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Chapter 931: A Martial Supreme Breakthrough (1)

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"Are you ready, Master?" 

Yunyao did not seem to notice the little Vermillion Bird's change of heart as her pretty eyes stared fixedly at Gu Ruoyun.

"I'm ready."

Gu Ruoyun nodded gently with a rarely seen seriousness on her face.

"Alright. Master, I want you to follow whatever I tell you to do next. If you find that you absolutely can't continue the process, call me and I will find a way to help you." Yunyao's eyes slowly filled with a somber air but her gaze was filled with resolution as she spoke.

Gu Ruoyun did not reply as she slowly released her mental energy and seeped into Zixie's body.

The situation within Zixie's body then entered Gu Ruoyun's mind through her mental energy.

When she laid her eyes upon the condition in Zixie's body, Gu Ruoyun gasped in surprise.

She looked on as countless forms of energy turned into beams of light and clashed against each other within Zixie's body. His vital organs were all bleeding from the sheer force of the conflict as the energy reverberated inside him as if looking for a way to itself out of his body.

Gu Ruoyun's expression sank. She then took a deep breath and said, "This cannot continue, I must hurry and move quickly. Otherwise, Zixie will be in grave danger. However, the power source has scattered all around his body so I'll have to seal it for him one by one."


As Gu Ruoyun's mental energy came into contact with a wave of energy, she felt as if a powerful force had slammed into her head. It was so painful that she could not help but wrinkle her brow. Even so, she still continued to direct her mental energy into Zixie.

That power source was indeed very powerful! Furthermore, without anything to bind it, Gu Ruoyun could not possibly control it and all it wanted to do was to leave Zixie's body.

Within the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Yunyao observed the increasingly pained look on Gu Ruoyun's face. Yunyao's gaze slowly displayed a sense of anxiety. She then bit her lip and spoke hesitantly, "Tianqiong, was I wrong? Master should not have found out about this matter. If anything happens to her, I..."

That power source was something which not even Lord Zixie had been able to suppress. While Master is indeed highly talented, this power source was not something that she can control in her current state.

"Yunyao," Tianqiong furrowed his brows, "We must believe in her."

Believe in her?

Yunyao laughed bitterly. This is not whether I believe in her or not but, based on her current level of power, she can't possibly accomplish what she has set out to do.

"Tianqiong, if anything goes wrong, we must pull her mental energy out even if we have to give our own lives."

Actually, Yunyao was right, Gu Ruoyun was indeed in a dangerous condition now. Each wave of energy was extremely powerful. Based on her level of power, she would not be able to suppress it just yet. Based on this, one could imagine the kind of terrifying power that has been generated from this power source.

This power had come from Zixie's past life!

"Since my powers are not at your level, I'm going to weaken you first. I'll cripple you to a level where I can resist you!"

Gu Ruoyun smiled icily as she stared at the beams of light which were clashing and shooting all over the place. Her gaze filled with resolve and determination!

"Be restrained!"


The light from one of the power sources' energy fluctuations was instantly extinguished at the sound of Gu Ruoyun's command. Upon careful examination, it almost looks like a gust of wind was absorbing the power source's energy.

Of course, Gu Ruoyun could not absorb the power source completely! Otherwise, even though the power source has been dispersed into countless light beams, each small beam of light was enough to explode her on the spot!

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Chapter 932: A Martial Supreme Breakthrough (2)

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"You are only bits of energy which were once a part of him. Without him, how could you have come into existence? Now, you're taking advantage of him for not being fully grown to bite back at him? Since that's the case, you should at least ask me for my permission!"

"Get back!"


The wave of energy from the power source weakened once again. The power source seemed to sense that its own powers were diminishing and began to panic. It grew even more unstable as it desperately continued to attack Zixie's body and tried to escape from him!

Meanwhile, the light within Gu Ruoyun's body continued to grow and a powerful hurricane began circling around her. Because she was going through a breakthrough in the Ancient Divine Pagoda, the energy that would alert others of a Martial Supreme's breakthrough did not appear.

That was right!

After Gu Ruoyun had forcibly absorbed the power source's energy, she then experienced a breakthrough in her powers! She has just burst into the rank of a low-level Martial Supreme so it was a huge leap in power for her.

"This... What is this?" Yunyao was shocked as she stared dazedly at Gu Ruoyun who had just undergone a breakthrough. Her mind could not process this at the moment and she simply could not understand the situation. Was her Master not helping Zixie seal his power? How has she experienced a breakthrough instead?

"Holy sh*t!"

Little Vermillion Bird, who had been sitting on the medicine cauldron, jumped off from the cauldron's lid when she saw Gu Ruoyun's progress. Her cherubic features were filled with shock and she began to curse not too long after that.

"Madness! This person is insane! Based on her level of power then, she had not been able to seal the power source so she had absorbed part of it! Even if Leader Zixie was her Master 1  , she's risking way too much!"

To absorb someone else's power? The consequence of this is more than being rendered an idiot, she could have died from an inner explosion!

Yet, she would take such a great risk?

Does this fellow have a death wish?

Frankly speaking, Gu Ruoyun was not aware of this matter. She kept her eyes trained on the weakened power source and soon, a smile appeared on her pretty and delicate features.

"Trying to escape? You're going to stay here obediently and wait until you merge back into Zixie."


As she spoke, Gu Ruoyun put her palms together and a wave of energy instantly locked the power source. Very soon, the initially chaotic and clashing energy fluctuations gradually stopped and quietly stayed within Zixie's body.

