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Chapter 164 - Swiftness

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Song Laosi was sitting in the nightclub, and his eyes were roving on the dance floor, looking for women that attracted his attention.

Eh, that woman is not bad.

Song Laosi pointed at her, and two of his followers walked through the crowd on the dance floor and dragged the woman over.

“Master Si!” The woman was terrified. “Can we don’t do it here?”

Song Laosi was satisfied with the woman’s attitude. He waved to his men to let them know that he wants to go back to the mansion.

When the car’s doors were closed, Song Laosi’s arms’ was twisted to his back and there was a loud click sound. He was handcuffed!

“Guangzhen!” Song Laosi shouted. This woman was a cop?

The driver turned, and he was not Song Laosi’s driver, Li Guangzhen. It was a stranger.

“Song Laosi, stop shouting. Li Guangzhen was arrested by us. Today, we are inviting Mr. Song back for a cup of tea and to answer some questions.”

“You dare? I am good friends with your superior, the City’s Police Chief!”

“I’m sorry, we are from the Provincial Police Department.”

“I am buddies with your Provincial Police Chief too!”

“This order was instructed by the Provincial Police Chief. Stop your pointless struggling. With the evidence we collected, you are not going anywhere!”


“Police Chief Zhang, are you joking with me? I am a legit businessman. How can I be a triad boss?” Song Laosi said calmly. He does not believe that the Provincial Police Department had evidence against him!

“April 21,1986, eviction of XX estate, an old lady was beaten to death. Can you explain it?”

“What’s there to explain? This has nothing to do with me!” Song Laosi’s heart skipped a beat. He had already asked someone to take the reap. Did that person turn against him?

“August 14, 1986, the construction of a new housing building in XX estate. A contractor by the name of Xu Hua was beaten up and both his legs were fractured. You also don’t know about this?”


Chief Zhang slowly listed out the cases one by one. He speaks slowly and calmly, but Song Laosi’s heart was beating very fast!

“You do not have proof. Stop maligning me!” Song Laosi shouted.

“You want evidence? I will show you the evidence now! This…… What else do you have to say? It’s better for you to admit everything now!”

Song Laosi slumped back on the chair. How could they get their hands on this evidence? Those bastards. I had paid them so much, and they stabbed me in the back!

Luckily, I still have a card up my sleeve!


Cripple Wang was relaxing in his bathhouse. He was lying face down with a young girl riding on his back, giving him a massage.


The door was forced open, and Cripple Wang immediately sit up. The girl that was massaging him fell onto the floor. He ignored the girl’s cries and reached under the pillow.


A pair of handcuffs was cuffed onto his hands, and he was pinned down by 4 men. When the lifted the pillow, there was a pistol!

Cripple Wang wanted to shout but his mouth was taped, and his head was covered in a black sack. The four men took a towel to wrap him and dragged him onto a car.

In the corner of the room, there was an iron crutch. This iron crutch would not see its owner again.


“Brother Ke, I heard that Song Laosi and Cripple Wang were arrested by the Police. Is there a crackdown going on?”

Brother Ke was shocked. Why was there a crackdown now? The last suppression was only a few years ago. Not good. Those two bastards would rat him out to get a lighter sentence. He got to run!

Brother Ke immediately instructed his men to stop his casinos and bring all the cash to him. He needs to hide for a while. When everything was over, then he would come back. He would be the big boss of Bing City, no, it should be Longjiang Province, when he comes back. He might even be the king of the underworld in the Northeast region!

But before Brother Ke could finish his daydream, his place was raided. A few dozen armed police rushed in and knocked him down with the butt of the rifle. They did not give him a chance to say anything.

Brother Ke and his leading followers were the same as Song Laosi and Cripple Wang. They were dragged onto a few cars and sent to a location instructed by the Provincial Police.

Brother Ke had opened his safe to prepared for his escape when he was arrested. All the cash and jewelry in his safe and a hidden cellar were recorded and brought back.

Brother Ke regretted opening the safe and the entrance to the cellar. If he did not open the cellar, he would still have some money to bribe his way out. This time, he’s finished!


Feng Yu was still in the midst of a class when his pager started beeping. He immediately pressed it. His form teacher in front of the class helplessly looked at Feng Yu and acted like he was angry: “You, stand outside and close the door!”

Feng Yu walked out of the classroom and closed the door. He took out his pager and saw that it was his brother-in-law urgently asking him to call back.

Feng Yu does not care whether if he still had classes. He ran to the reception office near the school gate to call his brother-in-law.

“What? Brother-in-law, you confirmed this news?”

After hanging up, Feng Yu’s face was full of excitement!

Last night, Song Laosi, Cripple Wang, and Brother Ke were all arrested, and this morning, Western bun was also detained in another province. He would be sent back to Bing City for trial.

Bing City’s 4 gangs were all arrested!

Feng Yu was also puzzled. The stimulants he created were not sufficient for the government to act so swiftly. Could it be that there were some leaders at the top that gave the instructions?

Whatever, anyway, everything was okay now. Later he will ask his staff to send the gifts he promised to the City Government, Machinery Company, etc.

No words could express this happy feeling!

After the school at lunch, Feng Yu and the 3 others were sitting together as usual. No one else wants to eat with them. Feng Yu’s brother-in-law was with the triads!

“Eh, let me tell you all something. Song Laosi, Cripple Wang, Brother Ke and Western Bun were all arrested. Not one of them escaped!” Feng Yu could not help but t share this piece of good news with his close friends.

This was better than what happened in his previous life. In his previous life, those people had managed to escape for a while but were arrested later during the crackdown. This time, they were all arrested at the same time.

“Really? The City Police acted so fast?” Wen Dongjun was surprised.

Zhang Han said unhappily: “What City Police? How many officers does the City Police Department have? It must be the Provincial Police that initiated this operation. I heard that it was the Provincial Police Chief that leads the operation personally. That Song Laosi, Cripple Wang had broken the law, and they will never escape the hands of the Provincial Police!”

Feng Yu looked at Zhang Han curiously. How did she know that it was the Provincial Police Chief that leads the arrests? She seems to have lots of faith in the Provincial Police Chief. Could it be a relative of hers?

Impossible. If the Provincial Police Chief was Zhang Han’s relative, her family should also be government officials. Why would she still live in that small estate?  That’s the neighborhood for the old linen factory, and it will be torn down for new developments in a few years.

They chatted happily over lunch. Feng Yu’s appetite was exceptionally good that day. Even Wen Dongjun ate lesser than him!

Song Laosi and Cripple Wang. Both of you wanted a share of my Tai Hua Trading’s profits? Try sending your men over now. I will beat them up! If you are not happy, call the police!

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