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Chapter 271: Pain Floated To The Surface Of His Heart

Ever since she woke up from the car accident, her attitude towards him changed completely. He still remembered at the time she woke up, she suspected he was the main mastermind behind her freak car accident.

Only later did Song Jiumei admit that she was the one who orchestrated the incident. Was this the reason she thinks marrying him was a misfortune and not a blessing? Once the idea of her regretting being married to him entered his mind, a sharp persistent pain floated to the surface of his heart.

Two and a half hours later—

In the little western-style ranch house.

Knowing Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao were coming, Mu Xin was as excited as the little lambs released from their confinements, welcoming them with enthusiasm. Mu Gu even prepared Beggar's Chicken when he knew they were coming over.

By the time Mu Xin finished bringing all the delicious things to the table, Mu Gu walked in carrying two still smoking Beggar's Chickens that were just dug up from the mud oven outside, releasing a tantalizing aroma that triggered the appetite.

Smelling this aroma, Song Wuyou's head immediately looked over toward Mu Gu who was walking in. His smile was bright, sunny, and dashing as he indirectly tried to avoid a direct line of sight with Song Wuyou.

"Ah Hao, Wuyou likes to eat Beggar's Chicken. Have you learned how to make it?"

"What's so delicious about a chicken?" His tone was laden with dissatisfaction. Who was this Mu Gu to know so well what his wife likes to eat, making Beggar's Chicken every time she comes around?

"Wuyou, come try it." Mu Gu put the casserole down, presenting two aromatic and beautifully cooked Beggar's Chickens before her eyes.

"It smells so good!" Song Wuyou leaned forward, almost drooling as she looked at the two chickens in the dish.

Mu Gu put on a pair of disposable gloves, reached out, and pulled off the drumstick, placing it into a round cake-like dish before passing it to Song Wuyou. Smiling at her, he said, "Here."

While Song Wuyou received the dish, the considerate Mu Xin quickly hand her a pair of chopsticks.

Song Wuyou smiled watching the brother-sister pair. Their warmth made her feel like a queen.

"Sis Wuyou, now my brother not only rears sheep, he even started to rear chickens," Mu Xin gossiped about her brother as she tore off a chicken wing.

Mu Gu's eyes swept over his sister, but his hands did not stop. Pulling off the other drumstick, he gave it to Gu Yanhao, "Ah Hao, do you want to eat?"  Mu Gu asked because Gu Yanhao had just sourly complained 'what's so delicious about a chicken?'

"Eat!" Gu Yanhao sullenly glared Mu Gu as he took the dish from his hand.

"The ranch is so big, rearing chickens is a good idea." Song Wuyou said.

"These two chickens ate grass and rice bran, not feeds, so eat your fill." Mu Xin added cheerfully.

After taking a bite, Song Wuyou commented,"It's very fragrant!"  The texture was excellent. Truly, poultry reared by oneself was different. Because it was really delicious, Song Wuyou didn't bother to hold herself back, taking a few more bites in one go.

Watching her eat with such relish, Gu Yanhao's gaze became unfathomable.

"These grapes are also taken care of by my brother. Some people came over offering five hundred yuan for a catty but my brother refused. His reason was that these grapes were being saved for Brother Ah Hao to eat." Mu Xin giggled as she eyes the grapes in the fruit basket on the table, telling Gu Yanhao, "Brother Ah Hao, my brother is so nice to you right?"

"En," Gu Yanhao made a nonchalant reply. The sullenness in his eyes did not reduce.

"Mu Xin, eat your food, don't chatter so much." Mu Gu rubbed her head. "Such a nag… Careful, or Second Young Master Cheng dare not marry you."

Mu Xin blushed shyly, "If he dares not marry then don't. Who says I want to marry him?"

Song Wuyou smiled silently as she watched Mu Xin. When Mu Xin smiled shyly, happiness was written all over her small face; this little lady, her mouth says a different thing from the heart.

"Young Master, we're here." At this time, Ah De's voice sounded from outside.

Almost all together, the people at the table turned to look outside. Xu Jing's appearance as she stood behind Ah De made Song Wuyou and Mu Xin's eyes light up, but Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu didn't even raise their eyes or spare a glance in Xu Jing's direction.

Ah De gave Xu Jing a total makeover. Her initially waist length hair that was usually styled into a ponytail was cut to shoulder-length, given bangs, blow-dried for volume,  and the ends were curled. She was dressed in this year's most popular style and on-point shoes: a navy blue knee-length chiffon skirt in peplum style, with pointed-toe white heels, and last but not least, she was dusted with natural looking light makeup.

This Xu Jing was like another person altogether. The current Xu Jing exuded a certain degree of beauty and charm.

"Ah De, is she your girlfriend?" Mu Xin asked.

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