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Chapter 225: Rumors Really Cannot Be Believed

Song Wuyou laughed, "People also say that I am very arrogant, wayward, and spoiled. Seeing me, do you think I am like that?"

"No." Mu Xin shook her head dazedly.

"Rather than listen to others, it is better to experience for yourself."

Surprised lingered on Mu Xin's face as she looked at Song Wuyou, "That dress won the first place in the fashion competition. If you sell the rights you can get a lot of money, so why did you gift it to me instead?"

Song Wuyou smiled, "Because you're warm and lovely. Your temperament suits that dress very well."

"Not right ah," Mu Xin shook her head, "Although I wasn't there at the scene, I watched the live recordings repeatedly. The model wearing that dress was graceful and elegant, a peerless beauty. That model…. was you!"

Mu Xin shocked herself with her own conclusion. That model and that dress were a perfect combination!

Compared to Mu Xin's surprise and shock, Song Wuyou's response was calm and collected. She nodded, admitting, "Indeed that was me."

"Oh God," Mu Xin cried out, "Rumors truly cannot be believed."

"Silly girl," Mrs. Jier smiled lovingly at Mu Xin, "Rumors of course cannot be trusted."

From Mrs. Jier's attitude toward Mu Xin, one could see that she liked Mu Xin. But… Song Wuyou looked around the opulent room in the overly spacious villa. Other than the servants, she didn't see Mu Xin's so-called boyfriend.

She wondered if Cheng Junguo treated Mu Xin well… In her past life, her younger sister-in-law was a very kind and sincere woman. Born of an official minister's household (but not in the least spoiled) after marrying her brother, she took took care of her parents and treated everyone in the family well, nothing to complain about.

Every time Wuyou visited her parents they would praise brother for marrying a good wife. The last time Song Wuyou saw her was before she was sent to the Cold Palace. After that, most of the messages she got were from rumors outside. When Mu Xin was seven months pregnant, the Song Family faced a catastrophe and were killed, affecting even her younger sister-in-law's family. Thinking of this, Song Wuyou felt extremely guilty inside. All of it was because of her. She was the one to blame, the one who brought on disaster upon her innocent family. Seeing how Mu Xin resembled her younger sister-in-law, Song Wuyou couldn't resist wanting to be good to her, hoping that in this life her life would be filled with love and happiness.

"Wuyou, what are you thinking about?" Mrs. Jier teased, seeing how Song Wuyou went into a daze while staring at Mu Xin.

Song Wuyou covered her gaffe easily, smiling naturally, "Mu Xin is very beautiful, there's a very unique temperament to her." All girls like to hear they are beautiful, but when the compliment comes from another beautiful woman, happiness gushes from their hearts.

Mu Xin smiled sweetly, a little shy, "Please don't praise me so much, I will be proud."

Mrs. Jier smiled, her gaze affectionate as she said, "I liked Mu Xin very much, from the very first time I saw her."

"Aunty, I want to see you wear the qipao Mrs. Gu made before the actual day." Mu Xin walked over to Mrs. Jier, hooking her arms around hers affectionately, carrying a trace of a spoilt child.

"No problem. I will go and change now, let you admire my new qipao." Mrs. Jier looked at Song Wuyou, "Wuyou, have a seat, drink some tea first while I go change."

Song Wuyou nodded, "Okay. I brought my sewing kit, so let me know if you need adjustments."

Mrs. Jier laughed: "What a considerate child," and went to change into the qipao Song Wuyou made.

On Mrs. Jier, the qipao looked even better than on the mannequin, bringing out its uniqueness. Other than praising it as beautiful, Mu Xin didn't know what else to say.

When Mrs. Jier came out wearing the qipao, Song Wuyou's eyes lit up. At that moment she felt Mrs. Jier could carry any style of qipao.

"Eldest Young Master." At this time, Mrs. Jier's eldest son, Cheng Junhua returned, being greeted respectfully by the servants.

