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"That's correct."

Elder Jiu, who had remained silent for the longest time as he sat next to those two, finally spoke up. "Honorable Sir Tianqi is right. Hence, this competition shall end here. That member of the Dongfang Family has suffered heavy injuries as well and would require immediate medical attention."


Bai Xiangtian's expression changed in an instant. He scoffed coldly and said nothing more. 

Seeing this, Elder Jiu smiled, "Since that's the case, then the competition in arena number one is now concluded. The victors are the Medicine Order!"

In that instant, the hearts of every member of the Dongfang Family sank. They were so close to winning the battle but the Medicine Order had turned the tides in the end! Even though many of them knew that the Medicine Order utilized external means to cheat their way through but without any proof, what could they possibly do?

"Lady Gu, Qingyun, will he be alright?"

Dongfang Changjin surveyed the half-conscious Qingyun and asked worriedly. 

Gu Ruoyun paused in silence before replying, "Qingyun's wounds are extremely serious. There will be two more matches after this. I'm no longer participating and I've sent Xiao Ye to investigate any movements in secret. No one should be able to cheat during the subsequent battles. You need not worry."


Dongfang Changjin nodded and stared gratefully at Gu Ruoyun. 

"Lady Gu, I know that this competition is very important to you yet you were willing to give up the Trials for the sake of our Dongfang Family disciples. I am truly thankful for how you've protected Qingyun."

Gu Ruoyun smiled. Her voice was as fresh as a spring breeze but it drove into the hearts of every person like a stone, generating great waves.

"Because my mother is Dongfang Yu! I will give everything I have to protect the family she once loved."

Because my mother is Dongfang Yu, I will protect every single disciple of the Dongfang Family.

The crowd found it extremely difficult to calm their hearts as they watched the young girl leave. Gu Ruoyun's actions today have undoubtedly conquered the hearts of every member of the Dongfang Family! Hence, Gu Ruoyun's words would become even more important than Master Dongfang's in the future and cause a great imbalance in the old man's heart. 

Gu Ruoyun's departure had no effect at all on the next competition. After the battle at arena number one has ended, the outcome of the other two victors were had already been determined. 

One of the organizations with a higher chance of receiving the championship title was the Dark Yin Palace. However, no one had expected for the Gu Family, which was placed last during the elimination round, to also emerge as victors. 

Hence, upon receiving news that the Dongfang Family had lost to the Medicine Order, Gu Ling couldn't stop laughing. "The Dongfang Family certainly hasn't changed, what a bunch of good-for-nothings... Already defeated in the first round!" he said smugly. "They can't possibly win in the next few matches now!"

However, because Gu Ling had not watched the battle, he was not aware of the exact situation and thought that the Dongfang Family had been immediately defeated by the Medicine Order upon setting foot in the arena.

After all, in his eyes, the Dongfang Family will always be useless!

"Remember this, all of you," Dongfang Changjin scanned the faces of every Dongfang Family disciple, "In the next few rounds, should we face the Medicine Order again if you truly cannot withstand their attacks... Admit defeat. There is no shame in that. Understood?"

"Elder Changjin, as long as Rongyue of the Medicine Order does not compete, the rest of us have nothing to fear. Besides, we must brutally defeat the Medicine Order and vent Qingyun's frustrations in his place!"

"That's right, if we face the Medicine Order again, let me go out there and fight. I won't let those b*stards off!"

The Medicine Order was simply too disgusting for words. Not only have they cheated, they even wanted to murder Qingyun. They simply could not tolerate this! Should they face the Medicine Order again, they will show no mercy.

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