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Chapter 958: Supreme Mystery Pill (9)

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"Elder Feng, do you think that she'll manage to refine a pill?" Feng Xiaoxiao smiled mildly as she sending a lukewarm gaze at Gu Ruoyun's direction. No one could really tell what she was thinking.

Hearing this, Elder Feng sneered and spoke rather scornfully, "My Lady, please forgive me for being straightforward but I don't think that she has the ability to do so."

Forget about Elder Feng, even Feng Xiaoxiao does not think that it would be possible for Gu Ruoyun to refine the pill successfully. As for Gu Ruoyun's previous prediction of how the medicine cauldron would explode, perhaps... That had been only a mere coincidence.

At the center of the plaza, the figure in green was like a bamboo tree as she stood tall in front of the medicine cauldron. The woman did not seem to hear the surrounding chatter. Her delicate features were absolutely calm as a clear and cold light reflected in her black eyes like moonlight.


Elder Feng unconsciously shook at the sight of her familiar movements and he mildly wrinkled his brows. At this moment, he absent-mindedly thought that this young woman actually had a chance at refining the pill but how could this be possible? Aside from those rich and famous forces in the First City, no one in the outside would possibly know the art of pill refinement.

Elder Feng laughed at himself at the thought of this. He then calmed himself down and watched Gu Ruoyun's every move.

"It's finished!"

Elder Li shook his head and his eyes filled with pity as he stared at Gu Ruoyun, "Eldest Lady, there's nothing more to see from here on. Should we leave?"

There's nothing more to say! This woman is certainly very intelligent! She has managed to pick up a bit of the pill refinement process after watching Elder Feng's actions! However, does she think that she would be able to refine a pill successfully just like that? That's too much of a joke!

Elder Li was not the only one who thought this way about Ruoyun, everyone in the plaza had exactly the same opinion!

In their point of view, Gu Ruoyun had merely learned a few methods from Elder Feng after watching his pill refinement process! While everyone admired Gu Ruoyun's talent, they also felt disdain as well!

Had she not seen how Elder Feng had failed despite being assisted by the Holy Docter and Gao Lin? So what if she had managed to sneakily pick up Elder Feng's pill refinement skills? She will also fail as well! Nevertheless, she still made arrogant claims about how she was on a higher level than Elder Feng!

At the end of the day, was she not merely copying Elder Feng's method of pill refinement?

This had been based on the observations of those who were unfamiliar with the art of pill refinement! Only Elder Feng was becoming even more surprised while the expression on his elderly features changed and changed again. Furthermore, he did not even dare to blink as he watched Gu Ruoyun fixedly.

Perhaps a spectator would think that the pill refining method between the both of them was almost identical but Elder Feng understood perfectly that if he was a pill refining apprentice, Gu Ruoyun was a master! Be it the proficiency in her movements and the level of control in her mental energy, his abilities were a far cry from hers!


The sequence that she used in placing the medicinal herbs was not in accordance with the pill formula! Perhaps, in the eyes of a spectator, this would not make much of a difference but Elder Feng knew that this sequence determined whether one would be able to refine the pill successfully!

Could it be that this little girl actually has pill refining abilities? He wondered.

Elder Feng's eyes sank and he took a deep breath. He ignored the noise around him and paid very close attention to Gu Ruoyun's movements the entire time.

"Let's go."

Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head as her expression displayed a sense of pity. Honestly speaking, I rather admired Gu Ruoyun. Even her egotistical attitude resembled that person!  

Then again, Feng Xiaoxiao also understood that Gu Ruoyun could not possibly refine this pill successfully.

Just as she was about to leave, a loud blast exploded from the center of the plaza. 

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Chapter 959: Supreme Mystery Pill (10)

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This explosion was much smaller than the previous explosion and did not end up spreading throughout the people in the plaza. However, it had been enough to silence the entire plaza.

Feng Xiaoxiao paused in her steps and turned towards the smoke-filled center of the plaza. She then frowned and sighed gently, "It looks like she had failed at the end!"

Only a failure would lead to an explosion in the medicine cauldron! Everyone knows this.

"Hehe," Elder Feng laughed as his elderly face displayed his initial arrogance and gloomy pallor once again. However, it goes without saying that a twinge of sympathy appeared in the corner of his eye, "It seems that I had been wrong, this little girl does not know how to refine pills! She's also worse than me! Even the magnitude of her explosion is much smaller than mine!"

