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Chapter 50 – Playing by the riverbank

At the school, Feng Yu collected Wen Dongjun and his admittance notice. He wanted to stay a while with Li Na but she got to be home at noon.

After Feng Yu left, teachers were gossiping behind his back. The kid's family struck lottery? I heard that his sister found a rich boyfriend! Look at the car Feng Yu drove. It was the same as the government officials. Those female teachers, in particular, lamented their fate. Why can’t they find a rich boyfriend?

In this era, as long as one is daring, willing to endure hardship, doing business will definitely earn more than working for others! Feng Yu doesn’t care about these remarks.

“Let’s go and play at the riverbank tomorrow. I will pick you up.” Feng Yu said to Li Na.

“I can’t. My parents will not allow me.” She replied.

“It will not be just us. Tell your parent that it is classmates gathering. There are only four of us who are admitted to Third High School. We have to look after each other. You just tell your parents these and they will definitely allow you to go. I will ask Liu Kun to go too.” Feng Yu said.

Li Na also wanted to go out and play. She nodded and asked: “Then, what time tomorrow?”

“Eight in the morning. We can have a picnic at noon and I will send you back before nightfall.” Feng Yu replied.

Back home, Li Na told her mom and dad, and they really agree. She will be attending High School in the City. They have to look out for each other and not be bullied by other students from the city.

Feng Yu invited Liu Kun and he also agreed. Liu Kun was a bit excited when he heard that Feng Yu will be driving the Jeep to fetch them. He had not sat in a Jeep before.

“Mom, Dad, I'm back!” Feng Yu shouted when he reaches home.

“Oh, my son is back. Have you taken your lunch? Tell me what you want to eat and I will go and cook.” Zhang Muhua said. She was very happy to see Feng Yu. Feng Yu had stayed one month in Bing City and she was a bit not used to not having her son by her side.

“A bowl of noodles for lunch will do. Can we eat dumplings at night?” Feng Yu asked.

“OK, you sit and watch TV first.” Zhang Muhua replied.

“Where is Dad?” Feng Yu asked.

“He went fishing with your Uncle Sun. Now he got a Jeep, he kept showing off. The fishes he caught is not even enough for the petrol!” Zhang Muhua replied.

Feng Yu smiled. How much can the petrol cost? Anyway, the amount Feng Yu earns in a month is enough for his parents to spend a year!

In the afternoon, Feng Yu passed the admittance notice to Wen Dongjun and both of them played Super Mario Bros. for the whole afternoon. Since his son was admitted to the city's best high school, the Third High School,  Wen Deguang just let them play.

The next morning, Feng Yu topped up the petrol the Jeep, fetched Wen Dongjun, Li Na and Liu Kun and drove to the riverside.

Once at the river, Wen Dongjun took off his clothes, wearing only shorts and holding a tube, rushed to the water. Liu Kun was the same too.

Feng Yu and Li Na just carry the fishing rod and net and slowly walked to a water bay place to fish.

Riverbank, breeze, grass, water, weeping willows, sunny.

This scenery is as beautiful as a painting.

Li Na sat quietly beside Feng Yu. She was wearing a bright yellow dress and the pink hairclip given by Feng Yu yesterday.

Feng Yu was still admiring Li Na’s beauty when ……


Water was splashed on to Feng Yu’s face. This wonderful moment was broken!

“Stop fishing. Come and play in the waters! The water is not cold!” Wen Dongjun said.

Wen Dongjun's face suddenly became very annoying.


Liu Kun also splashed water at Feng Yu. Feng Yu really regretted his decision to ask these two along.

After a few splashing, Feng Yu got irritated and took off clothes. Wearing only a pair of shorts, he entered the water and started splashing water at those two.

Soon, Li Na also entered the water to play.

Li Na's dress quickly wet and Feng Yu hurriedly shouted stop. He stood in front of Li Na and asked her to go change to a set of clothing in the Jeep. This dress can be left on the roof for drying. This dress was wet and sticks to Li Na’s body. Feng Yu can see but he does not allow others to see.

