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Chapter 144 – The Teachers who jumped the queue

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Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun walked with a swag out of the Secretary’s office. Wen Dongjun pulled Feng Yu’s sleeves: “Eh, help Zhang Han get a place too.”

“Yes. There will be 5 of us from our class. You, me, Li Na, Liu Kun and Zhang Han. The school will allocate the remaining places. With this experience and if we maintain our current grades, we can enter even the best universities in Beijing!” Feng Yu said with his head held high. He was waiting for Wen Dongjun to say something grateful to him.

However, he turned around and noticed that the idiot was not there anymore. Wen Dongjun had run off to tell Zhang Han the excellent news.

Damn. Some people are willing to shed blood for his friends, but this Wen Dongjun is one who shed his friends’ blood!

The fight for the Summer Camp student quota came to an end. But in the City, leaders of the Education Committee and the Education Ministry were banging tables over the teacher’s quota and the position of the team leader!

The Principal had reported this invitation to the Education Ministry, and everyone there got excited over this news. They were discussing which teachers to send for this camp. This was an excellent opportunity for the teachers to gain credentials and to be promoted.

But this news was leaked to the Education Committee, and the head of the committee went straight to the Education Ministry to bang tables, demanding the quota. He wanted at least 2 places, if not he would stop them from going to this camp!

Both sides wanted these precious spots, and they went to their respective higher-ups, which were the City Government and the City Committee. When the City’s No. 1 and No. 2 heard this news, both of them wondered why did the Moscow University invite Bing City’s Third High School? Should it be more logical for the Moscow University to invite the Technical University?

The Principal went to the City Government office to explain to the leaders there. He did not mention that this invitation was because of Feng Yu but instead, he claimed that this was due to his and Vice Principal Sun’s credit. He said that it was because Vice Principal Sun had studied in the Soviet Union before and he made used his connections to get this invitation.

Although the leaders do not believe him, they could not think of other reasons. The only person that was deep in thoughts was Zhang Ruiqiang, who was in-charge of the Education, Science, Culture and Health divisions in the City. He felt that this must have something to do with Feng Yu.

If Feng Yu could import cheap and advanced machinery and technologies from the Soviet Union, uses the Soviet Military trains to transport his goods, then it shouldn’t be a problem for him to create a Summer Camp.

Furthermore, why the Third High School was chosen? Why was it only for the first-year students? He casually asked the Principal on the students participating in this camp, and Feng Yu’s name popped up. Now Zhang Ruiqiang can firmly confirm that this was the work of Feng Yu!

Looking at the leaders of the Education Ministry and the Education Committee arguing, Zhang Ruiqiang suddenly had an idea. The Moscow University was very advance in technology. If they could visit their laboratory, then they could copy what Professor Qian and the other professors did when they visited the Military Factory. They could secretly learn those technologies from the Moscow University.

Zhang Ruiqiang told the City’s No. 1 and No. 2, what he was thinking. Both leaders’ eyes brighten up. There’s someone in the City that was so resourceful and had so many connections with the Soviet Union? If this idea could work, then it would be a great accomplishment.

Hmmm… no one should be getting the teachers quota. The City wants to leave the teachers’ quota for the Professors from the Universities. They will transfer the names of the Professors to Third High School, and they would be eligible to be the accompanying teachers for this trip.

The Universities Professors should agree to this if they were able to visit the Moscow University laboratory. However, the universities must not keep that information to themselves. It must be handed over to the City Government!

This matter can be discussed later!


The Mayor suddenly banged the table: “Stop arguing. What has this teachers’ quota got to do with the Education Ministry or the Education Committee? Are you all teachers from Third High School? No one from the Education Ministry or the Education Committee is allowed to go!”

The leaders from the Education Ministry and the Education Committee were shocked by what the Mayor said. They only wanted 1 more spot, but now, they can’t even have 1 place. If they had known better, they would have discussed among themselves privately.

At the same time, both of them stared at the Principal. If the Principal had given them 4 teachers quota, they would not be arguing over this.

The Principal was also in an awkward position. How would he know that they would blow up this matter and even bring out the City’s No. 1 and No. 2? If he had known this outcome, he would give them 1 more slot. Forget it. Since both departments cannot send their people, then he can go back and discuss which teacher from his school should go.

The City’s Party Committee Secretary also said: “The person leading the team will still have to be discussed further. There might be a Professor from the Technology University who will be joining Third High School to lead the team. This way, we can showcase our Bing City’s Educational prowess.”

The leaders from the Education Ministry and the Education Committee finally understood what was going on. The City Government wanted all the teachers’ quota! What have the Technology University got to do with Third High School?


“Leader, why did you call me here?” Feng Yu sat on the sofa in Zhang Ruiqiang’s office, smiling happily, looking at him. His investment in their relationship was showing some results. He was getting closer to Zhang Ruiqiang.

“I heard the Moscow University had sent an invitation for a Summer Camp to Third High School?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked while raising his brows.

“That’s right. I am the one who is behind this. I want to get some credentials for a place in the University.” Feng Yu did not try to hide this matter from Zhang Ruiqiang.

Zhang Ruiqiang shook his head: “You are really generous to yourself. Because of a reserve place in the University, you even make use of your connections in the Soviet Union! Let me ask you, the Moscow University is one of the top University and is good in technology. Will you all be visiting their laboratory or research facilities during this visit?”

Feng Yu blinked and said: “What’s the use of visiting those places? We are just first years and do not understand those stuff.”

“it’s not for you to understand. It is for the accompanying teachers to understand! You just tell me if this is possible or not. If this is possible, then I will agree to one request from you. As soon as your request is reasonable, I will agree to it now!”

“Teachers? Even if they are teachers, they should not be able to understand.” Feng Yu said. The teachers from Third High School would not be able to understand what was going on in a university’s laboratory and research facilities. Maybe a University lecturer might understand, but they still have to be specialized in the specific field.

 “If the teachers are also Professors from Technology University?” Zhang Ruiqiang smiled.

Feng Yu was shocked, and he asked: “Are you trying to get the Technology University’s Professors to impersonate Third High School’s teachers and go to Moscow University to steal information?”

Zhang Ruiqiang said with a straight face: “What are you saying? Is to visit and learn from them! Furthermore, the Professors from Technology University can also hold a position in Third High School. They can be the head of the teaching department or some party members. They are definitely your Third High School’s teachers!”

Many science techniques only required some inspirations, and if the Technology University Professors were able to visit Moscow University’s research facilities, they might get the inspirations needed.

This can also be considered contributing to the nation and Feng Yu could even make a request to Zhang Ruiqiang. As such, Feng Yu would try his best to make it happen.

Hmmm…… what request should he make to the City Government?

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