Cheng Junhua looked focused, walking in in steady steps. When he saw Mrs. Jier, the sharp look in his eyes brightened, "Mom, you bought new clothes?"

His low yet clear voice attracted Song Wuyou's attention. Coincidentally, Cheng Junhua spotted her.

Chapter 226: A Hairpin For Me…

Meeting Cheng Junhua's sharp eyes, Song Wuyou subconsciously frowned a little. Instinct tells her that this is not an amiable character.

Similarly, an indiscernible light flickered in Cheng Junhua's eyes upon seeing Song Wuyou. He could sense that this woman's temperament stood out from the others in contradiction to that pretty little face of hers, but that her deep quiet eyes gave others a different impression, because the way they looked at the world was so impassive.

Mrs. Jier spread her arms out, making a graceful twirl. When she stopped she faced Cheng Junhua and asked, "Junhua, what do you think?" a

Cheng Junhua looked at Mrs. Jier, complimenting her, "It's very beautiful, suits your temperament very well."

"Wuyou designed it especially for me." Mrs. Jier smiled happily.

"Wuyou?" Cheng Junhua's arched up a single brow, a question in his eyes as he turned sharply toward Song Wuyou: "Gu Yanhao's wife, Song Wuyou?"

Song Wuyou nodded: "Exactly."

Mu Gu rode hard and fast on his horse one lap around the ranch, slowing down at the same enormous statue in the middle of the fields. Both his hands held the reins, while the gentle breeze tousled his hair. His eyes narrowed as he stared at this Leaping Over Dragon Gate sculpture.

Last time, Song Wuyou suffered serious injuries because she crashed into the sculpture. Mu Gu's line of sight gradually shifted to the spot where Song Wuyou had lain as the scene replayed again in his mind. Her face grimacing in pain, bearing a different melancholy… that desolate, hollow despair, calling out Dongfang Xuan's name in her feeble voice—

Jia—Jia— the sounds of a horse galloping sounded behind him, approaching closer and closer to him.

Xu— a white horse stopped in front of Mu Gu, and the person riding it was Mu Xin. Mu Xin was still dressed in the same clothes she wore at Mrs. Jier's villa this morning.

"Brother, I saw Sister Wuyou this morning in Junguo's house." Mu Xin sounded enthusiastic.

Hearing the name 'Wuyou' pulled Mu Gu, who was lost in thought, back to the present. Veiled behind the thick lashes of his peach blossom eyes, his pupils darkened.

Sister Wuyou? This term sounded so intimate. Mu Xin is friend with Wuyou now? Mu Gu wasn't surprised at all that Song Wuyou would appear in Mrs. Jier's residence. He already knew Song Wuyou was helping Mrs. Jier to tailor some qipao in recent days.

"You face is all red from excitement. Did Song Wuyou give you some pleasant surprise?" Mu Gu flipped his hair, resuming his usual sunny cool big brother ACT in front of Mu Xin.

"Did you know? The person who gifted me with that unique dress was Sister Wuyou! I was so foolish at that time. the card already stated 'No worries and carefree', but even then I failed to make the connection to her." Mu Xin chattered on cheerfully, "Sister Wuyou also said that she has a hairpin she wants to give me, She will send it here to the ranch when she's free."

An expectant light sparkled for a second in Mu Gu's warm peach blossom eyes. Song Wuyou wants to come to the ranch?

Seeing how Mu Gu didn't show much reaction after hearing that the dress was given by Song Wuyou, Mu Xin asked, "Brother, you're not surprised?"

Mu Gu raised his lips in a gentle smile at Mu Xin, "What's to be surprised about?"

"That fashion competition first place winning design was created by Sister Wuyou, moreover, it was made by her personally step by step. You're not surprised?"

Mu Gu remained nonchalant, "What's there for me to be surprised about? The one who should be surprised is Ah Hao."

