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Chapter 163 – Unexpected help

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“Oh yes, during National Day, I will give some gifts for the workers of your factories. Each worker will receive a bottle of oil, a packet of flour and …… 50 RMB, cash!”

Generous! Li Shiyou and Hou Haitao did a mental calculation. There were at least 10,000 workers in both factories, and Feng Yu would be spending a few hundred thousand for them to pass a message?

“Fine, we will help you!”

The two sly foxes felt that they would not suffer any losses for doing this favor for Feng Yu and they could also benefit from it. Furthermore, they still need to cooperate with Feng Yu on the bladeless fans. They do not want Tai Hua Trading to ditch them and work with the universities. That would be a significant loss!

After the meeting, Feng Yu went to the Machinery Company. He went through the accounts and pointed out some discrepancies, which he said that he will inform the Hong Kong businessman. Li Mingde helplessly asked Feng Yu about what request he wanted this time. Every time Feng Yu wants him to do something, he would go through the account books and point out the inconsistencies!

Feng Yu immediately told him about his request, and Li Mingde hesitated for a while but agreed. Li Mingde also made it clear to Feng Yu that he would only pass the message and would not be responsible if the City Government decided to not act on it.

With so many preparations and money spent, Feng Yu still felt that it was not enough. The attitude of the leaders, such as Zhang Ruiqiang, was lacking.


“What’s wrong with you? The canteen’s food is not bad. Why are you not eating?” Wen Dongjun asked while eating Feng Yu’s food from his plate.

Feng Yu lowered his head and asked softly: “Ai… what should we do to let the leaders act about the plight of Bing City’s security? The triads are rampaging throughout the city and why aren’t the leaders are not doing anything? Are they waiting for something big to happen before they act?”

Feng Yu had a last resort which was to blow up this matter. Make the issue of the triads too big for the City Government and Provincial Government to handle. When that happens, these triads would be in trouble!

But at the same time, Feng Yu would be in a dangerous position. By doing that, it’s akin to playing with fire and could be burned from it. His relationship with Zhang Ruiqiang might also turn sour. Zhang Ruiqiang is the future Bing City’s Mayor.

Feng Yu still had lots of money making ideas, but he needed Zhang Ruiqiang’s support.

Zhang Han asked curiously: “Security problems? You are talking about Song Laosi, Cripple Wang and the rest of the gangs?”

Wasn’t Feng Yu’s brother-in-law working for the triads? The rumors were false?

“That’s right. These people were too overbearing, and the leaders are not doing anything to stop them. Bing City is already in a mess now!” Feng Yu threw the chopsticks on the table. He had no more appetite.

Wen Dongjun added: “Yeah. These leaders are all pushovers. When I become a leader in future, I will show you all what is dedication!”

Zhang Han suddenly said: “What leaders are all pushovers? Do you know how much hard work they are doing every day?” After speaking, she stood up and stormed off.

Wen Dongjun was shocked. What’s wrong? Why did Zhang Han get angry all of a sudden? He hurriedly finished his food and ran after her.



“Hey, my precious daughter. Are you tired from school? I told you to study Arts, but you insist on studying Science.” This was his precious daughter who was born when he was in his 30s.

“Dad, can I tell you something?” Zhang Han hugged his father’s arms.

“What’s the problem? Tell me.”

“I heard from my classmates that the security in Bing City is terrible. Those triads like Song Laosi, Cripple Wang, Brother Ke are ruling the city, and they commit all sorts of bad stuff, like killings, arsons, and robberies!”

“Nonsenses. You saw it with your own eyes?”

“What nonsenses? You can go to the streets and ask around. All residents in Bing City knows about this. Also, the last time I went to the Cultural Palace with my friends to watch a movie, we were stopped by gangsters from Cripple Wang’s gang.” To make his father believed her words, Zhang Han told him a lie.

“You are stopped by gangsters? Why didn’t you tell me about it? Are they just jobless youths? They cannot be considered as triads.”

“Dad, even if they are not gangsters, they will become gangsters soon if nothing is done! Also, do you know about the rumors on the streets? Everyone is saying that you are protecting Song Laosi!” Zhang Han said.

“Rubbish! What protecting him? Song Laosi owned a demolition company, and I just chatted with him once at a restaurant. How am I protecting him?”

At that moment, Zhang Han’s mother, who was in the kitchen, came out after hearing his husband shouting at her daughter: “Why are you shouting at our daughter? I feel that something must be done to improve the security of Bing City. Why not we move to the housing estate for the Provincial Officials. The security here is not that good. Yesterday, unit 302 windows were broken. I heard that it was because of loan sharks and the culprits were Brother Ke’s men. Also, you remember my father’s old neighbor, Auntie Xu? I heard that her legs were broken by someone because of the demolition works. The company responsible for the demolition works and evictions is owned by that Song Laosi!”

“why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I wanted to tell you, but you do not have time for me. You are so busy every day, and yet you can’t even take care of the security in Bing City. Why are you blaming me?”

“Dad, look. Even mum knows about this, and you still deny it? Last time, there were still gangsters coming to my school. If you are not going to do something, then I will also not go to school.” Zhang Han continued.

“Fine. I will ask my men tomorrow. If all these are true, then it’s time to do something. The last crackdown was only a few years ago and how did things become like this so fast?”


Bing City’s Mayor was frowning. Director Hou from the Aviation Factory had just left his office. Even military factories were harassed? This was outrageous!

Aviation Factory and the Machinery Company had a complaint to him about Bing City’s security and wanted the City Government to do something. This issue was also brought up by 2 deputy mayors and claims that these triads were hindering the city’s growth.

Seems like it’s time to talk to the Party’s Secretary. But the security in Bing City should not be as bad as what they said. Maybe these were exaggerated by their men on the ground. After reporting to the Party’s Secretary, he would send the officers from the City’s Police stations. 

The Mayor reaches the Party’s Secretary office, and the Secretary had just returned from a meeting at the Provincial Government. When the secretary heard everything from the Mayor, he nodded.

After the meeting in the Provincial Government, the Provincial Police Chief had spoken to him about the issue of Bing City’s security. He wanted to work with the City’s Police department to eradicate the City’s triads. He said that he had received complains about the triads operating in Bing City!

The Secretary had wanted to talk to the Mayor about this, but the moment he returned to his office, the Mayor was already there to speak to him about this subject. Since both of them were on the same page, they were able to make decisions fast.

Instructions were passed to the City’s Police Department, and the Deputy Police Chief Chen was surprised. This time, it was not only the City Government that was going to act. Even the Provincial Government was going to be involved. He suddenly remembered what Feng Yu told him a few days ago and immediately volunteered to take on this task. He would work with the Provincial Police to catch all the triads in Bing City!

While Feng Yu was still considering what else he could do to make the government act, the crackdown in Bing City had already started!

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