Everyone knows that any failure in the pill refinement process would result in an explosion. If the pill has an abundance of spiritual energy, the blast would be even more powerful! Of course, explosions which lacked magnitude like Gu Ruoyun's proves that the pill she was refining, even if she had been successful, could not be considered as an actual pill. It could only be considered as an average medicinal pill.

Bai Zhongtian was momentarily dazed before he rushed towards the center of the plaza as if seized by a bout of madness. His bloodshot eyes looked ready to gobble a person whole as he bellowed furiously, "All of you, get out of my way!"

When they saw the maddened look in the old geezer's eyes, those standing at the front did not dare get in his way and quickly split into two sides, carving a wide path for him. Of course, those who had not been able to move quickly enough were kicked out of the way by the old geezer. Soon after, he rushed towards the center of the plaza at top speed under the eyes of the crowd, close to tears but unable to weep.

"Damned girl, I had warned you not to show off. You f*cking get your *ss out here this instant!"

The center of the plaza was riddled with smoke and dust. Bai Zhongtian gritted his teeth as his bloodshot eyes scanned his surroundings. Even though he was yelling at Gu Ruoyun angrily, his expression looked very close to tears and his entire face was filled with anxiety.

Based on Gu Ruoyun's level of power, if she had not put up any defenses during the blast, the consequences would be unthinkable.

The old man's eyes filled with even more anxiety at the thought as he searched frantically for Gu Ruoyun's figure amongst the smoke and dust.

Just as he was stumbling and staggering about, someone giggled softly behind him, "Master, what on earth have I done to provoke you this time that has caused you to behave like this? You look like you're ready to tear me to pieces."

The old man's legs trembled and his back stiffened. He turned around as if he did not dare to believe his ears. A faintly discernible figure in green appeared before his eyes.

At that moment, the old man's vision clouded over and he quickly rubbed the tears from his eyes as he fiercely replied, "I've told you before, failing in refining the pill is not considered an embarrassment yet you had insisted on ignoring my advice. This old man is your Master! You must abide by everything I say! Instead, you... You..."

At this moment, when Bai Zhongtian remembered the explosion, his heart trembled unconsciously.

He has been living all on his own in lonely bitterness without the need of relying on anyone all these years! This disciple was the only person that he has ever cared about! Previously, when he thought that she had passed on, his only goal in life was to avenge her death!

Now, however...

"Who said that I've failed?"

As the smoke and dust slowly cleared, the scene began to emerge. At the center of the plaza, Gu Ruoyun's face displayed a small smile followed by this one question which fell into everyone's ear.

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Chapter 960: Supreme Mystery Pill (11)

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Who said that I've failed?

Everyone was instantly stunned and were unsure what Gu Ruoyun's actually means! Though the medicine cauldron had exploded, could the pill refinement process not be a failure after all?

Very soon, Bai Zhongtian asked the question which was on everyone's mind, "Didn't you blow up the medicine cauldron during the pill refinement process?"

"The medicine cauldron, you say?" Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose and shrugged her shoulders, "That was because that medicine cauldron's quality was much too appalling. It could not withstand the power generated from a successfully refined pill. Naturally, it had then exploded. It was a good thing that I managed to refine the pill before that happened!"

She opened the palm of her hand as she said this. Three emerald-green pills emitted a sparkling and translucent light along with an abundance of spiritual energy as they rested in her jade-like palm. Everyone in the area felt as if their spiritual energy had increased a little just by looking at those pills.

Even that mild increase was like a lightning strike on a clear day which blasted fiercely into the crowd.

"Pills? Are those really pills? How could this be? This little girl was actually able to refine pills?"

"This was something that even Elder Feng had failed in yet she had succeeded. Furthermore, she had not required any help. This... This isn't just talent, this is simply an abnormality!"

"I can confirm that those are indeed pills! When she had produced those pills, I only had a whiff of aura from within the pills and the spiritual energy within my body has increased a few times over. If I swallowed these pills, I might actually have a breakthrough on the spot!"


Everyone in the plaza was plunged into confusion from this knowledge. Every eye was staring at Gu Ruoyun's palm and one could actually hear the gulping sound of saliva in the plaza!