"Sister Wuyou is so beautiful, and friendly to boot. It was right for Brother Ah Hao to marry her." Recalling Song Wuyou's grace and smile, she couldn't help but get immersed in her new idol. Truly a goddess. She wasn't close to her before this. Most of the things she knew she'd heard from Song Jiuyue. Purely based on what she heard, at that time, Mu Xin really did not like Song Wuyou. But now, after spending some time with Song Wuyou, her view changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

Watching that expression on Mu Xin's face, as if she was about to fall in love with Song Wuyou, Mu Gu chuckled lowly, "You used to whine in front of me, asking why Ah Hao married her and not Song Jiuyue."

Chapter 227: "You Seem To Like Mrs. Gu A Lot."

Mu Xin gave an embarrassed laugh, "Wasn't that because I hadn't met Sister Wuyou in person before?"

Mu Gu looked at her warmly, "Now that you've met her, you like her very much?"

Mu Xin nodded her head profusely, "En, en, en! She's really beautiful oh~~!"

"Wuyou don't have a lot of friends. Since you like her so much, invite her over to play when you're free," Mu Gu said.

"En, we exchanged WeChat contacts, and phone numbers too." Mu Xin exposed an impish grin, "Sister Wuyou said she likes riding horses and archery. Hehe, her hobbies are exactly like mine. I will grandly invite her to come play at the ranch one day."

A faint smile remained on Mu Gu's lips while looking at Mu Xin. He has rarely seen Mu Xin showing such goodwill to another woman to the extent that her face was all red with excitement. Not even Song Jiuyue.

"Brother, I'm going back." Her thighs exuded pressure over the horse beneath her. With a low neigh, the horse galloped forward, leaving Mu Gu behind.

Mu Gu's peach blossom eyes narrowed as if pondering something as he watched Mu Xin's silhouette grow smaller as she rode further away. A long time later he looked away, and at that moment he caught sight of the sculpture once more. His hands gently flicked the reins and the horse beneath him raised its head and started to trot forward.

On the way, they ran into the ranch supervisor who was watching the workers cutting grass. Catching sight of Mu Gu coming over, he hurried over to salute: "Young Master!"

Mu Gu pulled the horse over to a stop, coldly ordering the supervisor, "Go arrange for that Leaping Over Dragon Gate sculpture demolished."

The supervisor was stunned: "What?"

Mu Gu's sharp eyes swept over the supervisor, "Do you want me to repeat it a second time?"

The supervisor quickly nodded in compliance, "Subordinate understands! Subordinate will immediately arrange for people to demolish it!"

Young Master specially hired people to sculpt that Leaping Over Dragon Gate statue, and it was only ready last year at a cost of several thousand. It has yet to reach a full year, and now Young Master wants it demolished.

In fact, that sculpture looked impressive.

A low-key silver Rolls Royce parked in front of the Cheng's luxurious villa.

The window rolled down and the man looked out, watching Song Wuyou and Mrs. Jier's amiable interaction, laughing as they talked. An indistinguishable light flickered in the pair of obsidian black eyes.

Two women of different generations, yet both exuded a similar dignified grace.

Mrs. Jier sent Song Wuyou all the way to the silver Rolls Royce, greeting the man in the car cordially.

Gu Yanhao nodded. He turned to Song Wuyou, and in his low but clear voice he said: "Get in."

After bidding farewell to Mrs. Jier, Song Wuyou got into the car. The moment she got in, Gu Yanhao's slender body leaned over, bringing with him the hard-to-resist male pheromones crowding her sense of smell.

Song Wuyou shifted back slightly. Seeing that Gu Yanhao was only helping her put on the safety belt, she turned away to hide her embarrassment, smiling at Mrs. Jier while indirectly catching a glimpse of Cheng Junhua standing behind Mrs. Jier. Dressed in military green uniform, he was looking in their direction with a kind of sharp gaze.

Seemingly looking at her, yet also at Gu Yanhao.

Song Wuyou frowned, an indication of displeasure at Cheng Junhua's penetrating gaze that seemed as if it was capable of seeing through everyone.

