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Chapter 64 – War (Part 2)

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The two underworld bosses from Bing City sitting at the opposite end of the table. They looked like they were just casually chatting in the neighborhood. But each word that was spoken had murderous intent.

“Cripple Wang, my nephew, was drunk, and it’s normal for drunk people to behave this way. You can just send someone to pass a message. You think I will not compensate you for the damages? Now you ordered your men to capture him, it is a slap in my face!” Song Laosi said with a gloomy face. Cripple Wang had captured his nephew because of such small matters? He is too arrogant!

“Drunk? Humph! Got drunk after one glass of liquor? Song Laosi, can you use your brains when you speak? You care about your ‘face,’ then what about mine?” Cripple Wang replied.

“Fine, I am not here to argue with you today. We can talk about whose right and whose wrong another day. You release Song Xiaofeng first. Not harming family members is the rule of the underworld!” Song Laosi said. He was a bit wary of Cripple Wang as Song Xiaofeng was still in Cripple Wang’s hand.

Cripple Wang waved his hand, and his men brought out Song Xiaofeng and his followers. Other than Song Xiofeng, the rest had both their legs broken. Although Song Xiaofeng’s legs were not broken, he was beaten up.

When he saw Song Laosi, he struggled and shouted: “Uncle Si, Cripple Wang sent his men to capture me and beat me up. You have to revenge for me!”

Hearing what Song Xiaofeng had said, Song Laosi’s face changed. This nephew of his was not very smart. Not to mention that he had only attended a few days of school, he still doesn’t know how to analyze the situation. You are still under Cripple Wang’s control, and you are still shouting?

Sure enough, Cripple Wang was furious when he heard what Song Xiaofeng said. He was already angry when Song Laosi called him Cripple Wang, and now, this Song Xiaofeng dares to call him Cripple Wang in front of so many people and still wanted revenge?

“No respect for your elders. Seems like I need to teach you a lesson on behalf of Song Laosi!” Crippled Wang said.

Just after Cripple Wang finished his sentence, his men gave Song Xiaofeng two tight slaps. Song Laosi felt like these two slaps were on his face.

Song Laosi stared hard at the one who had slapped Song Xiaofeng. He was Cripple Wang’s close follower and his bodyguard. His status was similar to Li Guangzheng.

Song Xiaofeng opened his mouth and still wanted to say something, but Song Laosi shouted: “Shut up!”

If not for Song Xiaofeng still being held in Cripple Wang’s hands, Song Laosi would have ordered Li Guangzheng to kill Cripple Wang immediately.

“Cripple Wang, you had taught him a lesson. I will bring him back and educate him properly. Let’s forget about everything and let this matter rest.” Song Laosi said.

“I taught him a lesson is because of what he said. But my nightclub had suffered losses, and you still need to compensate me. Not much. 100,000 RMB should be enough.” Cripple Wang replied.  

With so many followers here, he should give some money to everyone, and Song Laosi should be the one to come up with this money. Each man will get about 2 to 3,000 RMB. Rewarding them with this money can also gain their loyalty.

Song Laosi suppressed his anger and nodded: “Fine. I will send you the money later. Release him first.”

 “I will not release him if I don’t see the money.” Cripple Wang had long wanted to talk down at Song Laosi. You think people are looking up at you and you are the big boss? Furthermore, if Song Laosi doesn’t pay him later, what can he do? Since it was only a matter of time they go to war, why not get some money first.

“Cripple Wang, earlier the Police had seen me coming over to your place. If we were to have a showdown today using firearms, it would not be nice.” Song Laosi still wanted to create a clean image for himself. He doesn’t want any bloodshed here as this will destroy the clean image he created for the past two years.

“Threatening me? Ask your men to go get the money. I shall wait here. Even if the Police is here, so what? I own this place. What wrong with having a little chat with my friends at my own place? These knives are for cutting watermelons.” Cripple Wang replied happily. Song Laosi also have today?

