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Chapter 51 – The idiot Wen Dongjun

“Hey, hey, come quickly. There are a group of ducks here.” Wen Dongjun lying in the bushes and waving at Feng Yu.

Persuaded by Wen Dongjun, Feng Yu stole the shotgun from home again to go hunting with Wen Dongjun hunting. Only this time, Liu Jichuan is not around. He had joined the army.

Feng Yu always wanted to ask Liu Jichuan, if, on that day, Feng Yu did not go along, did not encounter the bear, will he harm Wen Dongjun?

But in any case, the tragedy in his previous life did not happen and also allowed Feng Yu to earn a large sum of money ahead of time.

Feng Yu decided to let this matter pass. Perhaps, even Liu Jichuan himself also do not know the answer. When people are impulsive, they do a lot of things which they regret after.

“Aim properly and at the count of three, we fire together. Are you ready? One, Two …” Feng Yu said.

Bang! Bang!

Two shots were fired, one after another. Wen Dongjun stood up and cheered. Feng Yu was very pissed off!

“I said at the count of three! I had only counted to two and you fired!” Feng Yu said angrily. When Feng Yu fired, the other wild ducks had already flown off.

“What did you say? I didn't hear you. See, I shot a duck. I am a sharpshooter!” Wen Dongjun said proudly.

Feng Yu: “......”

This idiot!

Wen Dongjun strode over and picked up a wild duck with half a body left. Shit! Both rounds hit the duck. The duck which weight about 1 KG, was left with half a KG of meat.

“Hahaha. With this duck looking like this, how are you going to eat it? Even if you are able to clean it, can you even make a dish?” Feng Yu mercilessly ridiculed Wen Dongjun.

“At least I am better than you! But this duck …... Forget it. Leave it here.” Wen Dongjun hesitated and decided to throw this duck away.

“This gun should be used on a big animal and not on birds.” Feng Yu said.

“Hunting birds is not fun. Well, there will not be any prey coming over for the next half hour. I saw there were many dandelion and mushrooms near the woods. We cannot go back empty-handed.” Wen Dongjun said.

Feng Yu looked at Wen Dongjun and thought: “What sort of odd thinking is this! Have you ever seen a hunter go hunting and comes back with wild mushrooms? I am someone who is earning millions by the minute and I am here accompanying you to hunt. Now you are asking me to go pick wild mushrooms?”

“Let’s go. What are you waiting for?” Wen Dongjun said.

Wen Dongjun dragged Feng Yu back to the woods. Wen Dongjun was picking wild mushrooms happily while Feng Yu was looking around lazily. 

Eh, whose land is this? There are watermelons!

"Eh, eh, eh. There are watermelons over there. The weather is so hot now. Let’s steal a melon to quench thirst.” Feng Yu said.

Wen Dongjun eyes were shining brightly. There is a watermelon farm? Let's go! Watermelons freshly picked from the farms is sweeter than those bought from the stores.

“Wait a minute. I think this land belongs to Uncle Tian. Uncle Tian is very fierce. If we are caught, it will be hell for us.” Feng Yu said.

“I saw Uncle Tian in the morning. He went to the village to sell his melons. There should be no one in the farm. I tell you, I am an expert in picking watermelons. I will pick the best melon for you.” Wen Dongjun said proudly with a “trust me” look.


Using the shotgun butt, he started breaking open watermelons. Not ripe, change to the next one.


Another watermelon was smashed. Not ripe, don’t want!

When Wen Dongjun starts smashing the eighth watermelon, Feng Yu hurriedly stopped him. Is he really the expert he claims to be? Even if he had smashed up all the melons on the farm, he also can’t find a good melon!

“Stop, that one is ripe. Let’s eat quickly and then go back to see if those ducks came back.” Feng Yu said.

“Ok. We will just eat this. A few days ago, I came here with Liang brother. The third melon I picked was the best one!” Wen Dongjun said with a proud face.

Feng Yu wanted to ask him: “What is there to be proud of?”

When these two were each holding half a watermelon and eating, a small figure appeared behind the farm shack.

Tianjie was sent by his Mom and dad to watch over the melon farm. He was about to take a nap when he heard some voices outside.