The car drove away. Only when the car disappeared from view did Mrs. Jier retrieved her gaze, turning back toward the villa with obvious reluctance. At the precise moment she turned around, a faint hint of sadness showed in her eyes, but when she saw Cheng Junhua in front of her, this faint sadness was hidden quickly, as if it wasn't there in the first place. Mrs. Jier flashed Cheng Junhua a graceful smile, asking in a gentle voice, " Are you going out?"

Cheng Junhua's sharp and assessing gaze seemed locked onto Mrs. Jier, "You seemed to like Mrs. Gu a lot."

Chapter 228: Some Things, One Must Know Not To Cross The Line

Mrs. Jier smiled naturally, "The qipao she tailored is perfect."

Chen Junhua's eyes narrowed at Mrs. Jier. The look he gave Mrs. Jier became even sharper and more cutting as if he wanted to see through every hidden secret inside Mrs. Jier's soul. A tingling guilt rose in Mrs. Jier's heart as she looked away, "I'm going in first to change out of this qipao. The dinner event is in a few days." With that, Mrs. Jier stepped towards the villa living room.

"Mom, don't you feel Mrs. Gu's eyes look similar to yours?" Cheng Junhua moved his body slightly to the side, his penetrating gaze never leaving Mrs. Jier.

Mrs. Jier's heart trembled at the question, stiffening entirely.

Cheng Junhua continued to look deeply at Mrs. Jier, "Mom, some things, one must know not to cross the line."

Mrs. Jier was stunned, completely bewildered as she looked wide-eyed at Cheng Junhua.

"Everyone says Mrs. Jier is cold, standoffish, and dislikes socializing, but seeing the two of you coming out together just now, it seems both of you are very friendly." Gu Yanhao easily maneuvered the steering wheel, taking a quick glance at Song Wuyou beside him, a smile on his face.

"Is Mrs. Jier cold?" Song Wuyou shook her head, "She treats Mu Xin very well."

"Mu Xin is her future daughter-in-law, it's granted she treats her well."

Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao, "You're saying that it's not normal that Mrs. Jier treats me well?"

Gu Yanhao gave a low, gravelly laugh, focusing on the road with a good mood, "Sis Song didn't prepare dinner for our tonight, let's eat out."

"Up to you."

Gu Yanhao glanced sideways, rakishly raising an eyebrow as he slid a look at Wuyou..

They arrived at a high class romantic restaurant. Entering the restaurant, a quiet and elegantly decorated dining venue came into view, totally unlike the usual noisy restaurants. There was a long passage before one reached the dining area, laid with thick red carpet. Famous artworks hung on either side of the wall. This passage gave the impression of exclusivity and elegance.

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou were led to the dining area by a friendly waiter. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere in the dining area was very romantic, with soft lighting and an exquisite atmosphere. Song Wuyou noticed that most of the customers at the tables consisted of one man and one woman… couples, pairs. She suddenly thought of it as a lover's restaurant. She looked at Gu Yanhao, but he merely smiled at her. Not knowing why, meeting his smile, Song Wuyou's heart softened a little.

Gu Yanhao selected a table close to the window. Sitting here, they could enjoy the restaurant's back garden view.
After Gu Yanhao placed the order, Song Wuyou asked, "Why did you pick this place?"

"This is a nice spot, we can enjoy the garden view outside." Gu Yanhao gazed softly at her as he answered.

"I'm not referring this table, but this restaurant. Why come to this restaurant to eat?"

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow, "You don't like this restaurant?"

Song Wuyou glanced around, saying, "This is a lover's restaurant." They even had a small dance floor in the center, playing a slow piano tune in the background that suited the restaurant's atmosphere very well.

Gu Yanhao's lips curved up at the corners, "That's right, it's a lover restaurant. Even the name is very romantic, Love You."

"That is crude, not romantic."

"As long as you let the other feel your love, it doesn't matter, even if it is a bit crude."

Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao as if she was looking at a stranger. Laughter bubbled from her throat, "Since when have you turned into St. Valentine?"

Gu Yanhao's bewitching eyes looked deeply into Song Wuyou's as he purred, "When I'm in front of you."

AN: Young Master Gu Shao, want to chase our Miss Song, bring out some sincerity.

Chapter 229: Use My Warm Enthusiasm To Stick To Your Cold Butt?

Song Wuyou smiled with serene indifference, but because of his alluring smile her soul was hooked away, sending ripples across her heart.

Cannot be moved by him so easily! Song Wuyou raised her eyes, fixing her gaze on Gu Yanhao's smiling face. He has the exact same face as Dongfang Xuan, perhaps he was even Dongfang Xuan's reincarnation. If he really was Dongfang Xuan's reincarnation, even with the gap of thousands of years, he was still that same man that hurt her. The person that punished her nine familial connections and ordered her to her death. How could she be moved by him?

Her serene indifference pricked at Gu Yanhao's heart. His eyes darkened while looking at Song Wuyou, "Song Wuyou, can't you treat me with a little more warm enthusiasm?"

Song Wuyou blanked for a brief moment, then her eyes sharpened slightly as she stared at Gu Yanhao, "Use my warm enthusiasm to stick to your cold butt?"

Gu Yanhao was curious, "You want to stick to my cold butt?"


Gu Yanhao suddenly flashed a devilish smile, "After dinner, when we get home, you can stick all you like."

Song Wuyou's face turned red. Glaring at him, she dismissed him with:"Getting more and more absurd."

Gu Yanhao's hand reached out, lightly flicking her forehead as a low chuckle escaped from his throat, "Yes, and you're becoming more and more proper." Compared to before, the Song Wuyou now was way more proper than before.

Their orders were brought to the table one after another. Looking at the number of dishes on the table, one of them was hand-shredded Beggar's Chicken. Other dishes were also things she liked to eat.

"Why is it all only my favorite dishes?" Song Wuyou's eyes roamed around the colorful dishes.

Gu Yanhao smiled, "Also my favorite dishes."

Song Wuyou's brows wrinkled in doubt, puzzled as she looked at him.

Mirth danced in Gu Yanhao's eyes, "Are you going to keep staring at me or start eating?"

"Start eating." Song Wuyou picked up her chopsticks and began attacking the dishes. The first dish she picked was the hand-shredded Beggar's Chicken, but it didn't compare to the one she made herself, or even the one Mu Gu made. Still, she wasn't one to be picky with food. Her appetite was good, tasting almost every dish that was served.

The last item was dessert, two small palm-sized cakes. One for each of them. Song Wuyou pushed her portion toward Gu Yanhao saying, "I'm very full, you eat it."

Looking at her, Gu Yanhao's eyes turned slightly gloomy, "You don't like desserts?" What she loved most in the past was dessert. (Other than him heh!) The fridge at home used to be filled with many different flavors and sizes of cakes.

"Can't eat anymore," Song Wuyou said.

Gu Yanhao smiled, "I heard girls like to eat dessert."

"I'm not a little girl anymore." Song Wuyou didn't care much for it.

"Eat." Gu Yanhao gestured towards the little piece of cake using his chin. "This restaurant is famous for its desserts; having one or two bites is good enough."


"Chocolate replenishes the body with energy."


"You're too thin and weak, breast and butt are not big enough, dessert can help add some curves to you."

Song Wuyou glared daggers at him. Fine, she will eat. Babbling and nagging and saying so much nonsense. Even bringing up breasts and butts at the table, simply too much…

Song Wuyou picked up the small dessert spoon, lifting up a small piece to her mouth. It indeed tasted good. Although it was dessert, it wasn't heavy. One wouldn't feel stuffed even after eating ttastes them.

"It taste good, doesn't it?" Gu Yanhao asked.

Song Wuyou raised her head, a minuscule frown on her face. Why is this man looking at her with anticipation?

