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Chapter 231: The titles are always spoilers! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Song Wuyou's face burned at the hint in his words, "Gu Yanhao, can you be more wicked?"

Gu Yanhao answered with all honesty, "Can. For you, I will courageously walk further down this wicked path."

"Courage your head, I'm already full!" Song Wuyou picked up her handbag, indicating she was ready.

"Bill." Originally, Gu Yanhao wanted to give Song Wuyou a romantic performance, but her tepid reaction toward the ring made Gu Yanhao afraid her reaction would stray further than his imagination, or maybe even laugh at his performance. He was afraid of the discomfit his heart would feel if she rejected him…

After he paid for the bill, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou left the restaurant. Gu Yanhao was about to tell her to wait here while he drove the car over when his eyes suddenly turned cold. Without another word, his hand grabbed Song Wuyou, pulling her into his chest, both arms protecting her while both of them swerved to a corner and laid on the ground.

Song Wuyou had yet to register what was happening when a piercing 'bang' sounded in her ears.

Song Wuyou stiffened. what noises was that? A gun?

Bang—! Another shot rang out.

Pedestrians on the street panicked on hearing gunfire and started to run for safety in a haphazard manner.

Bullets continued to fly, raining down around Gu Yanhao. Holding on to Song Wuyou, Gu Yanhao rolled on the ground, dodging the pursuing bullets. One after another bullet hit the concrete ground but Gu Yanhao just rolled away, sending friction sparks to the air.

Bang, Bang—!

Gu Yanhao flipped over, protecting Song Wuyou behind him, while his other hand gripped on his own pistol, aiming at the top of a building on opposite street.

Bang, Bang—! He released two shots in that direction.

The pedestrians on the streets became more chaotic, screaming and running all at once in every direction. A few people who were shot while running blindly were now lying in a pool of blood on the street.

Song Wuyou looked at him nervously from the back, and then her gaze turned toward the people who were shot, her brows deeply creased.

"AAhh…!" Not far away, a girl fell to the ground, shot.

Song Wuyou quickly looked over. The girl was around ten years old, with blood flowing endlessly out from her chest. Song Wuyou's eyes narrowed. Jumping to her feet. she ran to the little girl's side.

"Little girl!" Song Wuyou carefully lifted the little girl off the ground.

"Hurts…." The little girl's bright eyes were fearful, "Hurts…"

She came out from a snack shop with Mommy, and Mommy said to wait here while she gets the car. Hearing gunshots, she was so terrified that she startled to run like a blind bat….

"Don't be afraid, I will send you to the hospital!" Song Wuyou used one hand to exert pressure on the little girl's chest, at the same time forcing herself to calm down.

After Gu Yanhao forced the person on the other side off, he turned around to see Song Wuyou was no longer behind him. He tensed up, eyes scanning around like a hawk for her silhouette. When he spotted her looking at him while holding a little girl in her arms, he sprinted over to her side.

Song Wuyou cried anxiously, "She's hurt, quickly send her to the hospital!"

"Let me." Gu Yanhao reached out, wanting to take the little girl from Song Wuyou, when he spied a red laser beam aimed directly at Song Wuyou's back.

Gu Yanhao panicked slightly, for one of his hands was halfway under the child, lifting the girl, while the other hand was holding a pistol. He took a large stride forward, pushing Song Wuyou away with his body. The pistol in his hand was already shooting at the source of the red laser light.



Song Wuyou stumbled ofF balance. Before she could regain her balance, another two gunshots echoed, one somewhere from her front, another right beside her ear, and then with a muffled bang a bullet entered the flesh.

Song Wuyou was alarmed. Quickly turning around, she saw Gu Yanhao's body staggering and off balance as he took several steps back.

"Gu Yanhao!" Song Wuyou rushed to his side to hold him steady and make sure the little girl in his arms did not fall. There was a small hole on the chest of Gu Yanhao's crisp white shirt, red blooming right before Song Wuyou's eyes, dying white into bright red. Song Wuyou, ashen,  "You got shot?"

