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Chapter 165 – Nothing to do with me

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News of the arrests of Song Laosi and the rest spread throughout Bing City the next day. Many residents spontaneously set off firecrackers to celebrate. These people were the ones who had been bullied by these triads.

The Provincial and City’s leaders heard the firecrackers and did not felt good. Did they act too late? But at least they arrested these people now, and the residents can live peacefully from now.

Provincial Police Chief was feeling remorseful. It seems like his daughter was right. These people must be taken to justice. Since Bing City had started the crackdown, the other cities also followed suit!

Feng Yu was at school and noticed that the rest of the students were looking at him weirdly. In the past, many students feared him, but now, they despised him. Damn, what did I do to get all these hates?

The thing that angered Feng Yu the most was that one bold fellow gave Li Na a love letter!

Fuck you. My relationship with Li Na was known throughout the school. Even the teachers and principal know about it. You dare to hit on my girl?

Feng Yu was furious and went straight to the class of that student.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Feng Yu questioned that student.

“What? Only you can like Li Na, and I cannot like her?” That student’s attitude was firm. Li Na was good in her studies and pretty. In the past, other students were scared of Feng Yu because his brother-in-law was with the triads. But now, Feng Yu can’t use this to scare the other students.

“It’s fine if you like her but look at yourself. I am telling you now. She does not like you and please don’t do this again!”

“I will do it again. What can you do to me?”

Feng Yu stared at the student. He was challenging him.

“Why are you staring at me? I will beat you up! Your brother-in-law, who is working for Cripple Wang is finished. Did he get locked up too? Hahaha......”

Feng Yu finally understood. No wonder the other students were looking at him weirdly. They knew that Crippled Wang was finished and his brother-in-law should be arrested too. What’s there to be afraid of Feng Yu now?

“Humph!” Feng Yu smirked and gave a punch to that student’s face first, and his punches continued to rain down on that student’s face.

“Who dares to help him, I will beat him later!”

Damn. So what if you are taller? For a student who had never got into fights before, it was easy to win. A punch to the bridge of the nose and a blow to the eye can settle the fight in an instance.

Feng Yu took out 2 hundred RMB notes and threw it on the floor: “I had hit you, and I can afford to compensate you. If you are still not happy, I will get those hooligans from the Motor Factory to wait for you and beat you up every day. Even if I break your legs, I can also afford it!”

Feng Yu’s arrogant words scared the rest of the students. It was common for students to get into fights but no one had ever seen a fight this brutal. The way Feng Yu took out the RMB scared them. This Feng Yu really came from a wealthy family. All of them heard rumors that Feng Yu drove Li Na out during the weekends and the rumors should be accurate.

Suddenly, Wen Dongjun came rushing in with a stick: “Who the fuck messed with my brother?”

Wen Dongjun’s height was over 1.85m. He was tall and fit and was on the school’s basketball team. No one in school dared to mess with him.

Feng Yu pulled back Wen Dongjun: “It’s fine now. I had settled it. Let’s go. If he is not satisfied, I have ways to take care of him!”

Feng Yu’s action soon spread among the students. Li Na hesitated for almost half a day before she told Feng Yu softly that she had thrown the love letter away and asked Feng Yu to not get into fights again.

“Ok. If they don’t mess with me, I will also not get into fights. Don’t worry. After this incident, there should be no one in the school that dares to provoke me for the time being.”

Sure enough, the students feared Feng Yu again after this incident. This kid fought fearlessly, and he was rich too. They heard that Feng Yu were brothers with the hooligans from the Motor Factory. What if they provoked Feng Yu and those hooligans came after them after school?

The form teacher helplessly came to Feng Yu for a talk: “You fought with another student?”

“No. I accidentally knocked into another student and caused a nosebleed. I had compensated him with a large amount, 200 RMB!” Feng Yu said with a pained expression.

The form teacher was speechless. 200 RMB might be a significant amount for them but Feng Yu? Feng Yu had sent gifts worth thousands of RMB to his home during Lunar New Year, and the car he drove was worth a few hundred thousand. It’s a few hundred thousand RMB!

“Never mind. Just don’t do it again. Go back to your class.”

Feng Yu left and returned after 5 minutes.

“Teacher, I need to apply for leave.”

“Applying for leave again? What’s the reason?”

“That…… Deputy Mayor Zhang is looking for me.”

The form teacher waved his hands. He can’t be bothered to verify with Feng Yu’s excuse. Just let him be.

Feng Yu was smiling happily when he saw Zhang Ruiqiang: “Ah. Leader. Thanks for your help.”

Zhang Ruiqiang waved him away: “The crackdown was not because of me. Some leader from the Provincial Government initiated it. Didn’t you noticed that the Policemen involved in this crackdown were from the Provincial Police?”

“It’s the same as long as those bad guys were arrested. By the way, why did you call me here? Is it about the motorcycle factory? Rest assured. The factory will be finalized before the end of the year.” Feng Yu does not care which police department arrested those triads bosses.

2 days ago, Feng Yu was on the phone with Kirilenko. The negotiations for the technologies were almost completed, but the pricing for the production line was still in the talks. The talks should be completed by month end.

The production line would be imported, and the construction of the factory would be completed within this year. During Lunar New Year next year, the new model of motorcycles would be in production. Just in time for the festive seasons.

“Feng Yu, tell me the truth. You are not related with that Cripple Wang, Song Laosi and the rest? “

Feng Yu could tell that there was something wrong with Zhang Ruiqiang: “What relationship do you think I have with them?”

“I heard that you had given Cripple Wang 300,000 RMB compensation last year when he clashed with Song Laosi. Cripple Wang also said that you offered him a sum of money for the killing of Song Laosi’s nephew, Song Xiaofeng. How do you explain this?”

Zhang Ruiqiang was disappointed. Feng Yu was still young, but he was very capable. Why did he do such things?

“Where’s the evidence? These were all allegations from them. Obliviously they are accusing me!” Feng Yu will never admit to these. If he were to admit to it, then he would be finished.

“I asked you here, and not the Police Station was to give you a chance to repent. Your bank statements match Cripple Wang’s testimony.”

If it wasn’t for Feng Yu’s connection with the Soviet Union, and he was able to get advanced technologies and machines, Zhang Ruiqiang would not interfere in this matter.

“Oh… you are talking about that money? That’s right. I gave Cripple Wang that money.”

Zhang Ruiqiang’s expression changed. Feng Yu was indeed involved with the triads. Sighed. He had mistrusted Feng Yu.

Feng Yu continued: “The money had nothing to do with compensations. The money was payment for an antique. I paid Cripple Wang about 400,000 to 500,000 RMB in total for a Xuande Burner. That’s an investment. Right. That antique is current with the City’s ICBC bank as collateral for a 6 million loan. You can check with them.”

When he bought that incense burner, he did not expect it to be an antique. But this gave Feng Yu an excuse for the money paid to Cripple Wang. It was not against the law to buy antiques. You claimed that I supported Cripple Wang? Where’s the evidence? What’s the motive? Can Song Xiaofeng testify?

“You said that the money was to purchase an antique? Zhang Ruiqiang disbelieving asked.

“That’s right. Everyone in my company knows about it. As for the relationships with the triads you were asking? If I really had relationships with them, why was I being threatened by them? Those illegal activities you mentioned just now had nothing to do with me!”

Author’s notes: This is a closure for the part about the triads. There will not be such plots in future.

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