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Chapter 16 – The real Director Xu

Feng Yu turned back. It was those teenagers from the video lounge. Fuck! They saw through my lies.

“Run!” Feng Yu shouted.

All seven of them ran towards the school. Those three teenagers would not dare to touch them once they enter the school.

“Fuck, catch them! They deceived us!”

The three vocational school teenagers are chasing Feng Yu as they run desperately in front.

After Feng Yu left the video lounge, the three teenagers met with a few schoolmates and among them, there is really a relative of Director Xu. The three teenagers found out from this schoolmate that Director Xu only have two other brothers and do not have any sisters. If he has no sisters, how can he have a nephew?

Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun are able to run fast enough to escape but the other five are not as fast. They were caught after running for about 100 meters.

This trouble is started by Wen Dongjun and Feng Yu is the one who had tricked them. If the both of them escape by themselves, they won’t be able to return to the farm and face their fellow villagers.

“Let go of them. I am the one you are looking for!” Wen Dongjun said. He is a quite loyal friend.

“Ok. I had not wanted to do anything to them but they had drank my soda.”

“I will pay for those soda!” Feng Yu said..

“Ok fine. But we can still afford to pay for those sodas. Since you are willing to compensate us, then give us 1 RMB for 1 bottle of soda. A total of 10 RMB. If not, don’t blame us for letting our fist do the talking!” One of the teenagers said.

Shit. A big bottle of soda only cost five cents. They want 1 RMB for it? This is clearly extortion!

The other children certainly can’t afford to give them 10 RMB but Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun have the money in their pockets.

“Let them go first, I will give you the money!” Said Feng Yu, biting his teeth.

“Yo, you are really rich. OK, they can go now. But we still want to go drinking later and we do not have enough money……” The teenager said.

From one look, these three teenagers knew that these two kids are from rich families. So, why not get more money from them since they are able to cough up 10 RMB without blinking.

“You’re robbing us. You can go to jail for robbing!” Wen Dongjun shouted.

“Robbery Who saw that? Do you have proof? You all volunteered to compensate us.” The teenager replied.

“Hahaha, I say they owe us this money. It is perfectly natural to pay their debts. You guys, empty your pockets now.” Another teenagers laughed.

These three teenagers intend to take every single cent from them!

Not far from them, a few junior high school students walked towards Feng Yu’s direction. But once they saw Feng Yu and his friends were stopped by these Vocational School teenagers, those students turned and ran away.

These vocational School students are always smoking, drinking and fighting. If they get too close to them, they might get involved and get beaten!

When Feng Yu wanted to refuse, the three teenagers out folding knives from their pockets and waved them in front of his face.

“Hurry up, we still need to go for a drink. Do you want to bleed instead?” The teenagers asked.

Other than Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun, the other students took out their money from their pockets and pass it over. Some had handed over 1 RMB and some a few cents.

The teenagers waved their hands, the five of them hesitated for a while and ran off as fast as they can. Feng Yu also can’t blame them. It is normal for children to be timid. Feng Yu is thinking of how to keep his money and get away from these teenagers.

Feng Yu is not sure if those five friends are going to ask for help from their teachers. The school is only a few hundred meters away. The teachers might still be able to save them if they rush over on bicycle.

“You two, what are you waiting for? You want me to help you?” One teenager said.”

“I am not giving you!” Wen Dongjun said.


Before Wen Dongjun can finish his sentence, he received a slap on his face.

Feng Yu’s eye twitched. The feeling of resentment grew deeper in his heart. Now, Feng Yu does not want to escape but instead, he is thinking of ways to teach these teenagers a lesson!

“You dare to hit me? My father is the leader of the sixth state farm!”


Wen Dongjun received another slap on his face.

“Are you lying to me? Leader? Why don’t you say your father is the officer? You two little brats, still trying to trick us? Gangzi, Dazhuang, check their pockets.” The teenager shouted.

Feng Yu look apologetically at Wen Dongjun. He forgot that in this era, a villager leader is not a low position and have some authority.

If Wen Dongjun had mentioned his father in the video lounge, they might have gotten away. But instead, Feng Yu lied to them and was exposed. Now these teenagers do not believe Wen Dongjun.

“Stop. I will take out my money myself.” Feng Yu suddenly changed his attitude and start panickily digging his pockets. As a result, he dropped all his money on the floor. A total of 17 to 18 RMB.

“You should have done so earlier. What about you? Hurry up.” One teenager said and turned to Wen Dongjun.

Wen Dongjun looked at them with anger and took out his money unwillingly. Feng Yu looked at Wen Dongjun and thought to himself: “This expression is fantastic!”

Feng Yu, suddenly sat on the ground and hold on to one of the teenager’s leg, after the teenagers picked up the money. Feng Yu then started crying loudly: “How can Vocational School students bully us? How many times do I have to be rob by you?”

“What are you talking about? Taking money from you is giving you face. Let go of me!” The teenager said while trying to get Feng Yu off his leg.

Feng Yu used the teenager’s leg movements and roll around on the ground, looking very pathetic.

“Giving them face by taking their money? Who taught you this!” A voice boomed from the back of the teenagers.

“Fuck. Who are you to meddle? Xu … Director Xu?” One teenager shouted.

The three teenagers were dumbfounded. When did Director Xu director appear? How come they did not notice him?

At this moment, they saw Feng Yu’s eyes shining brightly. Feng Yu is still rolling about on the ground, crying loudly. But there was not a single tear.

Son of a bitch. This boy trick us again!

No wonder he had no hesitation when he took out his money. Also, the things he said, is directed to Director Xu. Shit. Now we have been caught red-handed. Must find a way to bluff our way through. The teenagers thought.

“Are you three from the motor car class? How many times have you all been doing this? Don’t try to run?” Director Xu asked.

The teenagers gave up thinking of escaping. They have been identified and there is no way they can escape. If they anger Director Xu furthermore, they might be expelled and then then will be killed when they return home!

“It’s the first time. Really. This is the first time.” The teenagers said.

“Nonsense! This is the fifth time I have been robbed. You can ask him how many times have been he been robbed?” Feng Yu shouted.

Wen Dongjun also understand the current situation. Now they have a backer. He pointed to his face and said: “See, they beat us so badly. Last year, they robbed me six times. This year, school just started and they are here to look for me again. Even I gave them my money, they still beat us.”

Director Xu looked at Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun pathetic look with twitching eyes. He must really discipline these Vocational School students and make sure they will not do it again.

“Come over here. I am Xu Lianglu, Director Xu of the Academic Affairs Office. Don’t be afraid and tell me everything. I will help you punish them!”

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