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"What did you say?"

Murong Yan stumbled back and her face drained of color as she shook her head, "Impossible, Lady Gu will definitely be able to save him!"

"My good Little Sister, since I've come to see you today, you should already know that the poison in Grandfather's system is behaving as planned! You had personally administered the poison, did you really think that I wouldn't know about it? That friend of yours has harmed Grandfather on purpose. Otherwise, she wouldn't have mentioned the five day time period! The most laughable thing was that you have let someone else use you like a complete fool. Now, the only person who can save Grandfather is me. You'd better think this through thoroughly; will you place your trust in a stranger or save your Grandfather, the person whom you've loved so much since childhood!" Murong Rou'er smiled and her eyes were filled with an icy chill. 

"Murong Rou'er, he's your Grandfather too!" Murong Yan bellowed angrily and clenched her fists so hard that they started trembling.

Her eyes were filled with hopelessness. 

My half-sister whom I've trusted in for so many years would actually do such a thing!

How can I not feel so bitterly disappointed?


Murong Rou'er laughed. She narrowed her eyes which flickered with a cold light, "If he really was my grandfather, why had he treated me so unfairly? What right did he have to favor you over me? Could it be that I'm not really his granddaughter? If he truly loved me, he should have thrown a fool like you out of the family so that your presence would never insult my vision! Someone as idiotic as you do not have the right to carry the Murong family name!"

"Murong Rou'er!" Murong Yan dearly wished that she could punch Murong Rou'er's face. However, she did not act, "What do you want?"

"Do as I say and I will get rid of Grandfather's poison."

Murong Rou'er laughed softly, "Even if Grandfather wakes up and chooses to shield you, you will still be punished for murder. No elder in our family will spare you!"

Murong Yan took a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes. Her shoulders were trembling. 

After a long pause, she gritted her teeth and replied, "Alright, I promise you. Murong Rou'er, you'd better stick to your end of the bargain!"

"Don't worry, as long as you die and plant the blame on your two friends, I'll spare him."

Murong Rou'er herself did not think that Murong Yan would agree to such a thing and had been anxious throughout their confrontation. 

I reckon that in this entire world, only this idiot would sacrifice her own life for another.

In the courtyard, under the bright splendor of sunlight. 

A team of guards surrounded the entire courtyard, leaving no crack unattended. 

At the foremost of the group were a few old men. One of them was someone very familiar to Gu Ruoyun, Elder Er! He might be the second-in-command amongst the elders but the first-in-command was currently away from the household. So, naturally, he would be the decision-maker. 

"Lu Shaochen, move out of the way!"

Elder Er frowned as he spoke coldly to Lu Shaochen who stood in their way. 

"Apologies, Elders. If you wish to see the Master, you'll have to come again tomorrow!" Lu Shaochen glanced at the closed bedroom door and stood determinedly in front of it, refusing to move a single step away!

Elder Er scoffed coldly, "Lu Shaochen, don't think that you can do as you please just because you're a disciple of the Snow Order! This is the Murong family home! No one can help you now. Get out of the way if you know what's good for you!"

"I said no!"

Lu Shaochen laughed icily and remained standing in front of the door, not moving a single inch. 


Suddenly, the energy from within each and every elder began to stir. They aimed it all towards Lu Shaochen, fully intending to crush him. 

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