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Honorable Sir Tianqi's expression changed greatly, "You've beaten him to such a degree, how is he supposed to admit defeat? Seeing as the results are out, then I can declare that the victory of this round goes to the Medicine Order."

"Hehe," As he spoke, Bai Xiangtian stared mockingly at the Honorable Sir Tianqi. "I believe that the Medicine Order girl makes sense. The rules of the Trials state that as long as the opponent does not admit defeat, the competition is not over. Honorable Sir Tianqi, you cannot show favoritism."


The Honorable Sir Tianqi was so angered that his face turned black. He clenched his fist tightly as his heart filled with rage like waves crashing in turmoil in the ocean. He gritted his teeth and spoke, "Bai Xiangtian, don't you f*cking act so shamelessly! Whether the Medicine Order truly cheated, you know the truth deep down in your heart!"

Bai Xiangtian sneered and turned around, not even bothering to look at the Honorable Sri Tianqi's ashen face. So what if the Medicine Order had cheated? As long as there was no proof, the victors in this round will not be the Dongfang Family.


In the arena, Qingling took one step forward, and looked down at the motionless man on the ground with a smile filled with great contempt, "You should rejoice that you're going to die at the hand of a genius like me. Well, it's your Dongfang Family's fault for being on the same team as that traitor, Wei Yiyi, of all people. So when you die, you shouldn't blame me. If there's anyone to blame, blame Gu Ruoyun and Wei Yiyi. It's their fault for causing your death."

Then, Qingling lifted her leg once again and aimed it towards Qingyun's head. Once her leg lands on his head, Qingyun's skull will certainly crack open and he will die tragically beneath her feet. 

The Dongfang Family members were enraged and glared with reddened eyes at Qingling. They could not stand by idly and watch Qingyun die so violently and some wanted to rush into the arena, even if they had to break the rules of the Trials or face elimination.

Just as Qingling's foot was about to land on Qingyun's head, a hand grabbed onto her ankle and with one swift move, flung Qingling a few steps back. A murderous intent flashed across her slightly narrowed eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Bai Xiangtian's expression fell. He rose from his seat and stared at the green-clothed young girl and bellowed coldly, "Who gave you permission to enter the arena?"

Underneath the wild winds, the young girl lightly raised her lovely face. Her clear and cold voice rang aloud against the whistling sound of the wind in a lukewarm manner, "Qingyun has already lost this battle. I'm here to escort him off the arena."

"This honored one has spoken, the participant has yet to admit defeat. Hence, the competition has not yet ended. Continue!"

Bai Xiangtian wrinkled his brow and coldly declared. 

"Oh, really?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly as a frosty light flashed across her clear, cold eyes, "I'd like to see who dares to lay a finger on my Dongfang Family member!"

I'd like to see who dares to lay a finger on my Dongfang Family member!

This one sentence was spoken with such clear dominance and arrogance that it moved the hearts of every member of the Dongfang Family.

"Gu Ruoyun!"


Bai Xiangtian slammed his hand onto the table in front of him and spoke with a cold glare in his eyes, "Do you want to be stripped of your right to participate in the Trials?"

"If every judge was as blind as you, then what does it matter if I forfeit the Trials?" said Gu Ruoyun as she lightly raised her head. At this moment, her body seemed to radiate a kind of aura that none could match, "Furthermore, I won't let anyone harm the Dongfang Family members even if I have to be forfeited from the Trials!"

This is not the only way for me to enter the Spirit Sect and help my brother, Gu Shengxiao, she thought. This was merely the simplest way. Just because I lose the chance to compete in the Trials does not mean that I have no other way to help my big brother. 

"Bai Xiangtian, I seem to remember another rule in this competition." The Honorable Sir Tianqi glanced at Bai Xiangtian as he said, "If the participant in the arena is unable to admit defeat, then his team member can admit defeat in his place. If the Gu girl is admitting defeat in his place, then this competition has now ended."

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