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Chapter 170 - Brainwashing

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One week later, all the staff from Tai Hua Trading and Li Shiqiang were sitting in the meeting room. They were not discussing the issues of their work, but Feng Yu had good news and to soothing their restless hearts.

“Last week, the had reported about the opening of the stock exchange. This was what I had told you about the rising value of the stocks. I also know that all of you had been secretly going to the banks to check the prices of the stocks. Until now, there had not been any changes with the pricing of the stocks. But from today onwards, all of you do not need to worry. I had received news from Shanghai that the shares are starting to rise!”

Clap, clap, clap ~~~

Everyone was clapping. They could see their shares doubling in value and their money increasing.

Feng Yu spread out his arms and continued: “I had told you all before that the value of the shares will increase by several folds in 2 years’ time. Maybe some of you might be skeptical. What I am telling all of you here is that we must be the first ones to eat crabs! Our country is now vigorously advocating economic development with all kinds of policies to make our lives better. In the shortest possible time, our families will be reaching a well-off level.”

“But all these are not realistic!”

Everyone in the room was puzzled by Feng Yu’s words. What’s the meaning of this? Manager Feng is doubting the National policies?

Li Shiqiang tried to signal Feng Yu with his eyes. This was not a joking matter. No amount of money could prevent the staffs from reporting Feng Yu to the authorities.

“The national policies are right, but it did not take the people into consideration! Everyone’s circumstances are different, education levels are different, experiences are different, and these would lead to the differences in their visions, the way of life and the pursuit of their future! That’s why the “Great One” had said that only a small group of people are allowed to be rich first, and after becoming rich, this group of people will lead the others to achieve co-prosperity. Do you all understand the meaning this?”

Only 2 to 3 people nodded. The rest of the staffs were in a daze. They had only studied till junior high school at the Motor Factory. They were supposed to take over their parents’ job at the factory. If they were good in their studies, they would have continued to high school or even universities.

Whatever Feng Yu said just now, their teachers had said before, but almost all of them had forgotten about it!

Feng Yu helplessly shook his head. He must send these people to night classes in future. These people would be Tai Hua Trading’s middle management in future. How can they be uneducated?

“It’s fine if you don’t understand. All of you just need to understand that this was said by the “Great One” and it is the state policy! What I wanted to say is that since the country allows some people to get rich first, why can't we be the ones who get rich first?”

Wu Zhigang and the rest looked at each other, and all of them saw the desire burning in their eyes.

That’s right. Why can’t we be the ones be part of the group that gets rich first? We will be the ones to get rich first!

“The ones to get rich first. Who do you get rich? Working in the factories or units will never make you rich.” Everyone roared with laughter when Feng Yu finished saying this.

They were all earning much more than those working in the factories and units. When Li Shiqiang went to the factory hostel to do recruitment last time, there were over a hundred lads around the same age as Wu Zhigang, but only slightly more than a dozen took up the offer. The rest were sitting on the fence, and some even laughed at Qu Zhigang and the ones that took up the offer. To them, it was stupid to give up the factory job, which was considered an iron rice bowl, to trade in Treasury Bonds!

The ones that mocked them were now regretting. Later, many of them wanted to join Tai Hua Trading, but Tai Hu trading does not need so many people. Although at Tai Hua Trading, they had a lot of things to do and the trades between the Soviet Union were in large amounts, the job was still considered to be comfortable.

Initially, Feng Yu was the one doing everything by himself, and everyone else followed his orders. But now, after so long, the staffs had learned the ropes, and each one of them could act independently!

When those people were offered to work at Tai Hua Trading initially, they refused. Now, it’s too late to regret!

“The ones that become rich are those that have the guts and willing to take risks. Entrepreneurship, setting up factories, trading or investments, these are the businesses that Tai Hua Trading is currently dealing with! Among these businesses, which one do you think is the most profitable?”

Wu Zhigang boldly answered: “It must be the Wind and Rain electric fans and humidifiers. The past one year, we made over 10 million RMB.”

“Nope. It should be the trade between the Soviet Union. If we are able to get big advanced machines, the profits will be over 10 million!”

“It should be the investment in the Machinery Company. I heard the agriculture machines produced by the Machinery Company are selling well!”

“No one thinks that it is the investment in shares?” Feng Yu asked loudly.

Although every one of them wished the stocks to be the most profitable, and Feng Yu also mentioned that the profits would be several folds, but after 2 to 3 months, they did not see any growth.

“I am still sticking to what I said. Investing in the stock market is the focus next year, and it will be the most profitable business of the company!”

Because of investing in stocks, Tai Hua Trading had almost become an empty shell. The available funds were all used to buy shares and the motorcycle production lines and technologies. They had also used everything they earned from the sales of light industry machines. 


“What is China’s main financial sector for past few years? Banks! But it is insufficient to have banks alone. That’s why the nation is encouraging the insurance industry. I believe that most of you have heard of people around you buying insurance. I can tell you all that those insurance agents are earning much more than those working class! Shares and insurance are the same. They are all financial instruments. The only difference is that the insurance industry developed earlier and the stock market is just starting. Do you all agree that if the government support any new industry, the first few in that industry will earn the first pot of gold?”

Everyone nodded even when none of them fully understood what Feng Yu was talking about. But to them, it seems to make sense.

“Now the government is obviously placing their focus in the stock market, and the first few listed companies will be the major powerful corporations. There’s no need to worry about losing money. Among these companies, there are the electronics industry, the textile industries, the steel industries, mechanical industries, etc. Just looking at Bing City, which company from these industries suffered losses?”

“That’s why you all do not need to worry and just need to wait patiently. I know that some of you had bought shares privately. There is no problem with that. But I want to remind you to hold on to the shares and not sell them. I will let you all know when it is time for you all to sell!”

When Feng Yu said this, many of them lowered their heads.

“Now many of you guys are still riding bicycles. But rest assured, the year-end reward I prepared for all of you are motorcycles. It will be the first batch of motorcycles manufactured in Bing City. Each motorcycle is worth over 10,000 RMB! In another 2 years, after selling all the shares, I guarantee each of you that you will be able to afford to buy your own car!”


For 2 hours, Feng Yu instilled a thought in each of them. I am more knowledgeable than all of you, and I have a better vision than all of you. If you follow me, I promise that you can earn lots of money!

Feng Yu observed each and everyone’s expression. When all the stocks were sold, they will be looking at him as if he is a god! This brainwashing session is a success!

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