Thieves stealing melons!

Everyone was from the same village. If one was thirsty and picked a melon to eat, it was fine. Tianjie will not stop and will even help them cut the melon.

Tianjie had decided to ignore Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun at first, but Wen Dongjun started to smash melons after melons. This guy was not here to eat melons. He was here to create trouble!

Tianjie mustered up his courage and went over. Those two were still eating the melons and did not notice him.

“You are stealing melons!” Tianjie suddenly jumped out and shouted.

Wen Dongjun quickly dropped the watermelon, turned and pointed his shotgun at Tianjie.

Tianjie was shocked. Do you need to bring a shotgun to steal melons? The dark muzzle was pointed at him and his legs grew soft.

Feng Yu quickly push the shotgun upwards: “You crazy? How can you point the shotgun at people!”

Wen Dongjun laughed and said: “It was not loaded.” He then pulls the trigger to proof it.

“That is not right also. You look at Tianjie! He is so scared and is about to cry!” Feng Yu put the shotgun down and walked to Tianjie.


Tianjie began to cry. He was too scared and forgot to cry just now!

Less than half a minute, Tianjie’s small face was covered in tears.

Wen Dongjun was stunned. He only wanted to frighten this little kid. Who knew that this kid will get so scared? When Wen Dongjun was young, he even dares to light firecrackers in his hands.

“Don’t cry. I was only joking with you.” Wen Dongjun tried to comfort Tianjie.

Wa ~ ~ ~ ~ Wa ~ ~ ~

Tianjie was still crying. Wen Dongjun began to panic. If Tianjie complaint to his dad, he will get a beating!

“Stop crying. Tell me what do you want?” Wen Dongjun said impatiently.

“Daddy asked me to watch over the melons and you smashed all the melons.” Tianjie said while crying.

“Don't cry. I will pay for all these melons? I will give you three cents per half KG. All these melons, we will round off to 50 KG. I will give you 5 RMB for these melons?” Wen Dongjun took 5 RMB from Feng Yu and put it into Tianjie’s hands.

Feng Yu turned to look at Wen Dongjun and thought: “Why do I need to pay? Forget it, it was also my idea to steal the melons.”

Tianjie stopped crying, and hold on to the money with his small hands: “No, you two are going to hunt. Take me along.”

“Can you even lift this shotgun? Even if you are able to carry the shotgun, can you handle the recoil? Hurry and go back. We will be going off.” Wen Dongjun replied.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a vehicle coming. Not good! Uncle Tian was back from selling melons!

Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun looked at each other and started running. This was not the time to think about hunting or picking mushrooms. They ran back to their car.

In the afternoon, Tianjie and his father went to Feng Yu home. After listening to the whole story, Feng Xingtai kept apologizing to them and beat up Feng Yu with the feather duster. After Tianjie and his father left, Feng Yu laid down on the sofa and let his father applied medicine on him.

Feng Yu felt he was innocent. He did not bully Tianjie and the five RMB was from his pocket! Why must he compensate them again? That little brat must have pocketed five RMB!

But the next day, Feng Yu felt much better after he saw Wen Dongjun.

Wen Dongjun was hang up and beaten by his father with willow branches. He was also slapped repeatedly till his nose bled. See if he still dares to point a gun at others.

Most importantly, Wen Dongjun's mother did not stop his father this time and also help to beat their son together. The couple had a good time playing mixed doubles. They even broke a few willow branches. “You think you got into the Third High School in the city and you can do whatever you want? If your character is not good, no matter how much you studied is also no use!”

Both of the shotguns from both families were smashed and it seemed that they would never go hunting again.

The next day Li Shiqiang called and said that the cars were ready. There were even people asking about the prices. He needs Feng Yu back at Bing city.

Feng Yu finally found an excuse to escape from the farm. He got to stay away from this idiot Wen Dongjun. Wen Dongjun always get him into trouble!

Translator notes: Pointing a gun (loaded or not) at anyone is not right. In fact, guns should only be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. Although Wen Dongjun is an idiot who does things without using his brains, he is still Feng Yu’s best friend.

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