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Chapter 46 - Brother Ki's team

Ring, ring, ring.

“Hello?” Feng Yu picked the phone on the coffee table, cross his legs and leaned back on the couch. It was much more convenient to have a phone at home. Fortunately, Li Shiqiang used to work in the Post office and was able to arrange fast installation of telephone lines in their homes. The others still got to wait in-line for their installation.

“Xiao Yu, there is a telegram from Kirilenko. Do we need to get ready?” Li Shiqiang asked. He is very excited. Every time Kirilenko comes, they are able to make a fortune.

Feng Yu suddenly sit up and said: “Wait for me at the company, I am coming over!”

After reading the telegram, Feng Yu asked a lawyer to come over at once. The telegram states that Kirilenko will be coming with a team to inspect Bing City market and to look for a trading partner.

Li Shiqiang heard the contents of the telegram and asked Feng Yu: “Xiao Yu, the telegram did not mention us. Are they looking for other business partners?”

Feng Yu said: “This business partner is definitely us! First of all, we had cooperated a few times and we understand each other. Second, I can speak and write Russian. There will be lesser issues in communicating. Also, this telegram is sent to us. This meant that they have the intention to work with us. Lastly, we have the funds now and we are on equal standings. If they are able to take out 1 million Rubles, we can also take out 4 million RMB.”

Seeing Feng Yu's confidence, Li Shiqiang had no more worries.  Although Feng Yu is still a teenager, he is more capable of business than him. Also, when it comes to business, Feng Yu had not made any losses yet.

For instance, Feng Yu said that Treasury bonds would be allowed for trading over the counter and it really happened. Feng Yu also said that the electric fans will sell, and the fans really sell like hotcakes. Now, Feng Yu said that Kirilenko will work with them and Li Shiqiang strongly believes Feng Yu’s words!

When the lawyer came, Feng Yu spoke to the lawyer in the office for a long time.

Feng Yu wanted to understand some of the government policies and will his business plan violates any laws or regulations. After understanding the laws, Feng Yu is, even more, looking forward to the arrival of Kirilenko.

This time, Kirilenko really brought a team. There was a total of 12 people excluding him. Feng Yu and Li Shiqiang’s car can only fetch less than half of them. The rest of the people got to take a taxi to the hotel themselves.

“Brother Ki, this time you bought a big team. Are you preparing for a big business deal?” Feng Yu asked.

“Feng, I went back and considered the things you said last time. I think it can be done. But, I am not alone. I cannot make the decision myself.” Kirilenko said and pointed to the one sitting next to him. It seems that this team consists of not only his subordinates but also his business partners. Kirilenko also discreetly wink at Feng Yu.

"Your name is Feng Yu? You are that Kirilenko's friend? You two have a good relationship but I don't care. To do business with us, you must first show your sincerity.” The young man next to Kirilenko said.

Feng Yu put down his teacup and asked: “Sincerity? What you mean by sincerity?”

“These are the things we want. How much are you charging us?” The young man said.

Feng Yu picked up the paper and discreetly looked at Kirilenko. Aren't these items the items Kirilenko bought last time? But, the quantity seems to one-tenth of last purchase. Seems like Kirilenko is not trusted by his business partners.

“About 50,000 Rubles. The quantity is too little. It is hard for me to negotiate for lower prices.” Feng Yu replied. The last time Kirilenko spent 300,000 Rubles and the items and quantity in this list are worth about 30,000 Rubles. Feng Yu deliberately said a higher price. He knew that Kirilenko must have marked up the prices further when he returned to the Soviet Union. 

Kirilenko was relieved to hear Feng Yu's price. The last time, he spent 300,000 Rubles for the goods and reported the cost to be 470,000 Rubles. He even said that it was because he found a very good Chinese friend who helped him get this special price.

Now with what Feng Yu said, Kirilenko is not afraid of these partners suspecting him.

Kirilenko thought: “Every time I am the one to go to China. The rest just wait at home and split the profits. Why can’t I earn a bit more? If not for me and Feng Yu are good friends, how can we get so many cheap goods in China?”

Several other people nodded. The prices of those Chinese goods were indeed what Kirilenko said. Even if this Feng Yu is trustworthy, he still needs to be qualified to do business with them.

Kirilenko had said Feng Yu is very capable and know a lot of people in Bing City. This needs to be proven too.

Feng Yu looked at these young men. He knows that they were the same as Kirilenko. They must be the sons of the Soviet Union Army’s high-ranking officers. Every one of them was very arrogant. If Kirilenko is here to send money, then these people are here to be slaughter by Feng Yu!

Feng Yu only said one sentence and these people believed that Feng Yu is indeed a very capable person.

“We, Tai Hua Trading Company is the first company in Bing City to have import and export trade approval!” Feng Yu said loudly.

As for whether Tai Hua Trading was the first company to get the permits, there was no way for these Russians to find out. Anyway, Feng Yu just said that to fool them. The way Feng Yu said this sentence, was confident and impactful.

Sure enough, these people all had the look of amazement. This young man which Kirilenko found is really very capable!

“I still have a question. You want to trade with us, but do you have money? If you want us to help you buy goods, you need to have money first. Our business deals must be at least 500,000 Rubles!” The young man said.

Feng Yu made a startling expression and said: “500,000 rubles? So many of you and yet so little money? Didn’t I tell Brother Ki that it should be at least 1 million Rubles? If you all only have so little money, I think I will find another partner.”

Feng Yu thought that so many people came on this trip, it must be some big business deals. But he did not expect these people were so far off from what he had imagined. It seems that Feng Yu had expected too much from these second generations.

Some of Kirilenko's friends were embarrassed. It was not easy for them to gather 500,000 Rubles. The Soviet Union’s economy was worse than China at that time. They were only the second generation of Army officers and not businessmen.

Kirilenko stood up and tried to ease the embarrassment. He said: “Feng, my friend. We had cooperated several times before. Why not carry on working together? Also, we have the advantages of transportation. We are able to arrange train carriage from here to Moscow. We are very sincere to do business with you. As long as the goods you want from the Soviet Union are not contrabands or against the law, we can get it for you!”

Several other people also nodded in agreement. As long as Feng Yu is willing to work with them and supply them with cheap goods from China, they have no problems.

Feng Yu reluctantly agree and everyone started drinking happily.

After those people were drunk, Feng Yu pull Kirilenko to one side.

Kirilenko had his arms around Feng Yu’s shoulder. He thanked Feng Yu for helping him in front of his friends. The fathers of these people had higher ranks than Kirilenko’s father and these people actually looked down on Kirilenko. They followed Kirilenko to China was because they suspected Kirilenko was doing something behind their backs.

Kirilenko told Feng Yu that he wanted to carry on working with Feng Yu. If Feng Yu is able to come out with 50,000 Rubles, Kirilenko will help him settle the rest.

Feng Yu looked seriously at Kirilenko: “Brother, I was not joking. I really have 1 million Rubles. If you can really get the goods I wanted from the Soviet Union, then we will sign the contract tomorrow!”

Kirilenko was shocked. Feng has 1 million Rubles???

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