After all, these are pills.

Today, they had all been fortunate enough to witness the birth of pills! How great of an honor was that? Even if they were to leave the Medicine Sect without achieving anything, they had gained enough boasting rights!

Feng Xiaoxiao had her gaze locked on Gu Ruoyun the entire time. An unreadable light flashed in her pretty eyes and no one could tell what she was thinking!

However, no one in this plaza was more shocked than Elder Feng.

It was also at this very moment when he suddenly remembered Gu Ruoyun's words to him! Instantly, his usually arrogant-looking features were awash with humiliation along with a deep excitement.

"I did tell you," Gu Ruoyun looked at Elder Feng and spoke serenely, "Your failure in refining the pill was because you lacked the ability! It had nothing to do with my Master! He was only your temporary helper but that does not mean that you could push all the blame on him! I will never let anyone slander my Master either."

Elder Feng looked absolutely ashamed and he rubbed his palm in embarrassment, "This... This..."

After saying so much for half a day, in the end, he was unable to say anything else aside from the word 'this'.


Gu Ruoyun turned towards Bai Zhongtian and smiled, "Your disciple has succeeded in the assignment, I've finally managed to refine successfully."

At this moment, aside from a sense of surprise towards his own disciple, Bai Zhongtian mostly felt a sense of pride! She was his disciple! The greater his disciple's achievements, the more he, as her Master, would feel proud.


"Hehe," Bai Zhongtian chuckled and replied fawningly, "Good disciple, can you teach me the art of pill refinement? I'd like to refine pills on my own as well."

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Chapter 961: Supreme Mystery Pill (12)

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Gu Ruoyun nodded, "If you wish to learn, I can teach you."

Hearing this, the crowd could no longer contain themselves. After all, the Holy Doctor was Gu Ruoyun's Master. They had assumed that the Holy Doctor had taught Gu Ruoyun everything she knows. Based on their current observation, it would seem that it was not as they believed.

Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darted back and forth. She then spoke in a light voice, "Miss Gu, there is one thing that I can't understand, who had taught you the art of pill refinement? Could it be that, aside from the Holy Doctor, you have another Master?"

Aside from those terrifyingly powerful forces from the First City, Feng Xiaoxiao simply could not understand it. Who else would have the ability to nurture such an excellent genius?

Hence, she really wants to find out about Gu Ruoyun's true identity!

Gu Ruoyun smiled and said, "My only Master is the Holy Doctor. I had managed to obtain an ancient book by a stroke of luck. That book had contained records. However, today was the first time that I've truly managed to refine a pill. You all know as well as I that pills are more valuable than ancient books. Therefore, I had not been a hundred percent certain that I could actually successfully refine this pill."

Feng Xiaoxiao believed her every word!

It was just as she said, pills were particularly valuable and ancient textbooks which contained explanations on pill refinement were scarce. However, there were still a few of them in the hands of those forces in the First City! As for pills... That would depend entirely on one's luck!

Even Wind Valley has only just heard news of pills for the first time!

"Since that's the case, Miss Gu, I wonder if you would be interested to join Wind Valley as the Chief Pill Master?" A light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes and her face lit up with a smile once again, "As long as you're willing to become Wind Valley's Chief Pill Master, your position would be second only to the Valley Lord and you would be on the same level as me! Furthermore, I will give you the best benefits so that you can refine pills without worrying about the future!"

In the beginning, Feng Xiaoxiao had no intentions of recruiting Gu Ruoyun. After all, she understood that this woman was not the kind of person who could be controlled! One slip up could send Wind Valley into eternal damnation!

However, at this moment, she needs to do everything she could to recruit her! If Gu Ruoyun insists on rejecting the offer, Feng Xiaoxiao would even consider using alternative methods of persuasion to bring positive effects to Wind Valley!

It was really her fault for becoming a Pill Master. Wind Valley's current focus was to defeat that opposing force so they desperately needed a Pill Master! Otherwise, if that organization grows stronger with each passing day, all that waits for Wind Valley was death and destruction!

Because of this, she had to try!

Elder Feng was stunned. He turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao and was unable to comprehend the situation. Previously, when he had wanted to recruit Gu Ruoyun, the Eldest Lady had not been willing to make this decision! However, why would she say such a thing now?

