore, his right-hand man, Li Guangzheng was severely injured now. That will be the best chance to kill Song Laosi.

Sure enough, when Western Bun heard 300,000 RMB for Song Xiaofeng’s life, he hesitated. Song Laosi is a challenging target, but Song Xiaofeng is easy. Song Xiaofeng frequents bars, nightclubs, and nightspots. Any of these places would be suitable for them to act.

Also, after killing Song Xiaofeng, they can just reveal Cripple Wang is the mastermind and they can escape to other provinces for a period of time. They can come back after Cripple Wang kills Song Laosi.

Western Bun asked for 500,000 RMB to kill Song Xiaofeng. 500,000 RMB and he guaranteed to kill Song Xiaofeng. Cripple Wang thought for a while and agree. This is an excellent opportunity and cannot be missed.

After he killed Song Laosi, he can take over his business, and 500,000 RMB can be recovered in no time.


Feng Yu waited for two days and still did not received any news about Song Laosi’s death. This made him quite worried. Why was the fight not started yet? They have to fight and make it on the headlines. This way, all the triads, and gangs will disappear from Bing City.

Especially Song Xiaofeng. Feng Yu wished Song Xiaofeng would drop dead now. These few days, Feng Yu got to know a Police Bureau Deputy Chief of Chief Xie. Feng Yu spent another sum of money to increase the Police presence in his company premises.

He believed that he would be able to talk his way out if he was caught by Song Laosi. But the rest of his staff can’t. He cannot take the chance, and if anyone got hurt, he would regret for the rest of his life.

After another day past and Feng Yu finally got good news. 

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