Gu Yanhao stood firm, not showing the slightest emotion or pain even after getting shot. Using the hand that held the pistol to wrap around her waist, his sharp eyes checked her body once over, his voice low as he asked, "Are you injured?"

"No!" Song Wuyou shook her head. Staring at the wound at his chest, her heart bled and felt pained.

Title: Gu Yanhao Was Shot!

Chapter 232: I'm Still Alive and Well, What Are You Crying For?

"No!" Song Wuyou shook her head in despair. Staring at the glaring red on his chest, her heart was gripped with fear and pain. He was wounded, yet his first question was whether she was alright? If he hadn't pushed her away in time, the person shot would be her.

Gu Yanhao smiled, his lips curving  up at a charming angle, "It's good you're not injured."

Song Wuyou's heart ached even more looking at his wound.

When her eyes fell on the little girl in his arms, she urged almost frantically, "To the hospital, quick!" The little girl had fainted in Gu Yanhao's arms.

Song Wuyou, the little girl's family, as well as other victims' family members paced back and forth outside the operation theatres.

The little girl's parents cried while hugging her younger brother. Hearing these people crying, Song Wuyou felt uncomfortable. She took a seat on one of the benches. Although she looked calm and composed on the outside, her nerves were like a rubber band stretched close to breaking point.

Recalling that the wound on Gu Yanhao's chest was due to protecting her made her fingers dig into her palm. Even knowing that he was shot on the right side of his chest where it wouldn't hurt his heart didn't stop her from feeling worried. If the bullet hit the lungs, or burst one of his major arteries…

Song Wuyou raised her eyes, a near manic gleam in her eyes as she stared at the light of Gu Yanhao's operating theatre.

Will he die?

Will he leave her?

Song Wuyou pursed her lips into a thin line, suppressing the myriad of emotions that threaten to spill forth. If he dies, how will she live in this world? She had been postponing the signature on the divorce papers 'cause… she didn't want to leave just like this. She just reached this world, with no one she could trust, no friends she could rely on—

If he dies, the only person she has a connection to, her resentment, her sustenance will disappear with him—

The clothes on her body were stained with his blood. On the way to the hospital, the blood flowed endlessly from his wound… So much blood… Did the bullet hit his major artery? The more Song Wuyou thought, the more afraid she became. Inevitably, she thought of her past life.

Once, Dongfang Xuan led several subordinates and snuck into enemy territory, wanting to learn the topography of the place so they could form a more feasible attack plan while she waited with apprehension in their camp for them to return.  On the second night, her waiting finally bore fruit. Dongfang Xuan returned, supported by his subordinates with an arrow stuck in his chest. At that time Dongfang Xuan was barely conscious, drifting in and out, blood flowing nonstop from the wound on his chest. The same spot where Gu Yanhao was shot.

The arrow did not hit any fatal point, but the arrowhead was smeared with poison.

To clear all the poison in Dongfang Xuan's bloodstream, she and the military physician made several deep cuts on his palms, and with the help of several soldiers, kept applying pressure so that his poisoned blood would flow out quickly.  After the physician pulled the arrow from his chest, she was so anxious and worried. Not caring about anything else, she used her mouth to suck the poisonous blood from his chest, again and again, until the blood flowed a clear red.

Even though he was delirious, he objected to her actions. This action put her at risk. One careless moment, if she swallowed even just a little of the poison she held in her mouth, she would die faster than him.  But she didn't care at that time. The only thought that kept running through her head was that he couldn't die. If he died, what should she do? She dared not imagine, and refused to accept the days without him at her side. How would she live out the rest of her life…?

They had been inseparable since childhood, growing up in the same village. She, disguised as a man, joined the army and fought beside him in every situation until the day the other soldiers found out she was actually a woman. Even then, she still stayed with the army. They have never been separated—

Finally, the skilled physician found a detoxification herb and made a concoction for Dongfang Xuan, fully dissolving the poison in Dongfang Xuan's body. However, because of severe blood loss, he fainted on the bed.

