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Chapter 270: This Era Does Not Allow One to Take Concubines

"We're going to the ranch, not to join a beauty contest, so why are you making Xu Jing dress up prettily?"

His hand  slightly tightened on the steering wheel  due to nerves as he looked deeply at the woman beside him with a raised eyebrow.  Since when had this woman's intuition become so sharp, her brain functioning so well?

Gu Yanhao shifted his position a little, facing her. His lips tilted at the corner in an ambiguous smile as he suggested: "Why don't you just admit you're eating vinegar?"

"It wasn't me that forced Xu Jing to dress up prettily."

"I made Xu Jing dress prettily, so do you suspect that I like Xu Jing?"

Hearing this, Song Wuyou chuckled twice: "No, I don't!"

Gu Yanhao pulled his safety belt, buckling it as he asked, "Why?"

"No why." She really doesn't feel like saying the truth. The truth hurts.

Gu Yanhao's face grew somber, full of seriousness, "What if I really liked Xu Jing?"

"If you like her then you can take her as your concubine." Song Wuyou said, half truth, half lie.

Gu Yanhao's face sank, his eyes bleak, "This era does not allow one to take concubines."

Song Wuyou giggled, "You're blind if you really like Xu Jing."

Gu Yanhao snorted derisively, "You're trying to say that you're better looking than Xu Jing?"

Song Wuyou shook her head, "No, I'm just better than her."

His eyes narrowed profoundly as if trying to figure Song Wuyou. This kind of unfathomable gaze seemed to be able to see through a person. Failing to detect the expression he wanted from her face, Gu Yanhao felt his chest became stuffy with frustration and heaviness, extremely uncomfortable…

This damn woman! Can't she reveal a bit of jealousy after hearing that he likes Xu Jing? Gu Yanhao had a feeling like he landed a heavy punch on cotton, leaving him feeling dissatisfied and upset.

"You're very confident." He remarked curtly.

"This is a fact."

"Silly people have silly luck. Some men do not necessarily like women being too smart." [TN: Don't get upset, this is very typical Chinese men thinking. Westerners call it happy go lucky though.EN: Western men prefer a dumb girl, too.]

Song Wuyou stared back at Gu Yanhao for a second before laughing with splendor, "Wasn't I silly enough in the past? Not outstanding and not smart, right? How come I don't have any silly luck following me?"

"Able to marry me, isn't that your silly luck?"

Song Wuyou's eyes dimmed slightly, "Rather than calling it luck, better call it a disaster."

The original owner was subjected to Song Jiumei's intense jealousy after marrying him, killing her with a planned car accident, not even letting go the child in her stomach.

Song Wuyou scrunched her brows together as if in deep thought as she faced Gu Yanhao. If he found out the original host had died from that car accident, how would he react?

Happy, or sad?

Her words felt like sharp needles piercing through his heart, spreading pain. Marrying him was a disaster?

His pupils darkened. When will she return to who she used to be, loving him with every fiber of her being?

He raised a hand suddenly, rubbing Song Wuyou's head, "Put on your seatbelt, we're departing."

"En," Song Wuyou too preferred not to delve too deeply into this topic. She nodded and buckled her seatbelt.

The car moved away from the villa, entering the highway about ten minutes later. Neither of them spoke the entire way, making the atmosphere in the car a little… awkward.

Song Wuyou leaned into the seat, looking out the window while drinking in the scenery on the road.

Gu Yanhao seemed to be driving seriously but the words she said earlier kept ringing in his ears in a loop.

[Rather than saying its luck, better call it a disaster.]

Was she regretting marrying him?

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