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Chapter 45 - Shopping at the mall

“Two sets of this leather sofa. This glass coffee table, also two sets. This double bed, we want four sets. We want the imported Simmons mattress. Also, give us two sets of your best electric water heater. Two ash wood bookshelves. Two Panda brand 18-inch color TVs and two Little Swan washing machines. Two Aucma refrigerators……” Feng Yu said.

At the first department store, Feng Yu was buying everything he sees and he can still give the reason to buy. For example, the sofa and mattress are to have a good rest, bookshelves are to read and study, color TV is to watch the news to understand state affairs, etc.

Anyway, Feng Yu is rich. These things, although expensive, but it will not be more expensive than a house. As such, Feng Xingtai just lets Feng Yu buy whatever he wants.

The salesman, who was following them, was stunned. These were all big-ticket items. A normal person will have to save for months to buy one item. It was fine if this young man is buying so many items, but everything this young man wants was two sets!

“Young man, these are all very expensive. I think you should discuss with your family first.” The salesman reminded Feng Yu. This family looked like they were from the village. Maybe they thought these items were cheap?

Feng Yu looked at the salesman: “Call your manager out. Tell him Manager Feng from Tai Hua Trading Company is here.”

Tai Hua Trading Company? The salesman was confused. It was a supervisor of the household appliances department saw Feng Yu and hurriedly asked the salesman to inform the manager. You don't know about Tai Hua Trading Company? Our bestselling Wind and Rain electric fans are from Tai Hua Trading Company!

Within half a month, the Wind and Rain electric fans had brought over a thousand RMB of profits to the departmental store. Also, there was an increase in the traffic, especially at the home appliances department. This young man is a prestigious guest of the store!

Feng Xingtai saw Feng Yu talking loudly with the salesman and wanted to know what happened. Just when he was about to walk over, a well-dressed man walked over and invited all of them to the manager’s office.

“Xiao Li, what is happening?” Feng Xingtai whispered. They had been walking around the department store and suddenly, they were brought to an office and served tea.

“Xiao Yu knows the manager of this departmental store.” Li Shiqiang said. He felt that this is normal. He represented Tai Hua Trading Company and when he goes to any departmental store, the managers will be outside greeting him personally.

“Please sit down and have some tea. Try my special cigarettes too.” The manager said politely. He had regretted to sell Wind and Rain fans on consignments. If they had directly purchased the goods, they would have higher profits. If only they had not worried about the fans will not sell or not. If only they knew that the Wind and Rain electric fans will be so popular.

“Manager Feng, I heard that other than Bing city in Longjiang, all other places have distributors selling your fans and their wholesale prices are quite low too.” The departmental store manager said.

Hearing the departmental store manager addressed Feng Yu as Manager Feng, everyone, except for Li Shiqiang, were shocked. This kid had just graduated from Junior High School and the departmental store manager addressed him as “Manager”?

“Yes, not just Longjiang, all other provinces have distributors except for Bing city. Manager Liu, is there anything wrong?” Feng Yu deliberately asked.

"Hahaha. Manager Feng, do you think we can get the goods at the wholesale price too?” Manager Liu asked.

“Well, it is also not impossible. We will talk about this next month. We got to wait till the contract ends this month.” Feng Yu said.

Manager Liu is not willing to wait until next month. He felt the more fans he sold, the more he loses with the current consignment model.

“Manager Feng, let discuss a bit more. We promise to get more fans from you. How about 1,000 units? Manager Liu asked. The First Departmental store is the biggest shopping mall in Bing City. Although they had many competitors, Manager Liu is confident that he can sell all 1,000 units of fans in this summer.

“Manager Liu, I am here today because I had just bought a house. I intend to buy some furniture, household appliances, and renovation materials.” Feng Yu said.

“What do you want to buy? I will ask my men to deliver to your doorsteps and install for you. The renovation materials manager is my good friend. I will call him personally and ask him to give you the best materials at the lowest price. Do you have anyone doing your renovations? If no, I can help you get a contractor. I guaranteed that the contractor will finish your renovations fast.” Manager Liu said.

“Since Liu Manager is so sincere, then this contract issue can be discussed further. Tomorrow, you come over to my company. The wholesale prices will be the same as the other distributors.” Feng Yu said. He knew that once he started wholesale, these consignees will want to switch from consignment to purchasing the fans directly. He had already prepared and today, he is only taking advantage of Manager Liu.

While Feng Yu and Manager Liu were discussing the contract’s conditions, the rest were watching. Li Shiqiang’s parents were in awe by Feng Yu. “Look at this Feng Yu, so capable and even the manager of First Department store had to speak to him so politely.” Feng Yu’s parents were very proud.

During the next one hour, everyone kept quiet and did not give any opinions when Feng Yu start his shopping spree again. Using Feng Yu’s words, money is meant to spend. If we were to buy something, we must buy the best! Anyway, Feng Yu is paying for all the purchases.

Feng Yu also tried to persuade his parents to stay in Bing city and don’t return to the farm. They had only a small plot of land and it is meaningless to farm. Their son is rich now. They should be enjoying their life at home. Maybe, Feng Yu missed his mother’s cooking too much.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu’s parents refused. They were not accustomed to the city life and have no friends here. As such, Feng Yu decided to buy a new house for them in the village.

When Feng Yu’s parents left, they drove the Jeep away. At the farm, the road conditions were not that good. So, the Jeep is more suitable for them to drive at the farm. Anyway, the Jeep was parked at the warehouse and seldom used.

Behind the Jeep, was a delivery truck. Feng Yu had bought some home appliances for their farmhouse. His parents had chided him for spending so much but the smile on their faces said otherwise.


There were no big renovation companies in that era. Feng Yu also don’t trust those small companies. So, Feng Yu employed a few experienced renovation workers, and he himself oversees the renovation. The walls were painted, floor tiles changed, installation of the toilet bowls and bathtubs, etc. Just the renovation cost, not including the worker’s salaries, was about 100,000 RMB per unit. Feng Yu did not tell his family and they thought the renovations cost only 10,000 to 20,000 RMB.

In his previous life, Feng Yu had seen the renovation cost higher than the value of the house. In another two years, Feng Yu want to re-renovate the house again!

The workers were very efficient. The renovations were completed in a few days. After the renovations were completed, Feng Yu called the First Departmental store to deliver all the furniture and home appliances.

Once everything was completed, Feng Yu sat on the leather sofa and look at his newly renovated modern home. This was the design of his home from his memories. Finally, a home he is used to!

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