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Chapter 162 - Money makes the mare go

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Zhang Ruiqiang looked at the teenager sitting opposite him. He had a headache. Since when can a civilian tell the leaders what to do?

“Mayor Zhang, I believe that I had expressed myself clearly. There must be a crackdown on these gangs! Our country had crackdowns in the past, and after the crackdowns, things become better. Now there is news from the top that there will be another crackdown at the end of this year to the start of next year. You all also have to deal with these gangs at that time.”

“How did you know about the news from the top?”

Feng Yu leaned back on the sofa with a strange expression: “Mayor Zhang, CCTV had already filmed an episode of the program on my products, what do you think?”

Zhang Ruiqiang stared at Feng Yu. Could it be this kid had made some connections with some senior leaders? Impossible. If Feng Yu had such links, why did he asked me for help to get in touch with CCTV?

But advertising was easy. It’s all about money. To let CCTV film an episode of your products was not an easy task to achieve. Could it be that this Feng Yu had known some leaders during his trip to Beijing?

Zhang Ruiqiang had never thought about the power of money in that era. If not, why was there so many corrupted officials? It was because of the luxurious life where officials cannot enjoy and only businessmen can!

“I am alone, and my words have no weight. I am only a Deputy Mayor, and my rank is also low among the rest of the deputy mayors. I don’t have any authority over the Police department. I can’t help much.”

Even if Zhang Ruiqiang wants to deal with these gangs, he was also powerless.

“Mayor Zhang, if the security in Bing City is good, I can guarantee you that I pull a large investment in to build a motorcycle factory. You should know how well motorcycles are selling in China. How much tax do you think it will bring to Bing City and how big is this achievement?”

“Are you the one that will be investing in the motorcycle factory?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked.

“Does it matter? It will benefit Bing City. I believe as a Deputy Mayor of Bing City, you also want the security to be better here. I will be honest with you. I am threatened by the triads. If you don’t want to help me because you want to protect yourself, then I will use the money to make them fight among themselves. You should know what will happen to Bing City if that happens.”

Zhang Ruiqiang stared at Feng Yu: “You dare!”

This Feng Yu was so daring to say this sort of things in his presence.

“When one is forced into a corner, anything goes. Mayor Zhang, why not you introduce me to the Mayor or the Party Secretary. I think I can convince them to decide. Now if you ask any civilians in the streets, which is more well known in Bing City, Song Laosi, Cripple Wang, Bother Ke and the rest of the gangs or Bing City Officials, our Provincial leaders or even the Nation’s leaders. If the government is not going to do anything about the triads in the City, the City will be gone!”

“Bing City’s security is really that bad?”

Feng Yu laughed: “You can ask your secretary or any of your men on the ground. Ask them if what I said was right.”

Zhang Ruiqiang called a few of his men to his office and questioned them, and it was really as what Feng Yu had said.

“You go back first. I will think it over.”

He was only in charge of the City’s education, health, and the state-owned enterprise restructuring. If he were to talk to the Mayor about the city’s security, that would be crossing the line. He will be hated by the others!

Feng Yu left Zhang Ruiqiang’s office. Even if Zhang Ruiqiang decided to do something, it was still not enough. Feng Yu got to attack from different directions and cannot let Song Laosi and the gangs a chance to escape. If one does not kill the snake, he would be bitten. Since Feng Yu decided to move, he cannot let a single one of them live.

Anyway, these people had done all sorts of bad things, and they will be shot. He was considered doing something good for the people!


Bing City Police Department. Feng Yu was sitting in the Deputy Chief’s office. This Deputy Chief was the highest ranked officer Feng Yu had contacts with.

“Manager Feng, what did you say? You want to donate 500,000 RMB to our department? Hahaha. This is not according to the regulations.” The Deputy Chief was happy even though he was trying to reject.

“Chief Chen, this is something from my company. Please do not reject us. Furthermore, we are donating to Bing City police officers and not you alone. Our officers’ lives were really too hard. Other than the money, there is still some Soybean oil, flour, rice, pork, eggs, etc. These will be sent over in a few days. Just treat it as National Day’s presents.”

“Manager Feng, you still have something you want to tell me?” Deputy Chief Chen asked. There must be a reason for Feng Yu to donate these things. There was no free lunch in this world.

“Should our Bing City’s security be increased? Why are there people coming to my company to extort money from me every few days?” Feng Yu asked frowning.

“Did something like this happened? Didn’t you hang our awards and plaque outside your office? Who’s the one? Tell me. These type of people should be thrown to jail!”

“Song Laosi and Cripple Wang!”

 Hiss ~ ~ ~

Deputy Chief Chen inhaled a deep breath. How come it’s these two guys. This is not good. There were rumors that the Provincial leader shared the same table and drank with Song Laosi.

“Why? Chief Chen? You cannot do anything? There will be a crackdown from the top soon, and our Bing City is on the list. You know about this? If you can settle this problem, then you will be the next Police Chief.”

“Crackdown? How did you know?”

“I have my sources. You should consider what I had just said. This matter is good for both Bing City and you! I estimate that the orders for the crackdown will be given within this few days. You must remember to grab this opportunity.”

Feng Yu left after he finished talking to Deputy Chief Chen. To ask him to catch Song Laosi and Cripple Wang now, it was still impossible. But, what if the City Government gave the orders? Deputy Chief Chen was in this rank for the past 7 years, and he really wanted the post of the Police Chief. What Feng Yu did now was to give him a little push from his back.


“Director Li, Director Hou, Song Laosi and Cripple Wang had sent their men to my company. They want a share of the humidifiers. They want half of the profits! If I give them half, and there will be not much left. I will not be getting a single cent after I pass the both of you your shares.”

“You didn’t tell them this humidifier is a product of the Motor Factory?” Li Shiyou frowned. In Bing City, there were still people who dare to extort the Motor Factory? The Motor Factory had a few thousand staffs. If you add in the staff’s family, it would be over 10,000 people and the Motor Factory was still considered a military factory. Which gang dares to go against them?

“I told them. That’s why they did not go to you and Director Hou. They just come to me. So, I am asking the both of you to pass a message to the City Government or the Provincial Government. Please ask them to do something about the City’s security.”

Li Shiyou and Hou Haitou kept quiet and exchanged glances.

Feng Yu was cursing and swearing in his heart. When there are profits to be shared, the both of them came rushing. Now I am asking for your help, and you all are keeping quiet.

I thought the both of you are proud of being a military installation? You don’t even dare to pass a message? Seem like they need some stimulation. What they don’t agree is because there is no money to earn!

There’s saying money makes the mare go. From what Feng Yu sees, it’s mares go to the money!

Author’s notes: In that era, the reputation of Song Laosi was indeed higher than the leaders!

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