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Chapter 171 – Donation to build schools

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After every once a month routine brainwashing session, Feng Yu would allocate the upcoming works and then leave for home with Li Shiqiang.

“Xiao Yu, I don’t understand what you are talking about just now. Are you asking us to carry on holding on to the shares?”

“Brother-in-law, of course, we need to wait. Don’t worry about these. We will make lots of money. You better worry about my sister. Pregnant women have a bad temper. You must be magnanimous a little more.”

“No. If your sister is angry, then it must be my fault.” When Li Shiqiang talks about his pregnant wife, he had a blissful smile on his face.

Slave to the wife. A typical slave to the wife! But Feng Yu was still glad. Li Shiqiang’s wife is also his sister.

Feng Yu did not try to brainwash Li Shiqiang. There was no need for that. In future, Li Shiqiang will be focusing on the logistics industry, and the potential of this industry was huge and had good prospects. There was no need for him to follow Feng Yu to invest in shares or futures.

Furthermore, Li Shiqiang did not master the art of delegating. Feng Yu does not want his sister to complain to him that her husband was neglecting her for work and not coming back home!

This year, Feng Yu also fulfill his promise. He donated a primary school building. But it was not in the city. It was in the district. His former primary school.

The school building had 7 stories, and within the building, there was a library and filing room. The first story to the sixth story was reserved for primary 1 to 6. The teacher's offices were also located on the same floor. The remaining rooms were used for function rooms, administrative offices, etc.

The original school rows of 1 story buildings were demolished, and the school became more spacious. The classrooms were bigger, and all the desks and chairs were brand new. Feng Yu even took the number of students in future into consideration. Also if the school took in 50% more students, there was no problem.

The population of the district was still small. Even though it was located near to Bing City, but the area was too small. The community was only about 20,000. Every level of students was at most about 200 students and on each level, there were 8 big classrooms. Even if there were 40 students in the class, that level could fit 320 students. The classrooms were big enough to fit 60 students.

It can be said that this school building could last for the next 20 to 30 years. The principal and the leaders from the District Office were shocked by Tai Hua Trading’s donation!

At first, they thought that the donations were only about 300,000 to 500,000 RMB. However, Feng Yu donated 1 million RMB to build the school building. This resulted in this school building to be the best-constructed school building in the district and Bing City!

The leaders from the District Office felt that this was a waste of funds, and they wanted to use part of the money to improve their own offices, but Feng Yu did not even give them the chance to see the money!

This sum of the donation was managed by a professional and every week, Feng Yu would send his staff or even personally check the accounts. The bricks and wooden construction materials were bought from the district, and the steel and cement were purchased from Bing city.

The construction company was also from Bing City. They had worked with Feng Yu previously for the construction of Tai Hua Food Processing Factory and Tian Peng Pig Farm. The project manager knew Feng Yu well. As long as the project was going smoothly, Feng Yu would not disturb them and would even pay them more. But if they try to fool him, he would not pay a single cent. Everything was stated explicitly in the contract. Any disputes, they can fight it out in court!

What? You want to look for the leaders? No problem. Let’s see if you, a small project manager’s backing is stronger than the Feng family. If the project manager really wants to look for leaders, then it would be the time he retires.

Feng Yu placed a strong emphasis on the quality and safety of school construction projects. He did not let others touch the funds and even hired a few building engineers to check on the construction. There must not be a single problem in the construction!

In his previous life, it was reported in the papers that someone donated a school, and the budget was 500,000 RMB. However, the local authorities wanted 1.5 million RMB, but the actual cost of the construction only amounted to slightly more than 400,000 RMB!

Some donated 1 million, and the local authorities collected the money but used only 300,000 RMB for the construction. The school building collapsed before the students even stepped into the classes!

This was a school building in his hometown and how could Feng Yu let those things happen. The Farm Department even agreed to let Feng Yu changed the name of the school if he donated a new hostel and renovated the school field the following year!

There were no objections from Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua for giving back to his school. These two even volunteered to supervise the construction. Feng Xingtai even stops going to his food processing factory.

Was it that Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua were interested in charity works? Stop joking. It was because this school building was called Tai Hua building. Feng Yu had told them that next year, he would use another 1 million to renovate the school field and rebuild the school hostel, and from then onwards, the school would be renamed as Tai Hua Primary School. The name will be recorded in the government files!

Feng Yu understand his parents well. Which parent does not want to be proud of their children? Who does not want to flaunt their wealth when they are rich?

Furthermore, Feng Yu had told his parents that in future the teachers in this school will be telling their students: “All of you must follow Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua’s son, Feng Yu as an example. Earn more money and help your hometown!”

To learn from their son? What an honor this was! Feng Xingtai was happy till he finished a bottle of Baijiu and even Zhang Muhua finished 2 bottles of beer that day.

Tai Hua Primary School. When they thought of this name, they couldn’t even fall asleep that night! This made them happier than the time Feng Yu told them that they were wealthy enough to retire and their daughter said to them that she was pregnant!

Feng Xingtai gave another batch of pork, soybean oil and sugar to the school. Even the construction team’s food was provided by him. Every meal there would be meat. In return, they must build a sturdy and safe school building!

Another person that was elated over this was Wen Deguang. When Feng Yu donated the school building, he mentioned that it was Wen Deguang that persuaded him to give this amount. This was more than what he wanted to donate.

Feng Yu’s 1 million had brought him and his parents reputation, and help Wen Deguang and the Farm Chief Officer get some achievements.

There was already news that the Farm Chief Officer would be transferred to the neighboring country to be the Mayor there, after Lunar New Year. There he would not be looking after 20,000 people. He would be taking care of a population of a few hundred thousand people. Although his rank remained the same his authority had increased!

Wen Deguang’s reputation in the district was also different. There were rumors that he would be taking on an additional role of Party Committee Deputy Secretary and increased his portfolio. The Chief Officer had told him that able people should do more work.

When the portfolio gets bigger, so does the authority. After the Farm Chief Officer was transferred out, the old secretary, who was about to retire in a few more years, would be taking over that position. Wen Deguang would be the next-in-line for the position.

Feng Yu was feeling puzzled. Although he had helped Wen Dongjun’s father get political results, to be promoted so fast within a short period of time was too weird. Could it be that Uncle Wen had some connections with the top leaders?

Never mind. Anyway, it’s a good thing. As long as there were no problems with his finances, Feng Yu would keep helping him. Other than criticizing Wen Deguang got promoted because of his connections, there were no other faults.

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