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The faces of every disciple from the Medicine order turned into a particularly ugly shade. Some even felt hatred towards Wu Yue. This woman had sided with the Dongfang family, they fumed.  A thousand deaths will not atone for her crime!

"Dongfang Yu!"

Elder Xueyi clenched her fists tightly as her malevolent expression filled with hate, "You had once stepped on my head and now your daughter has trampled all over my disciples. Why do the spirits of scoundrels like you refuse to move on? I cannot accept this, I will not accept being defeated by the Dongfang family. One day, the Medicine Order will return and get back everything we deserve!"

Of course, Elder Xueyi's dissatisfaction was only second to that of Rongyue's.

She, whom everyone had considered a genius, had actually lost. And in such an embarrassing manner to boot! This was more than her usual arrogant self could take.


Bai Xiangtian scoffed. He had remained silent from the very beginning. 

"Haha." However, the Honorable Sir Tianqi who was seated next to him, laughed out loud. He rubbed his hands gleefully, "Bai Xiangtian, don't forget the pill formula."

"Honorable Sir Tianqi, even if I give the pill formula to you, you cannot possibly refine pills."

Bai Xiangtian glared at him coldly and replied with a frosty look in his eyes. 

"If I'm unable to refine them, then can you?" The Honorable Sir Tianqi rolled his eyes, "Even if I can't refine pills, I'm still allowed to analyze it for 180 years if I wanted to, right? This was your loss from our wager. So stop gabbing and hand over the pill formula."

Bai Xiangtian's expression turned an ugly shade. But since he had made such a public wager, he could not go back on his word no matter how shameless he was.

So, he pulled out a piece of yellowed paper from his sleeve and threw it to the Honorable Sir Tianqi. 

The Honorable Sir Tianqi quickly snatched up the pill formula with tears of emotion glistening in his eyes. 

After all, pill formulas have mostly vanished from the face of the earth and Bai Xiangtian simply happened to be fortunate enough to discover this formula amongst some ancient ruins. Now that this pill formula was in his possession, how could he not feel emotional?

He almost fiercely planted a kiss on the pill formula in his hands at the thought of this. But the parchment was clearly ancient, so he did not dare act with even the slightest hint of impulsiveness... 

"Ahem." The City Governor cleared his throat and spoke, "I'm actually quite surprised that the Trials has ended so quickly. Next, when I call your name, you may choose any of the Three Great Authorities that you wish to join and you will be granted access to a year's worth of training with your chosen organization."

The crowd stared in anticipation at the city governor. 

"Gu Ruoyun, Wei Yiyi, Zuo Shangchen, Rongyue..."

Every time the City Governor announced a name, the hearts of the crowd would leap as if anticipating that the next name on the list would be theirs. And when he had finished announcing the names of the chosen disciples, they could not help but feel disappointed. 

"Alright." After announcing over twenty names, the City Governor smiled, "To those whose names have been called out, you can choose your desired Authority for your apprenticeship."

The entire plaza fell silent.

The elders of the Three Great Authorities sat in the judges' box, waiting for the chosen disciples to make their selection. 

"Little girl, I've waited for you to join my Spirit Sect for a very long time." The Honorable Sir Tianqi smiled, "As long as you join me, I can ensure that, based on your talents, you can definitely become a direct disciple of our founder and Sect Master. When the time comes, the Spirit Sect shall be yours and your brother's oyster."

Gu Ruoyun's mouth twitched.  This guy... Is being far too straightforward,  she mused . Isn't he afraid of offending the other members of the Spirit Sect?

Elder Jiu sniggered, "Lady Gu, it would also seem that we've been brought together by fate. If you join me in the Courts of Hell, you will soon achieve the highest position second only to our Emperor. Our Master places great value on talented individuals and would never treat you unfairly."

"Humph!" Bai Xiangtian scoffed arrogantly, and shot a glance at Gu Ruoyun, "Little lady, you're a person whose feathers are easily ruffled so you must join the Immortal Realm. Once you join us, I will help you correct your malevolent nature so that you will understand what it means to return good for evil." 

The other two Authorities have provided some rather convincing conditions, that Gu Ruoyun will be second only to their respective sect masters if she chose to join their organization. 

But the Immortal Realm? Not only did they neglect to propose any privileges, they've even told her that they want to teach her the meaning of returning good for evil and to serve the Immortal Realm with no complaints!

If that wasn't foolishness, then what is?

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