Hearing that he was finally out of danger, she finally broke down, crying her heart out in front of the fainted him. The physicians and soldiers quickly excused themselves from the tent upon seeing this.

The weakened man lifted his hand, gently caressing her head. Feebly curving up a smile on his pale white face with his terribly cracked lips, he said "Silly girl, I'm alive and well, what are you crying for?"

Song Wuyou lifted her face grievously, "Do you know how worried I was?"

The man looked at her, full of love: "I know."

"Why weren't you more careful? If something happened to you, what should I do?"

Chapter 233: I Won't Let You Live Alone

The man's gaze was gentle, "As long as you're safe and sound, I will not let harm come to myself."

Song Wuyou choked on her tears, "What if I'm not here anymore one day?"

The man's eyes darkened, "We will not be separated."

"When will this war end?" Suddenly, Song Wuyou missed the time they spent during their childhood.  In that life, they need not worry when the other might fall on the battlefield.

"Regret you joined the army with me?" Dongfang Xuan's eyes narrowed.

Song Wuyou shook her head: "I don't regret it!"

She firmly grasped his hand, looking at him with all seriousness, "Promise me! No matter what the situation is, you must live on for me! I really went crazy just now. What should I do if you're no longer with me? I'd rather not live if you're not here!"

A warm smile crept up Dongfang Xuan's face, "Silly girl, I will not let you go through the pain of living your life alone."

Tears fell like a torrent on the hands resting on her thighs. The expression on Song Wuyou's face was woeful. Raising her gaze, she stared dazedly at the operation theatre doors.

Dongfang Xuan, you said you would never let me experience the pain of living my life alone….

You 'gave' me death, but did you ever think that I'm going through life without you in another world? If something really happened to Gu Yanhao, then, she, in the realest sense, would be living her life alone. Without someone who loves you, or someone who you love….

Receiving the news of Gu Yanhao's injury, Mu Gu raced all the way from the ranch to the hospital, regardless of the time or other people's safety, speeding past red lights. Arriving at the hospital, he dashed up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator, disdaining its speed.

The first thing that entered his eyes was Song Wuyou sitting with her back straight as an arrow. His steps halted when he noticed Song Wuyou's pale face and the two lines of tears that streaked down her face.

He stood rooted to the spot, watching her. That sadness, that helplessness, that obvious loneliness written on her face—

It pained him, greatly. The hands at his side clenched tightly to suppress the pain that struck his heart. Stormy waves replaced the usual sunshine in his peach blossom eyes. He felt an impulse to rush to her side and embrace her, hoping to provide some warmth to that fragile frame, some sense of security.

Still, he held everything in. It was some time later, when he had his emotions under control, did his long legs stride over to her. Sitting down beside her, Mu Gu offered her a handkerchief.

Song Wuyou was stunned when a handkerchief was suddenly inserted into her view. Her head turned slowly, taking in the handkerchief owner's face.

Mu Gu smiled at her, speaking in a slapdash manner to lighten her mood, "Wipe your tears, even your snot is dripping all over the floor."

"Thank you." Song Wuyou took the handkerchief, and wiped her tear-streaked face.

Pain flitted in Mu Gu's eyes.  Looking at Song Wuyou, he comforted, "Ah Hao will be alright."

"Hope so." Song Wuyou's voice sounded dull and hoarse.

Mu Gu stared at her for a few second before taking his eyes from her face, shifting over to the other side at the little girl's parents and other grieving victims' relatives. "Theirs also haven't come out?"

"Not yet."

Just as Song Wuyou answered, the operating theatre performing the little girl's operation opened. Song Wuyou quickly looked over.

The little girl's parents jumped to their feet. The father grabbed at the doctor's arm, asking "How is my daughter?"

The doctor informed him with a pained expression ."The bullet hit her heart, we've tried our best."

Chapter 234: Compensation

The man's hand trembled although the rest of his body seemed frozen in place, his bearded face showing unbearable agony.

