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Chapter 17 – Top student?

One hours later, Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun left the Vocational school’s office with tens of RMB. This is also because of Feng Yu’s magnanimous attitude. He is “willing to forgo” some of the money they robbed from him. Otherwise, according to the amount Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun said, they would be carrying at least a hundred RMB more each.

“Hahaha. Xiao Yu, you are so smart. How did you know that person is Director Xu, you have met him before?”

“I’ve seen him before from a distance. Consider those three teenagers unlucky. Director Xu will be giving them demerit points and they have to reflect and apologized in front of the whole school. Next time, these teenagers will be running from us when they see us.”

“Yes. If they dare to bully us again, I will go to director Xu and they will certainly be expelled! Although they have demerit points, they still have the opportunity to enter the army. If they were expelled, they will have to spend their whole life farming! Those few slaps I return them, are really enjoyable. My hand now still hurt!” Wen Dongjun said excitedly.

Feng Yu insisted that they had been robbed. It was only after Director Xu pleaded for those teenagers and agree to Feng Yu’s conditions, Feng Yu changed his statement. Feng Yu’s condition is to return the beating they received to the teenagers. Feng Yu, mercilessly gave them three kickes and Wen Dongjun slapped them till their face turn red.

They happily return back to their school and return the money back to other five students. Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun only explain that Director Xu just happened to pass by and helped them.

At the dormitory, they played poker till light’s out and carry on chatting about the interesting things that happened over the New Year holidays.

Before falling asleep, Feng Yu wonders if his brother-in-law’s business is going smoothly. They will have to wait for one more month before they can reap the profits.

Early next morning, Feng Yu was woke up by Wen Dongjun. They have to go to the school canteen for breakfast. If they are late, there won’t be any breakfast left for them. Feng Yu wondered: “Why school starts at 7 in the morning? Why can’t school change to 9 to 5?”

Sitting in the classroom, Feng Yu watches the group of fifteen, sixteen classmates sitting straight with their hand placed properly on the desk. He wanted to laugh but someone grabbed his hands and place on his desk.

Li Na, who is sitting beside Feng Yu, is a study committee member. Not only she has to watch over Feng Yu’s studies, she also has to make sure Feng Yu comply with school rules.

The first class is Russian. Feng Yu yawned. He can’t help but want to sleep. The teacher’s Russian is not considered good but is still not bad. However, it was very boring for Feng Yu. Besides, his Russian is better than the teacher.

“Feng Yu, Feng Yu. The teacher is calling you.” Li Na poked Feng Yu, waking him up.

“Feng Yu, what’s the matter with you? This is the first day of the new semester and you are not paying attention. Do you still want to go to high school?” The teacher asked.

Feng Yu replied: “Teacher, I already know what you just taught.”

The rest of the students laughed. Although Feng Yu’s studies are not bad, he is not considered a top student. How can he say he knows everything the teacher is teaching? Russian is not an easy language to pick up. Who dares to say that he has already mastered the language?

“Really? Then you translate this sentence for me.” The teacher said.

“The great proletarian revolutionist Lenin said: morality can help mankind to reach a higher level, so men would be free from the exploitation of labor.” Feng Yu translated the sentence. Why are they writing these in textbooks?

The teacher looked at Feng Yu surprised. Did this kid prepared beforehand? He had yet to explain this sentence.

“You translate the next sentence” The Teacher said.

Feng Yu correctly translated the next five sentences. The teacher and the rest of his classmates were shocked. To the teacher’s surprised, Feng Yu even crack a joke in Russian but, other than the teacher, no one else understands.

The students are all whispering among themselves. It seems that Feng Yu’s Russian is more fluent than the teacher. What did he do during the holidays? How did he improve so much?

“Sit down. Even if you are good in Russian, you cannot be proud and cannot sleep in class.” The teacher said.

After class, Wen Dongjun came up to Feng Yu: “Xiao Yu. I didn’t realize that you are so good in Russian!”

“Actually, my Russian have also been so fluent but I just didn’t want to show off before.” Feng Yu said.

“Feng Yu, how do you read this word and what does it mean?” Li Na, not wanting to lose to Feng Yu, pointed to a Russian word to test him.

