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Zuo Shangchen fanned himself gently with a magnificent smile on his face. His every syllable was like a sharp awl, piercing into the black-clothed elder's heart.

"Zuo Shangchen!"

The old man's face darkened, "This matter has nothing to do with the Dark Yin Palace. You shut your mouth."

"Hehe." Zuo Shangchen laughed frostily as a trace of a mocking smile appeared in his phoenix-like eyes, "What? Could it be that the Martial Honor, the Honorable Sir Lingshang, wishes to cause trouble for me, a person younger than him by one generation? Or should we say, that such is the way of the Spirit Sect?"


Just as he finished speaking, the Honorable Sir Tianqi, who had remained seated in the judges' box, could no longer contain himself and began to refute, "This is purely Elder Lingshang's character. It has nothing to do with the Spirit Sect. However, this boy is right. Old man, you may not have any dignity, but the Spirit Sect does. It was your disciple who was in the wrong here and we have many witnesses to prove it. If you still insist on avenging your disciple, don't blame me for standing with the Gu girl and fighting against you!"

The Honorable Sir Lingshang's expression changed greatly until he finally let out a huge sigh and picked Kun Nan up from the ground with one move. He swept his piercing yet gloomy gaze across the Honorable Sir Tianqi until finally settling on Gu Ruoyun who was standing behind Qianbei Ye. 

"Little girl, if my guess is right, you must be Gu Shengxiao's younger sister. So let me give you a piece of advice, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. Always draw a line in everything you do and we will meet in the future on amicable terms. As humans, we should never go overboard or you will face retribution and bring danger to your older brother! I'll let you off on account of the Honorable Sir Tianqi. But if I ever see you again, I will avenge my disciple!"


Once he had said his piece, the Honorable Sir Lingshang sped into the void without hesitation and soon disappeared before the eyes of the crowd. 

Gu Ruoyun smirked as she stared at the direction where the old man had disappeared, "The next time we meet... You can't say for sure who triumphs over whom."

The Trials were almost at an end. No one had bothered to even look at a remorseful Leng Yanfeng. 

Despite the crimes he had committed in Shi Yun's name, his current situation was already the best form of punishment. Let him live with regret for the rest of his life, that's a far greater torture than killing him off. 

"Does anyone else wish to duel with Gu Ruoyun of the Dongfang family?" The City Governor cleared his throat as he asked. 

In that instant, all eyes turned to Zuo Shangchen. 

Only Zuo Shangchen of the Dark Yin Palace would be a match for her now. 

"Xiao Yun'er," Zuo Shangchen curled his lip and smiled magnificently, "It was you who gave me a good show. Hence, I willingly forfeit."


The crowd automatically went into a sensation. 

As Zuo Shangchen has forfeited, that proves that the victors of this battle are the Dongfang family members!

"Congratulations, Lady Gu." The City Governor discarded his initial curt mannerisms and smiled widely at Gu Ruoyun, "Now, allow me to formally announce the champions of the Divine Trials, the Dongfang family!"

Hearing this, the Dongfang family disciples leaped for joy. Heaven knows how long it has been since they've last enjoyed such glory, ever since Dongfang Yu's death.

It was Gu Ruoyun! They thought with glee.

It was she who has restored the Dongfang family to its former glory!

"Congratulations, Elder Changjin."

"I knew that the Dongfang family would come in first place this time! I just knew it!"

"Haha, in the past, the Dongfang family had Dongfang Yu. Now, they have Gu Ruoyun. Hence, the Dongfang family shall always be the most powerful of all!"

Some members of the other organizations immediately clambered to flatter the Dongfang family once the results have been announced. It was as if they had all forgotten that they were the ones who had mocked and ridiculed the Dongfang family in the beginning, and were the ones who had stood with the Medicine Order and eagerly slandered the Dongfang family... 

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