"What?" The little girl's mother screamed, falling to the ground as heart-wrenching sobs came from her throat.

"My precious daughter ah, wuu wooo~~~!"

"Mommy shouldn't have left you alone to get the car, shouldn't have…."

Song Wuyou heard what the doctor said from where she sat. The news dismayed her. Her barely dried tears flowed again because of the little girl's departure.

The little girl was … so beautiful. An innocent life gone, just like that.

"It's your fault!" The little girl's mother suddenly pointed and screamed at Song Wuyou, indescribable pain turning into raw anger as grim-faced she ranted, "It's you! You killed my only daughter!"

Song Wuyou expressed dismay  as she faced the mother. The woman climbed up awkwardly from the floor, lunging toward Song Wuyou. Mu Gu's line of vision dropped to follow the woman's actions. He raised an arm to block the woman while the other hand directed Song Wuyou behind him in a protective stance. He looked sharply at the woman, " Your child is gone. I can empathize with your pain, but you cannot blame Wuyou because of this. She, more than anyone, did not want this to happen."

The woman screamed relentlessly, not letting Song Wuyou off, "She's the reason my daughter is dead!"

"I'm sorry." Song Wuyou rarely apologize to anyone this way. Her voice choked even as she walked out from behind Mu Gu, bravely facing the mother, "I'm very sorry something like this happened. This was not something I wished to happen. I can understand the anguish of losing a daughter, but all I can do now is to compensate you."

"Compensate me?" The woman half-cried/half-shrieked, "How are you going to compensate me? Can you let my daughter breathe again?"

Song Wuyou spoke with guilt and sincerity, "I'm not an immortal. I do not have the ability to make your daughter come alive again. All that I can do is only to compensate you with money, five million. That's the best I can do."

When the woman heard the figure, her body shivered subtly, then she fell once again to the floor, crying – but she did not attack Song Wuyou again.

It was the same with the man. When he heard five million, something flashed in his eyes, a complicated feeling flashed passed his face.

When the other families heard Song Wuyou agree to compensate the little girl's mother, all of them clamored for their loss as well.

This put Song Wuyou in a difficult position. The money she earned from making qipaos for Mrs. Jier was only five million…

"Five million for every victim." Mu Gu stated in a low voice as his eyes watched the people around him. Learning that they would each receive five million in compensation, all put on their best behavior, no longer making a racket.

Mu Gu looked at the little girl's mother, "We are to blame that you lost a daughter. We're truly sorry for that, and feel bad ourselves. The dead cannot be resurrected, and we hope that you can be strong. I will compensate you five million as well. Adding to Wuyou's five million, you have a total of ten million."

Hearing this number, the crying mother's sobs halted abruptly as she raised her head to look at Mu Gu in astonishment.

Song Wuyou also looked at Mu Gu, dumbfounded. Doesn't Mu Gu need to take out a lot of money to pay for these compensations?

Mu Gu turned around, giving her a reassuring look, "Don't feel sad. My people and Ah De are investigating the matter. The people behind this will definitely be caught and punished by law."

"That compensation money…."

"Don't look down on my sheep; the money I earn is more than Ah Hao."


The doors to another operating theatre opened.

Song Wuyou and Mu Gu looked over; it was Gu Yanhao's operating room.

Subconsciously Mu Gu held Song Wuyou's hand as they walked over. Song Wuyou frowned slightly, pulling back her hand. Only then did Mu Gu realize what he'd done.  He was shocked. He could still feel the temperature her hand left on his skin, and the softness of her hand lingered…

Editor: Ocelot

E/N: I had to walk away several times while editing this. I was in an accident and someone offered me money for something that could not be replaced. In court, I just wanted to say that they'd robbed me, and I wanted them to be punished – but the punishment the court gave was paying money. I felt like a ghoul discussing money for something priceless. Did anyone else find this chapter awkward to read?

Chapter 235: Absolutely Will Not Let You Live In Loneliness

"Doctor, how's my husband's injury?" Song Wuyou urged anxiously.