“трактор. It means tractor. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me.” Feng Yu replied.

Li Na, was originally is best in Russian in the class. Not only is she in the school committee, she is also the Russian class representative. Now, Feng Yu had over took her in Russian.

Looking at Li Na’s angry look, Feng Yu smiled. Did I shatter this little girl’s confidence? From her eyes, she is not accepting defeat.

The other students now think that Feng Yu must be studying during this winter vacation. If not, how can he improve so much. Only Wen Dongjun knows that Feng Yu did study. But Feng Yu only studied physics and chemistry. He had never seen Feng Yu picking up a Russian book.

The students now see Feng Yu as someone who is good in studies. Many of them have hints of envy and worship in their eyes. But not for the proud Li Na, She vowed to let Feng Yu knows who is better in studying in the upcoming exams.

That morning, Feng Yu easily to cope the Russian, Chinese, biology, and politics lessons. Russian is needless to say. Chinese, he is also far ahead compared to other students. The understanding of a 40 years’ old is much better than those in the teens. It is only the classical Chinese gave Feng Yu headache. If he were to encounter such questions in exams, he would give up.

As for politics, as long as you write good things about the government, nothing can go wrong.

Li Na’s unwilling to lose confidence slowly turned into despair. Feng Yu’s progress is too great. She can’t catch up with him! She had been studying hard during the winter holiday. Why the gap is so big?

“Feng Yu, did you go for tuition during the winter vacation?” Li Na asked.

“Yes, Dongjun helped me.” The Feng Yu nodded.

“Dongjun?” Li Na angrily turned her head away. Wen Dongjun’s results is similar to Feng Yu. Only slight above average. How can he turn Feng Yu into a top student? Liar!

As the morning passed, all teachers knows that Feng Yu had suddenly became a genius.

“Mr. Sun, can’t tell that Feng Yu of your class is really smart.” One teacher said to Teacher Sun.

“Right. Why are there so many good students from your class? There are only mischievous students in my class and I wonder how many of them can enter high school.” Another teacher said.

“I can tell that Feng Yu will take first place in his grade. Teacher Sun had uncover another promising student.” The teacher continued.

The teachers were all chatting and praising Feng Yu. Teacher Sun is confused. If not for Feng Yu visiting him in Bing city during the New Year, he doesn’t really have any impression of Feng Yu.

But as the form teacher, he knows which student is better in the studies. Feng Yu can only be considered above average. He still needs to work hard if he wants to go to high school. How did he become a top student over the holidays?

Since everyone is praising his student, he gladly accepts.

In the afternoon, it is Teacher Sun’s math lesson. In order to test what other teachers say is correct, Teacher Sun deliberately called Feng Yu to answer the question

Feng Yu is dumbfounded after seeing the question on the blackboard. He had learnt higher math before and also practiced on algebra problems during the winter vacation for a few days. There shouldn’t be many questions that can baffled him. But he had forgotten that junior high school mathematics is divided into algebra and geometry. The question on the blackboard is now a geometric problem.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Sun. I don’t know how to answer it.” Feng Yu bowed his head. He can feel the surprised look of all his classmates.

Mr. Sun frowned. This is a simple question. Then he called the Li Na to answer. Li Na easily answered the question and gave Feng Yu a proud look before sitting down.

Li Na thought to herself: “Didn’t you study? Didn’t all the teachers praised that you are smart? So, you also have questions that you do not know how to answer?”

The next three consecutive questions, Feng Yu is called up to answer. But he is unable to answer even a single question and Li Na got all the three questions correct easily. Every time before sitting down, Li Na would give Feng Yu a proud look and raise her chin higher.

The other students also began to whisper. Feng Yu also not so smart after all. I can even answer this problem!

The following class is physics. Feng Yu is called up again and he still can’t answer any questions. Li Na, did not wait for the teacher to call her, stands up and answered the questions. So Feng Yu is weak in physics too.

The same happened for chemistry class. Feng Yu is called up to answer questions and he got it all wrong.

The other students start to laugh at Feng Yu. Feng Yu had turned from being a top student in the morning to a last student in the afternoon.

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