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Chapter 963: Elder Feng's Plea (2)

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Feng Xiaoxiao's expression slowly sank but she quickly recovered her composure. Her face lifted with a gentle smile while her voice was like a gentle breeze, "Since she is a member of the Dark Yin Palace, I won't quibble with you. I'll take my leave now."

Feng Xiaoxiao joined her fists and bowed before turning towards the group next to her and gave the order, "We're leaving!"

"Yes! Eldest Lady."

The group hurriedly responded and followed Feng Xiaoxiao as she left.

Elder Feng had taken one last look at Gu Ruoyun before he left and he looked as if he has had to swallow the words on the tip of his tongue. However, he had kept quiet in the end and said nothing before he left the plaza.

"Xiao Yun'er, had you done this on purpose?" Zuo Shangchen smiled exasperatedly, "Had you purposely done this to expose my true identity?"

"You're overanalyzing things." Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun glanced at Zuo Shangchen's impish features and lifted the corners of her lips, "I refined that pill simply to help restore my Master's good name. I don't wish for him to be wrongly accused. As for digging out your true identity, that... Had been a complete accident."

Actually, even if Zuo Shangchen had refused to admit it, she could still confirm his identity! Otherwise, he would never have come here at all and his powers could not have possibly grown to such a tremendous degree! As for refining the pill in public, she had absolute confidence in her ability to do so!

Even though Wind Valley wished to have her in their ranks, they would not attack so openly in public. Otherwise, based on the First City's rules, Wind Valley would be severely punished. Hence, they would only dare to operate on the sly.

Since they would only be making small movements in the dark, she has nothing to fear!

An enchanting and evil smile was hanging on Zuo Shangchen's face once again. He threw a coquettish glance at Gu Ruoyun as he said, "Xiao Yun'er, if you let me give you a hug, I will shoulder the difficult burden of becoming your bodyguard.  1  What do you say?"

As he said this, the impish man had prepared himself for rejection because this little girl would never even come near him. However, just as he was about to continue speaking, a flash of green robes suddenly appeared in front of him, reached out her arms and gently pulled him into a hug.

Zuo Shangchen was in shock. He widened his mouth but the words would not come. A clear and faint voice rang in his ear.

"Thank you."

She had hugged him not because she wanted his protection but because she wanted to thank him!

Even though this man had protected her for her brother's sake, one cannot criticise the fact that he has indeed helped her out many times! Simply based on these few occasions where he had extended his help, she must be grateful to him!

"Evildoer, even though I had not really needed your help this time, you had still ended up offending Wind Valley for my sake. So, in the future, if there's anything that you need, just say the word. I'll rush right over to help you even if I was a thousand miles away."

Gu Ruoyun released him from her hug as a smile hung upon her delicate and pretty features. Her eyes were like stars in the night sky, so beautiful that one could not turn away.

Zuo Shangchen felt a warm feeling enveloping his heart as he stared at the woman's delicate features.

Though he was the Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country, due to the fact that he had been brought up in the Imperial harem, he had lacked a sense of security ever since he was a child. If his Master had not saved him and helped in him his breakthroughs, he would have probably ended up dying in the vicious and greedy Imperial Harem!

It was only when he had met Gu Shengxiao that he began to understand what warmth feels like! It was also due to this very reason that he had chosen to make the journey to Azure Dragon Country and protect Gu Shengxiao's beloved sister! However, he was no longer only protecting her for Gu Shengxiao's sake now but because she has touched his heart as well!

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Chapter 964: Elder Feng's Plea (3)

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Even if he has to give up everything including his life, he would do so to protect these two siblings!

However, of all the times, a voice that dampened one's spirit suddenly rang out at this moment.

"Father, father, what's happened to you? Who? Who was the one who had injured my father and left him in such a state? Who did this?"

That voice was so loud that its source seems to be shouting herself hoarse and instantly drew everyone's attention.

All the crowd saw was Huang Feifei who was lying on top of Elder Huang's body as her bloodshot gaze darted all over her surroundings before finally resting upon Gu Ruoyun. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Was it you? Were you the one responsible for hurting my father? I'm going to kill you!"

Huang Feifei rose to her feet immediately and charged like a madwoman towards Gu Ruoyun. Her hair was in disarray as if she has lost her sanity.


However, before Huang Feifei could reach Gu Ruoyun, a swift and sharp-eyed Medicine Sect disciple slapped her. Soon after that, the disciple stared adoringly at Gu Ruoyun and looked absolutely pleased with his achievement.

"Lin Yi, you dare to raise your hand against me? Did you forget how you had once tried to get into my good graces? Besides, you had promised me that you would help me in my plot against this Gu Ruoyun woman!"

Huang Feifei was thoroughly maddened. She never thought that Lin Yi, who had once tried to curry favor from her, would end up protecting this woman and had slapped her out of the way!

However, since Huang Feifei has been crippled and had lost her powers, she does not have the right to join the general meeting. Hence, she was not aware of what had happened earlier on! She had only just managed to find a gap and slipped in, intending to sneak a peek at how her own father would tyrannize Gu Ruoyun. However, she did not think that she would end up seeing her father, who was close to death, lying on the plaza.

What angered her the most was that no one in the Medicine Sect had bothered to treat her father! They had just left him lying there!

Huang Feifei then lost all sense of rationality and had charged right out from the crowd!

"Huang Feifei, what bullsh*t are you spouting?"

Lin Yi grew anxious when he heard Huang Feifei's claims and roared crudely, "How could I possibly have tried to curry favor from you? You dare to slander me by saying that I had plotted against Grand Master Gu? Who do you think you are? You're only a good-for-nothing now! Without Elder Huang as your backbone, your madness is for sh*t!"

In order to prove his resolution, Lin Yi walked up to Huang Feifei and spat on her as he said these words.

Huang Feifei quickly raised her hand to block the spittle but could do nothing stop the stink from his saliva! His bad breath nearly made her faint. She stared at Lin Yi hatefully while her face flushed red as if she had been completely humiliated.

Everyone else finally returned to their senses and quickly turned towards Huang Feifei.

After all, this was a good opportunity for them to display their loyalty to Gu Ruoyun. If they made her happy, perhaps they would be able to break through with any of her pills!

"You... What are all of you going to do?"

As Huang Feifei stared at those unscrupulous eyes, she could no longer care about the unconscious Elder Huang who was lying on the ground. She crawled to her feet and tried to run but the way out was now blocked by someone else. She was completely surrounded.

"I'm telling you! My father is a member of Wind Valley! This time, a physician has arrived from Wind Valley and that physician is the only one with the ability to refine pills! If you all plan on crossing me now, the consequences will be unthinkable, Wind Valley will never spare any of you!"

Ah, right, where's Wind Valley?

At the mention of these words, Huang Feifei suddenly came to her senses.  Why have the members of Wind Valley mysteriously vanished and had left my father lying on the ground so close to death?

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