"While I've now sealed one wave of energy, there are still numerous energy waves that can't be sealed." Gu Ruoyun frowned as she stared at the remaining clashing waves of energy. Her features slowly grew somber as she pondered, "Based on the condition of my body, I shouldn't continue to absorb any more energy. Otherwise, I won't be able to withstand the power from the power source! When that happens, if I die, I wouldn't be able to help Zixie at all."

"Perhaps..." Gu Ruoyun's eyes suddenly lit up, "I can direct this power source to the other spiritual beasts. This way, not only will their powers receive an upgrade, it would lessen the dangers for Zixie."

It had indeed been a huge risk for her to decide and absorb the power source's energy. She had not known if she would be able to absorb it but in order to prevent the power source from continuing to damage Zixie's body, she had taken that risk.

The result shows that she had chosen the right method!

Since she had been able to absorb the power source, this proves that the power source was a masterless entity at this moment. It was an untethered energy which was running afoul so the other spiritual beasts should be able to absorb it as well. 

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Chapter 933: A Martial Supreme Breakthrough (3)

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Once she thought of this solution, Gu Ruoyun no longer hesitated as she immediately transmitted her voice into Yunyao's mind.

"Yunyao, would you all be willing to help absorb a part of Zixie's power source? There would definitely be dangers that come with doing this so I won't force any of you into it. If you're not willing..."

Before she could finish her sentence, a beautiful, gentle and graceful voice echoed in Gu Ruoyun's mind.

"Master, if that's what you need, I am willing no matter what it is!"

When it comes to Gu Ruoyun, they have always maintained a steadfast belief in her abilities and decisions!

Besides, they also believe that Gu Ruoyun would never take any unnecessary risks with their lives. She would never have made this decision if she does not have a hundred percent guarantee. Hence, after Yunyao had voiced her opinion, the other spiritual beasts also agreed to Gu Ruoyun's decision as well.

Even the newly arrived little Vermillion Bird was no different.

"Alright, since that's the case, I'll transfer the energy to all of you in a while. All you need to do is absorb it."

Gu Ruoyun raised her head and looked at the countless power sources before her. Her delicate features lit up with a smile once again.

One day!

Within the course of this one day, Gu Ruoyun had not set foot out of the bedchamber even once. She had set up a formation in her room before threading her way into the Ancient Divine Pagoda and did not emerge at all.

Just how powerful was Zixie at his peak?

Even a small sliver of energy from that power source was enough to generate an overall change in every spiritual beast.

The most powerful one — the little Vermillion Bird, charged through the rank of a Martial Supreme and reached the rank of a Martial Saint instantly. On this mainland, as long as she does not run into the cultivators from the First City, no one could stand in her way.

The Azure Dragon may be the leader of the Four Divine Beasts but because he had sustained heavy injuries in the past, the speed in his recovery was naturally slower than that of the Vermillion Bird's. However, with the help of the power source, he managed to break through to the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme along with the White Tiger! Yunyao had been slightly weaker than the other but has now reached the rank of a low-level Martial Supreme 1  . 

Yan had been pretty powerful prior to this event so his breakthrough was second only to the little Vermillion Bird. He has now become a high-level Martial Supreme!

The snow wolf Baobao was considered the weakest amongst Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beasts and his position was rather low. However, he was the first spiritual beast aside from Zixie that Gu Ruoyun had received after her reincarnation. Most importantly, the snow wolf was a gift that Gu Ruoyun had received from the Ancient Divine Pagoda when she had her breakthrough to the rank of a Martial King.

Since Baobao was not as powerful as the other spiritual beasts, his existence had been rather lowly and, generally speaking, had not been given many chances to dive into action. 2   As he was a spiritual beast which resides in the Ancient Divine Pagoda, he would certainly have a position that far surpasses that of an average spiritual beast.

This time, after absorbing the power source, he has managed to successfully reach the rank of a high-level Martial Honor!

There were quite a number of spiritual beasts following Gu Ruoyun but the amount of energy from the power source was even greater. There was still a lot left to seal so Gu Ruoyun then turned her attention to her subordinates in the Devil Sect.

Gu Ruoyun had placed every member from the Devil Sect into the divine weapon Xiao Hei when she left the West Spirit Mainland. Within Xiao Hei's body was a vast and inexhasutible amount of space. The period of time needed for cultivation was also a few times faster than the time needed in the outside world. The only issue was that as the Master of the divine weapon, Gu Ruoyun could not enter and use it for her own cultivation.

The results that the Devil Sect's members have received from their cultivation was remarkable. Most of them have achieved a significant increase in their power. The Ghost Doctor, Wei Yiyi, was one of the fastest in her progress and has broken through to the rank of a low-level Martial Honor prior to this day!

After absorbing the power source, she then managed to break through to another level and has now become a mid-level Martial Honor! As for the leaders of the  Four Great Authorities 3   that Gu Ruoyun had subdued in Black Rock City, they were already at the brink of becoming high-level Martial Honors. Hence, like Gu Ruoyun, they have now reached the rank of a Martial Supreme!

As for the rest of the disciples of the Devil Sect, they all received a promotion in one rank. Even the weakest amongst them were now low-level Martial Emperors!

"While the risk of failure this time was extremely high, the results were rather remarkable." Gu Ruoyun chuckled softly as she examined the forces within her grasp, "It is unfortunate that Zixie has not awakened. However, I have sealed off this power source so he would now be able to continue and absorb it at his own pace."

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