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Chapter 929: First City, Wind Valley (8)

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Huang Chuan's eyes lit up. He had reached a certain age and would not possibly experience another breakthrough in this lifetime. Since he has now been given the chance to break through to a high-level Martial Supreme, how could he let it slip by?

After all, Gao Lin and the Holy Doctor were only mid-level Martial Supremes. Once he successfully achieves this promotion, the position as Sect Master should easily be in the palm of his hands! It would no longer matter that Gu Ruoyun has powerful spiritual beasts in her hands, he believes that he would definitely be able to defeat one little lolita after his breakthrough!

"Thank you, Elder Feng." Huang Chuan smiled happily. In his heart, he could already envision the Holy Doctor and his disciple crawling beneath his foot. He could not help but look extremely pleased with himself, "Once I've avenged myself and successfully taken over as the Sect Master, I will never forget your goodwill."

Elder Feng nodded, all he wanted was Huang Chuan's wholeheartedness. Even though Wind Valley was a part of the First City, they still require help from powers on the outside! After all, it was not convenient for them to personally act on certain matters! If Huang Chaun becomes the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect, it would be a great boon to the First City.

Gu Ruoyun was seated cross-legged in the midst of cultivation in a guest room. Hence, she was not aware of what had transpired in the world outside.

Suddenly, she sensed a peculiar activity coming from the Ancient Divine Pagoda. However, before she could even think, she had been sucked into it by an unknown force.


Boom, boom, boom!

At this moment, Xiao Zixie was seated on the floor of the Ancient Divine Pagoda with his eyes closed. His adorable little cherubic cheeks were now deathly white as a powerful energy fluctuated around his body. His little body almost looks like it would be torn apart by the impact of that mighty force.

Gu Ruoyun's expression changed greatly as she quickly rushed to Xiao Zixie's side in a flash and pressed both her arms firmly on his shoulder. Her eyes filled with anxiety as she asked, "Zixie, what's happening? What has caused you to become this way?"


Fresh blood was trickling from the ruptures on Zixie's skin. However, the power from within his body continued to explode as if it wanted to rush out of him.

"Xiao Zixie!"

Gu Ruoyun's heart clenched fiercely. However, no matter how much she cried out, the little fellow in front of her did not move and looked almost lifeless. He did not react to Gu Ruoyun at all.


Yunyao glanced at Xiao Zixie who now resembles a bloodied human. Her pretty eyes were filled with a thick sense of anxiety as she said, "Do you remember the power source he had received in the snowfield's forest?"

Gu Ruoyun nodded gently. At the time, Zixie had mentioned that the spiritual beast egg was a power source that he had once sealed away. The object has since returned to its master but that power source had not shown any reaction after entering his body. It had not even generated a breakthrough in his powers so why has it evolved in such a manner?

"In the ancient times, Zixie was extremely powerful. His power was so great that it was at a terrifying stage! Even though his strength had been severely damaged during a fight at that time, he was still almost invincible and far more powerful than his present state! Can you imagine how much power lies within that spiritual beast egg?"

Yunyao laughed bitterly. Once, Zixie had held a godlike existence and had been incomparably powerful. However, he has regressed to the childhood stage and his powers were now only a small fraction of what he used to have in the past. 

"His physical condition is still too weak at the moment and can't possibly endure the full power that he had once held! It was fortunate that this was a power that he had once sealed away. If this were anyone else, they probably would have exploded and died the moment they had absorbed that power source!" Yunyao observed the bloodied Zixie and murmured exasperatedly, "Originally, he should not have absorbed the power source before he reaches adulthood. However, in order to prevent his power source from falling into the hands of another and to obtain enough power to help you, he had taken the risk and absorbed this energy source in a short period of time!"

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Chapter 930: First City, Wind Valley (9)

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Gu Ruoyun's heart shook violently and she clenched her fist in a tight grip.

Zixie... This fellow has always put my best interests first yet he never tells me anything! A few years ago, he had not hesitated to risk his life in exchange for my own. Now, he has been revived with great difficulty and yet he's still only thinking of me.

What have I done in this life to deserve a friend who would give up everything he has for me and would even sacrifice his own life?

"Master, Zixie did not tell you this but during the past few days, he had been using his own powers to suppress that power source within his body. He had been waiting for himself to break through to the rank of a Martial Saint before he absorbed that power source completely. That way, he would then return to his peak abilities! However, no one expected that power source to suddenly become uncontrollable which has caused him to turn out this way."

Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before asking, "Yunyao, do you have any way to help Zixie? If this continues, he may die!"

Zixie has already left me once. This time, no matter what, I won't let him leave me again.

"Master," Yunyao hesitated for a moment before she continued to speak, "There's one way but you'll have to use your mental energy to enter Zixie's body and help him seal the power source in his body! However, there are a few flaws in this method - once Zixie reaches the rank of a Martial Saint, he would not be able to absorb the power source immediately. He would only be able to break the seal progressively!"

"That isn't much." Gu Ruoyun raised her eyes and spoke with determination in her gaze, "Even though I've grown to my current state, it was all due to Zixie's help. If he had not been around, I might have already died a few times over. However, I can't only rely on him constantly. Even if it's impossible for him to return to his peak in an instant... So what? I can stay by his side and accompany him as he slowly grows."

"However," Yunyao paused for a moment then continued to speak, "Master, you and Zixie are tied together by a contract so only your mental energy can be safely used to enter his body but this is also dangerous for you! You are still at the rank of a high-level Martial Honor. 1  If you force your way in to help him seal that source of power, there's a high chance that the power might snap back at you and cause your mental energy to collapse!"

A collapse in mental energy would mean that, from then on, Gu Ruoyun would become an imbecilic fool!

This was Yunyao's greatest worry!

If Gu Ruoyun had reached the level of a Martial Supreme by now, she might have stood a chance to do this without risk. However, she was only at the level of a high-level Martial Honor and would not have enough power to withstand the energy from the power source! At the end of the day, she might not be able to even save Zixie while she herself would end up in a complete disaster.

"Zixie is the first friend that I've encountered in this life." Gu Ruoyun lowered her gaze and looked at the blood-covered boy. A light, the meaning of which no one understands, flashed in her eyes as she said, "He has protected me for so many years and now it's finally my turn to protect him! No matter what, I cannot watch him slowly lose his life. Even if I fail this time, at least I've given him everything I've got."

The Vermillion Bird's eyes moved and she stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock.

I had formed a contract with this woman only for the sake of my friends! Gu Ruoyun's best interests had never in my heart at all.

Yet, this time, I feel as if I've been mistaken in my past convictions about her.

Humans... Not all of them seem to be completely wicked!

At the very least, this woman before me is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her contracted spiritual beast!

This sacrifice comes with a heavy price. If she fails , she would truly be turned into an idiot! Nevertheless, after knowing the consequences, she still chooses to do this... In this world, how many humans would make this kind of sacrifice for a spiritual beast?

"Perhaps my decision in following her is not a mistake." The Vermillion Bird fell silent as she muttered to herself.

It was only at this very moment that she truly felt at peace with having Gu Ruoyun as her Master!

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