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The guests who had been in attendance at Lan Yuge's birthday party were all subordinates of the Dongfang family. Also, not much time had passed since then so the news of Gu Ruoyun's current level of strength has yet to become common knowledge. That was why everyone currently believed that she was still a Martial King which was the rank she had attained during her visit to Black Tortoise Country.

Actually, they couldn't be blamed for thinking this way. It hasn't even been a year so who could have imagined that she would have jumped over an entire level from a Martial King to a Martial Emperor?

There was no need to even mention the Xia family. Aside from the citizens of Heaven City, the rest had all been killed. In order to avoid the news of the holy spirit stone in Gu Ruoyun's hands from spreading, Master Xia had strictly ordered that no one was to speak about this to anyone outside of Heaven City. Therefore, no one else in the world had known of Gu Ruoyun's breakthrough.

"Gu Ruoyun? You're not a member of the Dongfang family so what gives you the right to participate in the Divine Trials?" Xueyi then cast a disdainful stare at Dongfang Changjin, "When had the Dongfang family declined to such an extent that you would rely on external help? Even if you had found someone slightly more powerful, wouldn't permitting her to participate mean an automatic defeat?"

Dongfang Changjin's expression sank. Just as she was about to open her mouth for a retort, the young girl's calm voice slowly rang out loud.

"Dongfang Yu is my mother so why shouldn't I have the right to participate?"

Her words were like a tremendous weight that hammered fiercely into the hearts of the crowd.

"She's the daughter of Dongfang Yu? I thought Dongfang Yu had passed on ages ago? Where had this daughter come from?"

"I remember that this Gu Ruoyun is the daughter of Gu Tian. At that time, Gu Tian was not a descendant of an aristocratic family. Could it be that Dongfang Yu's disappearance had been because she had eloped with Gu Tian?"

On this mainland, besides a small number of people, the rest had no idea of the incident which had happened that year. So naturally, they wouldn't know anything about the connection between Gu Ruoyun and the Dongfang family.

Therefore, when they heard such an important news, the crowd felt as if lightning had struck their hearts, which quivered ceaselessly.

"Hehe." Upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's words, Xueyi's expression changed a few times before returning to its normal state. She sneered, "I didn't think that Dongfang Yu's daughter would have become so grown up by now and is participating in the Divine Trials! Unfortunately, you are too far off from your mother's standards! You're only a puny little Martial King; there's no way for you to pass the Trials smoothly. Of course, if you're willing to give these pegasus to the Medicine Order then I wouldn't let you lose too badly!"

"Mmm?" Gu Ruoyun rubbed her chin as she smiled and nodded, "That's not a bad suggestion. If you politely apologize to the Dongfang family members now, perhaps I won't let you lose too badly too."

The crowd which had initially been chattering in a debate was silenced upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's words.

It was so quiet that you could hear the sound of a pin drop.

What did we just hear? they thought. Did this girl just boast and say that she wouldn't let the Medicine Order disciples lose too badly? Is something wrong with her brain or is she just insane?

Lady Rongyue of the Medicine Order was already a Martial Emperor and besides her, there were many other young geniuses in the Medicine Order! The Dongfang family couldn't possibly match up with them.

One should not judge the Dongfang family's might based on their current level of power. However, it would seem that, unfortunately, the next generation was nothing to be excited about. The Dongfang family would certainly fall into decline once the Master of the Dongfang family and Lan Yuge return to the Western Paradise.

So they simply could not understand how this woman would dare to boast so loudly?

Obviously, Rongyue was quite annoyed by Gu Ruoyun's words. She knit her brows tighter and tighter, staring coldly back at her. Even so, she remained arrogantly silent as she cast a frosty look upon the opposition.

"With someone like you around, the Dongfang family has certainly reached its end," Xueyi's smile held disdain and mockery, "It would seem that the heavens are truly unjust to grant Dongfang Yu such great talents, yet giving her defects when it comes to bearing and raising children. She's even given birth to an ignorant child blessed with cerebral palsy! Gu Ruoyun, just because you were lucky enough to obtain a few pills doesn't mean that you can fancy yourself unrivaled in the eyes of the world! For in the eyes of our Medicine Order, you are nothing!"

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