"We've removed the bullet from his body. Fortunately it didn't hit a vital spot so he'll be fine after some rest," the doctor explained after taking off his face mask.

Song Wuyou heaved a huge sigh of relief as her hanging heart instantly fell into place after hearing this.

Gu Yanhao was transferred to the VIP room. In accordance with his stubborn personality, he was definitely a difficult patient who refused to stay in hospital,

all to maintain a strong, infallible, and cool image in Song Wuyou's mind.  However, under the Mu Gu and Song Wuyou's persistent pressure, he would, albeit reluctantly, stay two days in the hospital. The truth was, he did feel weak due to excessive blood loss.  His complexion looked normal, just his lips were slightly pale. At the moment he was leaning weakly against the headboard of the bed, a gloomy expression on his face as he glared at Mu Gu who was smiling with schadenfreude.  Mu Gu was laughing at him for throwing a tantrum, refusing to be warded.

"Get out if you want to laugh!" He can laugh as much as he wants outside.

"This is the first time I get to see you in such a weak position." The corners of Mu Gu's lips couldn't resist curving into a smirk, taunting his best friend.

"Do you want to take a picture as remembrance?" Gu Yanhao asked, the threat in his voice obvious.

"Of course…" but dare he?

Gu Yanhao wisely decided to ignore this rotten friend. Lowering his gaze, he looked at Song Wuyou, sitting right in front of his bed.

Noticing her pale face, his voice softened: "Worried about me, distressed because of me?"

Song Wuyou shot him a fierce glare, "Not worried, not distressed."

A low chuckled came from Gu Yanhao, "You're not speaking from the heart. Your eyes are so red, you must have cried."

"That's because I wasn't able to sleep. My eyes are red because of tiredness."

"Don't tell lies if you don't know how to," Gu Yanaho frowned as he endured the pain from lifting his arm. Covering her small hands with his, he said "I know you were worried about me."

Feeling the warmth over her hands, Song Wuyou looked at him grievously, "Why do you ask if you already know?"

"I wanted to hear it from your lips."

"….." She won't ever say it.

"Were you scared?" Gu Yanhao asked.

"Afraid of what?" What was he referring to?

"Me dying."

Song Wuyou's heart shook. Afraid, yes, she was afraid.

Her lips pursed into a thin line as she chose not to answer Gu Yanhao's question directly. Instead her gaze shifted to his wound, "Does it hurt a lot?"

Although the woman in front of him didn't answer his question directly, he saw the answer he wanted on her face.  His lips curved at a deeper degree as his hand moved to her shoulder and rubbed gently as if comforting. Song Wuyou merely looked at him without uttering a sound, but she also did not reject him.

"Not painful." Rubbing her shoulders, he stated, "You expression tells me you were worried about me, afraid that I would die."

"……." Was her expression so obvious?

She glared at him, "Must you say everything out loud?"

Gu Yanhao laughed a low laugh; she still loves him like she did before.

"Silly woman, I won't abandon you." Gu Yanhao's soft voice was like music to the ears.


"As long as you're alive, I'm alive. I won't let you live in loneliness."

"………" Her heart trembled. Without meaning to, the memory of Dongfang Xuan promising that he will never let her live alone flashed in her mind, tugging at the pain in her heart even more.

A light flickered in Gu Yanhao's eyes,  "From now on, I will never let you feel lonely and helpless ever again."

His words startled Song Wuyou, and she looked at him coldly. His face, and Dongfang Xuan's face swirled in her vision, making a mess of her mind and heart.

There was a faraway look in Gu Yanhao's eyes, as he stared deeply at Song Wuyou, "Absolutely will not let you live in loneliness."

"Ah….." Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced Song Wuyou's heart. Earlier when Gu Yanhao was in the operation room, she recalled the time when Dongfang Xuan was wounded with poison arrow, and now Gu Yanhao uttering those words to her, her mind was tangled in a mess. Losing control of her emotions, Song Wuyou broke out crying.

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu: "…………………."

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