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Chapter 145 – First time aboard

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Feng Yu requested Kirilenko to arrange a tour at the most prominent places, like the Nuclear research center, Mechanics research institute, Astronomy research, etc. in Moscow University. Feng Yu said that he wanted to brag to his friends when he returns.

Even though Kirilenko felt troubled, but he still agrees to Feng Yu’s request. There should not be any problems with some high school students and teachers visiting these places.

Feng Yu passed the message to Zhang Ruiqiang, and Zhang Ruiqiang was excited. He immediately reports to the Mayor and the other leaders. They quickly picked those younger professors that specialized in these fields to take on some teaching roles at Third High School for a year and also to be the accompanying teachers for the summer camp.

The examinations ended, and Feng Yu knew he did well in his exams. He should be getting the same results as his previous exams. Wen Dongjun had worked hard this semester, but this time, there was no third year top student to help him cheat. His results this time will not be as good as the last.

But Feng Yu noticed that there was not a hint of sadness in Wen Dongjun. He was not scared of getting a beating by his father for his poor grades?

Wen Dongjun complacently answered Feng Yu that he was concentrating on his Russian for the Summer Camp and it’s normal for the grades of other subjects to drop. Wasn’t this a good excuse?

Damn, this idiot’s skin was too thick. Feng Yu was full of respect for this trait of Wen Dongjun. Seems like this idiot was really suitable to be in the government service!

Once, Feng Yu asked Wen Dongjun about his dreams. Feng Yu asked him if he wants to pursue the same goal as him which was to retire at age 30 and travel around the world. They could visit Antarctica to look at the Antarctic penguins, the legendary Aurora, or climb the Himalaya Mountains.

But Wen Dongjun looked at Feng Yu seriously and asked: “Antarctica? Penguins? Do they taste good? Will the meat be too fat?”

Later, Feng Yu concludes that in Wen Dongjun’s life, he does not pursue knowledge as that will not make him happy; he does not seek the perfect love story as he already met the one he loved; he does not seek a perfect body as he thinks his body was perfect all this while; the only thing he pursue was food!

From then on, he did not try to help Wen Dongjun plan his future or even give advice on other’s future. If they succeed in life, they would not be thankful to him, and he would be blamed if they failed.

Helping Wen Dongjun to get into a Beijing’s university was the best Feng Yu can do for him. Wen Dongjun got to walk the remaining road himself. If he was in trouble, all he needs to do was to call Feng Yu, and Feng Yu would try his best to help him.

With Feng Yu’s business empire in future, it would be easy for him to help Wen Dongjun get some political achievements for to get promoted.

These few days, Feng Yu was staying at home, planning the factories he was going to visit in the Soviet Union. The factories he was going to visits were all factories on the verge of shutting down. Feng Yu thought which factory’s equipment was suitable for China’s use. It would be better if advanced technology comes along with the machinery.

“you are looking at all those documents every day, aren’t you bored? Don’t you need to prepare for the Soviet Union trip?” Wen Dongjong, who was slouching on the couch, asked.

Feng Yu rolled his eyes. This moron says the same thing every day. He had asked his parents for money to buy a few sets of new clothes and even a new basketball. Buying these to prepare for the Soviet Union trip?

“Carry on watching your TV. I don’t want to talk to a lazy bum.”

Who likes to read these boring documents? But these were all money! Every set of “obsoleted” machinery imported from the Soviet Union, will bring high profits and Feng Yu would be a step closer to his dream of retiring at age 30!

Wen Dongjun carried on watching his TV program and suddenly shouted: “Feng Yu, Feng Yu, come over here, quick, come and see this!”

Feng Yu put down the documents and said unhappily: “What’s the matter? You saw a UFO?”

“Come and see this, there’s a bodhisattva in the church!” Wen Dongjun was pointing to the TV, shouting.

What? Bodhisattva in a church? Feng Yu was surprised. How was that possible? Although he was a free thinker, he knew that bodhisattva and church were from different religions. How could someone from the Chinese legends appearing in a western church? Could it be some changes happened due to him changing the history?

Feng Yu looked over to the TV and became speechless: “Fuck, that’s Virgin Mary. Stop talking nonsense!”

Wen Dongjun asked puzzledly: “That’s not Bodhisattva? They do look similar……”

“If you want to look for Zhang Han go ahead. If not, go and play basketball. I am busy making money. My every minute is worth tens of thousands RMB!” Feng Yu looked at Wen Dongjun helplessly. Why can’t this moron let him work in peace? He was very busy!

Wen Dongjun stood up and said: “Humph, it’s just organizing some documents. Leave it to me. I can finish all these in less than 10 minutes. When I’m done, you will have to play basketball with me!”

5 minutes later, Wen Dongjun threw all the documents on the desk. Everything was in Russian, and it was still full of technical jargons. He totally could not understand!

If he had known earlier, he would have joined the preparation training for the Summer Camp, and not stayed at home with Feng Yu!

Third High School placed great emphasis on this Summer Camp. As these students will be representing the school, Bing City, Longjian province and even the whole China, all students had to attend a preparation training. They still have 1 week to prepare the students for the camp.

As to why the Summer Camp starts so late was to avoid clashing with the Moscow University’s Mathematics Summer Camp. After that camp was over, then they can begin the new Summer camp for Feng Yu.

The reason why Feng Yu does not need to attend the training was that he was good in Russian. He can even be qualified to be a Russian teacher.

Because Wen Dongjun sat beside Feng Yu in class, he too also had an interest in reading Feng Yu’s Russian novels and songs. His Russian was also quite good. So, he also asked to be excused from this training. He only wanted to stay at home and laze around.

He thought by staying at home, he would be able to play with Feng Yu, but Feng Yu was only organizing documents for the past few days. Feng Yu told him that these documents were very important, but he had read some of it, and there was nothing special.

But Wen Dongjun knew that Feng Yu was smarter than him and knew how to do business and make money. That’s the reason why the Feng family could suddenly become so wealthy. But Wen Dongjun does not understand that since Feng Yu was already so wealthy and even bought the farm in the district, why was he still working so hard, trying to earn more money? His assets now should last the Feng family a few lifetimes.

Feng Yu only tell him that he does not know how rich were the rich people overseas. Before he retires, he wants to be the world’s richest man!


 Time passes quickly. Feng Yu and the rest boarded the plane to Moscow. There were no first-class seats. Feng Yu was very unhappy about this. But Wen Dongjun and the rest of the students could not sit still. They were too excited. Wen Dongjun was staring out of the windows looking at the clouds.

Feng Yu asked for blankets for Li Na and himself. He tried to find a comfortable position to catch a wink. There’s still a few hours before reaching Moscow.

Stepping out of the plane, Feng Yu stretches himself. This is Moscow?

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