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The sun was setting in the east and the glow of the remaining light poured down and shone upon every corner of the manor.

Just as Xueyi's words fell, the disciples of the Dongfang family glared at her angrily. Obviously, Gu Ruoyun was already an idol in their hearts. Now, their idol has suffered slander — to be accused of having cerebral palsy, how could they bear it?

"Elder Changjin, Lady Gu, these Medicine Order disciples are simply too much! If this can be tolerated what cannot be? We must all show our power for these people to see!"

The disciples were restless and some were rolling up their sleeves, readying themselves for battle. Gu Ruoyun needs only say the word, they would immediately charge forward and fight!


Dongfang Changjin's expression sank and she sent Xueyi an ugly expression, "Xueyi, years ago, you lost in the hands of the Lady of my house and now you're looking for another public venue? Apologies, but my Dongfang family will never give you that chance!"

Xueyi was once a rare, especially favored disciple and had always been proud and arrogant to the point of being extremely conceited. But her pride was destroyed at the Divine Trials!

And the person responsible for that was Dongfang Yu!

How could she not feel hatred?

Even after that woman's death, it had not quelled the anger in her heart! Even now she found the Dongfang family representatives unpleasant to the eye and would always push the Medicine Order's disciples into starting a fight with them in the Divine Trials.

Actually, even with the fact that the Dongfang family did not have many outstanding disciples, they should not be ranked in the last place! This had all been because of the animosity from the Medicine Order which had caused the Dongfang family to end up eliminated from the moment they went on stage.

"Let's go."

Gu Ruoyun glared coldly at Xueyi. She ignored her ashen face and calmly asked, "I wonder if you remember someone named Wei Yiyi? One day, you will all pay for what you've done to her."

She then left without a second glance.

Xueyi's face turned from green to white and then from white to green again as she stared at Gu Ruoyun's figure with an ugly expression on her face.

Wei Yiyi! she thought, how could I ever forget her? Has that woman returned again? No, I won't allow her to return to the Medicine Order. Otherwise, the sins that the Master and I have committed will be exposed!

If that were to happen, the old people who have shielded Wei Yiyi would certainly make a stand!

"Wei Yiyi?" Rongyue wrinkled her willowy brows, "Wasn't she the traitor who was behind the death of the old Master and the person who stole the Treasury of Medicine?"

Only a traitor, she thought, I can't understand why this woman would shamelessly mention her name! There wasn't a single person in the entire Medicine Order who has not heard of how the old Master had found out about Wei Yiyi's wild ambitions and had planned on giving the Treasury of Medicine to my own Master, the current Master of the Medicine Order. Who would have thought that Wei Yiyi had harbored great hatred in her heart and then caused the death of the old Master before stealing the Treasury of Medicine? Then, she disappeared without a trace!

I never imagined that she would reappear!

As such, I, as a disciple of the Medicine Order, must tidy up the faction!

At this moment, no one noticed that a woman, dressed in white amongst the group of Medicine Order disciples, was watching the direction where Gu Ruoyun had left and was utterly spellbound. Soon, she regained her senses and slowly disappeared into the crowd...

"Lady Gu."

Dongfang Changjin finally caught up with Gu Ruoyun. She smiled and sighed, "That Xueyi had a dispute with your mother in her youth and was defeated by your mother at the Divine Trials. Because of this, she has always harbored hatred in her heart and goes out of her way to cause trouble for the Dongfang family."

"Elder Changjin," Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and turned towards the older woman next to her, "How much longer until the Divine Trials officially begin?"

"About... Half a month."

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