“Come, I will teach you how to swim.” Feng Yu pulled Li Na away from those two idiots.

Li Na entered the water again and Feng Yu slowly lead her to the deeper part of the river. They stopped when the water level reaches slightly above their necks. Li Na clung onto Feng Yu's arm and dared not let go.

“Trust me. Relax and slowly lift up your feet. I will hold you.” Feng Yu said.

Li Na shakes her head. If she raises her feet, won’t she be drinking the river water?

Feng Yu suddenly floated and look at Li Na. Li Na loses her grip on Feng Yu’s hand and fell backward.

But Feng Yu caught hold of Li Na's waist with both his hands and slowly help Li Na float on the water.

“Don't be afraid. I am beside you. See, it is very easy. As long as you are not afraid, you can float. Our teacher said before. The density of the human body is lesser than the density of water, therefore we can float.” Feng Yu said.

Li Na stopped flailing her hands and feet. She slowly relaxed and she found herself really floating on the water!

“But how can I turn over?” She asked.

“Slowly turn your waist. I will hold you, don't worry.” Feng Yu said.

When Feng Yu was holding her, his hands accidentally brushed against Li Na's butt. Li Na panicked and start flailing her arms again.

“Sorry, it was an accident.” Feng Yu apologized.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind.” Li Na closed her eyes and whispered.

Don’t mind? Is this an encouragement?


A handful of water splashed on to Feng Yu's head!

“What are you two doing here? Come and play together!” Fuck. It is the idiotic Wen Dongjun again!

“I am teaching her how to swim. You go and play first. We will join you in a while!” Feng Yu shouted while wiping the water off his face.

“You teach swimming? I am the master! I knew how to swim when I was three and when I was five, I bath in the river. My nickname is ”!” Wen Dongjun said proudly.

Swimming with a tire inner tube and still have the nerve to say he is the “The white fish of the river”?

Feng Yu pointed to Wen Dongjun’s back and shouted: “Run, there is a snake!”

Wen Dongjun got frightened and desperately waved his arms around for a minute. The splashes were high but he only swam a meter.

Feng Yu sneered at Wen Dongjun: “Even turtles are faster than you. Whitefish?”

Liu Kun came over to Wen Dongju and said: “He is just teasing you. There are no snakes. Let's go over there. There is a shrimp trap (a long cage, fishing for shrimp).”

Feng Yu turned towards Li Na and rubbed his hands together: “Come, let’s continue with our swimming lessons.”

“I'm tired. You help me up. I will wash the cherries and plums. Let's have something to eat.” Li Na said.

Fuck! It was all Wen Dongjun fault. Disrupt my plans!

Feng Yu helped Li Na slowly stand up and walk back to shore.

Li Na went to the back of the Jeep, wrung her clothes and shorts dry, and took the fruits to the water edge. While she was washing the fruits, Feng Yu went back to the fishing place and pulled up the fishing rod. The bait had been eaten up.

Fortunately, Wen Dongjun and Liu Kun stole the fishes in the fish trap. Although the fishes were small, it was enough for them. They made a small fire and start grilling the fishes using small tree branches. The four sat together and start eating the fishes.

In addition to grilled fish, there was grilled ham, roast lamb, grilled clams and grilled shrimps.

After they were full, they laid down on the grass and started talking about their dreams and ambitions.

“I want to be a scientist and invent many new things. And I will build rockets.” Liu Kun said loudly.


“Scientists are boring. I want to be a government official and when I become a high ranking official, I will be in charge of you!” Wen Dongjun said.

Li Na smiled and said: “I want to be a teacher like Mr. Sun. I want to help those who can't afford to study.”

Feng Yu spread open his arms and said: “My dream is to make money. Make a lot of money and along the way, help you all realize your dreams!”

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