Could it be….?

"You made this dessert yourself?" It can't be, he has been sitting here the whole time.

Gu Yanhao tilted his chin proudly at her words, "I'm a true man, I don't do this."

Chapter 230: Giving You Your Wedding Ring

Then, with a devilish smile on his face he said, "If you like, I will reluctantly put down my prestigious self to serve you. How about it?"

The corners of Song Wuyou's lips twitched, "I'm afraid I will suffer indigestion." Her attention returned to the dessert after saying that, taking another bite. En, this dessert is indeed delicious. Her tiny bites became bigger and bigger, and when this big bite entered her mouth: En, something hard knocked against her teeth?

Noticing the little movement around her mouth, Gu Yanhao tensed up, watching her reaction.

Song Wuyou used her tongue to hold the hard thing in her mouth while swallowing the cake down, then she pushed the thing out of her mouth with her tongue, catching it in her palm.

A ring? Song Wuyou raised her head, looking at the opposite Gu Yanhao in confusion. Gu Yanhao had lowered his head, pretending to eat his dessert, and didn't seem to have any idea what was happening on Song Wuyou's side.

"Gu Yanhao, this is your prank?" Song Wuyou asked.

Gu Yanhao raised his head at her question, "What prank, this is called romance."

"Why are you giving me a ring all out of nowhere?" Song Wuyou didn't understand.

"Wedding ring."


Gu Yanhao softened, "To compensate for your wedding ring."

Yet, his words had an adverse effect. Instead of feeling jubilant, a sourness filled Song Wuyou's heart. The original host had loved him since she was thirteen. Though in the end he married her, there was no wedding, no flowers, and no ring.

His aloof coldness towards her in their three years of marriage was her sore point, something that the original host couldn't understand at all. The intensity of her capriciousness was a reflection of the hurt she felt inside. Song Wuyou was feeling quite flat emotionally at the moment as she'd already guessed he had a motive for making her eat that dessert.

She gave the ring back to Gu Yanhao, "I don't like it."

Gu Yanhao's face sank, "Don't like this design or don't like the ring?"

"Don't like the ring." Song Wuyou added, "Putting it on doesn't look nice." Her fingers were slender and fair. A ring would only cover their beauty.

Growing gloomier, his obsidian gaze tried to penetrate her defences. "Is it that wearing a ring doesn't look nice, or you don't want to accept the ring I give you?"

Song Wuyou looked at him, finding the situation laughable, "Gu Yanhao, you gave me a divorce agreement not long ago, now you're compensating me with a wedding ring. Don't you think this is absolutely ironic?"

Again she mentioned the divorce papers.

"We've rolled in under the bedsheets many times." Gu Yanhao stated matter-of-factly.

"Till the day we go through the formalities at the Civil Affairs Bureau for our divorce, I will carry out my wifely duties." Song Wuyou uttered these words nonchalantly, but… her heart didn't feel comfortable.

"Put it on!" Gu Yanhao grabbed the ring with one hand and her hand with the other, putting the ring on for her.

"You…!" There was no room for Song Wuyou to pull her hand back. She glared fiercely at Gu Yanhao, "You always do as you please! Dictator!"

After putting on the ring on her, Gu Yanhao did not release her hands. Smiling faintly, "I will only show you a more domineering side of myself! Also, you will be carrying out your wifely duties daily, for the rest of your life."

"You're so hateful!" Song Wuyou shot him a stern dissatisfied look. She took a quick glance at the ring on her finger: was it because of the original host's residual feelings, or did she actually did not hate it that much?.

"Let's find a day, we'll compensate the wedding ceremony as well." Gu Yanhao chuckled happily. This was the first time Song Wuyou saw him smiling so sweetly, so sunny.

Song Wuyou snorted, "I'm signing that paper once we go home."

Gu Yanhao's smile disappeared, but it returned full force with a hint of danger, "You can try! I don't mind using multiple…ways… to subjugate you!"

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