Song Laosi looked at Li Guangzheng, and Li Guangzheng walked out to Song Laosi’s Mercedes Benz. He took out 100,000 RMB from the boot. The money in the boot was Song Laosi emergency cash.

Earlier, Song Laosi did think of not paying Cripple Wang after he rescued Song Xiaofeng. He must teach Cripple Wang a lesson. If he doesn’t teach him a lesson, his position as the leader of Bing City’s underworld might be in jeopardy.

The money was handed over to Cripple Wang and Cripple Wang was smiling happily. He waved to his men, and they released Song Xiaofeng.

Song Laosi turned and left the nightclub with Song Xiaofeng. Li Guangzheng followed closely behind, walking backward, without taking his eyes off Cripple Wang. Song Laosi entered his Mercedes Benz with his nephew, and he made a cut-throat gesture to Li Guangzheng. His nephew’s injuries were more severe than it looks. When he thought of Cripple Wang’s arrogant and proud look, he could not endure anymore!

When Song Laosi’s car left the premises, Li Guangzheng rushed back to Autumn Nightclub with his men. But Cripple Wang had already gone through the back door. The only ones waiting for them were his men.

Li Guangzheng was Song Laosi’s right-hand man and the best fighter. It was reasonable to say that he had single-handedly helped Song Laosi occupied half of his current territories. If Li Guangzheng dies, then Song Laosi’s power will drop by half.

Both sides did not use their firearms but wield knives and metal pipes instead. It was a mess with both sides clashing together.

The fight did not last long. The doors to Autumn Nightclub opened after about 15 minutes. Li Guangzheng walked out, covered in blood, and drove away.

Inside the nightclub, about 60 to 70 men were lying on the ground injured. Some of them had broken arms or legs, some had deep cuts, and there were some with stabbed wounds.

Cripple Wang threw the beer bottle on the floor when he heard Li Guangzheng had escaped. Useless! Everyone was incompetent!   

He had over 40 men, and they were outmatched by less than 30 men. They even allowed Li Guangzheng to escape. Li Guangzheng’s escape made Cripple Wang worried. This Li Guangzheng seems to be better than the rumors.

“Master Crutches, if I had stayed behind, I would have killed that Li Guangzheng!” Cripple Wang’s right-hand man, Lang Qing said.

Cripple Wang shook his head and said: “you cannot go. Even if you kill Li Guangzheng, you can also not stay by my side. Even if we eradicate Song Laosi, we still have to be wary of Brother Ke.”

Just when Cripple Wang was discussing with his men, someone knocked on the door and told him that Feng Yu is here again.

“Master Crutches, I pass by Autumn Nightclub just now, and I saw Li Guangzheng running out. Don’t tell me that Master Crutches had clashed with Song Laosi because of me?“ Feng Yu asked with a “deeply touched” expression.

 Cripple Wang did not reply Feng Yu but only smiled.

“Master Crutches, because of me, your men were injured. I must do something for them. This is 100,000 RMB. Master Crutches, if you think this is not enough, let me know how much is needed. I will find ways to raise the money and send it over.” Feng Yu said while patting his chest.

Feng Yu wanted not only Cripple Wang to see him as someone loyal, but he also wanted Cripple Wang’s men to know. In future, when Cripple Wang got into trouble, he does not wish Cripple Wang’s men to think that it was him that backstabbed Cripple Wang.

“Brother Feng, Master Crutches will not take your money. But we were unable to kill Song Xiaofeng today and even let Li Guangzheng rescued him. Because of you, Master Crutches had put in a lot of efforts. Now there is a chance for you to repay Master Crutches. Will you do it?” Lang Qing interrupted.  

Feng Yu is dumbfounded and thought to himself: “Fuck! Don’t tell me he wanted me to go and kill Song Laosi? Fuck your sis! I don’t even dare to kill a chicken!”

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