Could this be... Because this little girl was proficient in refining pills?

"Wind Valley's elder had already invited me twice and I had rejected him." Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly. Her eyes were abnormally clear and cold as she continued, "So now, let me say this one more time, my answer is still no!"

Feng Xiaoxiao was not the least bit annoyed with her answer. She retained her light smile as she replied, "Miss Gu, why reject the offer immediately? Perhaps you could think it over. As long as you are willing to take up the position of Wind Valley's Chief Pill Master, I won't refuse any of your conditions!"

Chief Pill Master!

What a great opportunity this is! In Wind Valley, she would hold a position where she would only have one over her and millions under her!

If we were in her place, we would definitely agree to it immediately. However, this girl refuses to see what's good for her and had rejected the offer!

At that moment, the crowd shook their heads and sighed as they stared at Gu Ruoyun, unable to comprehend her thought process.

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Chapter 962: Elder Feng's Plea (1)

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The First City was every cultivator's dream destination on this mainland!


The saying goes that when one enters the First City, one would experience an even greater improvement in their powers! Besides, the First City is filled with Martial Saints! One could only imagine how great the power of the mid-tier Wind Valley was in the First City. Why should she hesitate any further when there such a powerful force is willing to be her backbone?


"Apologies, I'm much too used to my unconstrained life. I don't wish to be tied down by anything or anyone so while I do appreciate your kindness, I have to turn your offer down."


Gu Ruoyun shook her head and replied with a clear, breezy voice as if she had not noticed the looks of envy around her.


Feng Xiaoxiao mildly raised her brows when she heard this and a severe light flashed in her warm gaze. However, before she could speak, a jovial and teasing voice spoke up behind her.


"Tsk, tsk. I never expected Wind Valley to stoop this low. They have rejected your invitation three times but you still refuse to give up? Feng Xiaoxiao, I had the impression that you are an intelligent person but I never thought that you would behave so foolishly. What? Could it be that the great Wind Valley wishes to use their might and force a weak little girl?"


Gu Ruoyun turned around when she head that evil voice. In that instant, a flashy and enticing figure in peach blossom pink appeared before her eyes under the light from the setting sun.


The man's face was lit up with a brilliant smile. This time, he was not seated on the palanquin carried by gorgeous handmaidens. He stood with his hands folded behind his head and his stance was indolent and impish. He looked around lazily as if he had just woken up from a nap.


However, his narrowed peach blossom eyes were filled with a bantering smile and his peerlessly handsome face was like a peach blossom, extremely splendid. He glanced at Gu Ruoyun's gaze and gently curled the corner of his lips before speaking in an indolent manner, "Xiao Yun'er, why are you looking at me like that? Could it be that you've missed me so much after being away from me for just a few days? Since that's the case, my arms are wide open for you. Come and give me a hug."


As he spoke, he opened his arms and that evil smile grew even deeper.


The corners of Gu Ruoyun's mouth twitched a little. She paid no attention to the flashy and enticing evildoer and turned her attention back to Feng Xiaoxiao.


Though Zuo Shangchen had been ignored so easily, he did not feel embarrassed at all. He freely put his hands down then turned his peach blossom gaze towards Feng Xiaoxiao as well. Despite his indolent manner, his eyes were still flashing with a sharp, cold light.


Feng Xiaoxiao has recovered from her initial shock as her expression changed several times. After a long pause, the sharpness in her eyes subsided and the gentle warmth in her gaze returned, "The great Young Master Zuo, I didn't expect you to be here. You've certainly given me a fright."


Hearing this, a light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes. That light then disappeared in a flash and was virtually undetectable.


Nevertheless, Zuo Shangchen, who was standing nearest to Gu Ruoyun, managed to catch the quick flash of light in her eyes. He could not help but laugh bitterly in his heart.  I've tried to conceal this for so long yet, in the end, she had still managed to find out about this...


I didn't have much of a choice either. If I don't step out, Feng Xiaoxiao would never let her leave so easily.


"Feng Xiaoxiao, you've always been very intelligent. You should be aware of what you should and shouldn't do!" Zuo Shangchen laughed but that laughter carried the hint of a threat, " Gu Ruoyun belongs to me 1  . If you wish to make her join Wind Valley, I'm afraid I don't agree with that!"

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