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Xia Yu watched as the door slammed in her face. In that instant, she knew that she had indeed committed a grave mistake and no matter what she did, she could never make up for it. If she could do it all over again, they would never have listened to Xia Qi.

Unfortunately, this time, no matter how much regret she felt, it would be useless.


High above the skies, amid swirling white, fluffy clouds, there's a land like a paradise on earth.

It was the Weapon Refining Sect. A woman in snow-white robes was standing, facing downwind. Her robes fluttered gently, like a fairy, pure and otherworldly. She quietly stood amongst the clouds with her beautiful face fixed in concentration.

Behind her, Leng Yanfeng stared foolishly at the floating, incomparably beautiful, fairy-like woman. His cold eyes filled with longing.

But when he remembered his current situation, his vision became clouded with gloom.

If it were not for that person, I would not have become handicapped! I can't even express my feelings to the woman I love!

Even though he had not been able to identify the culprit's face, he has long held a bone-deep hatred towards him. He hated him so much that he wished that he could flay the skin off the man!

And Gu Ruoyun... That woman has actually managed to destroy Azure Dragon Country! If he could, he would make her suffer a terrible penalty!

The more he thought of this, the thicker the murderous intent in his body grew. But whenever he looked at the woman in front of him, the anger in his gaze would dissipate and his handsome face turned soft and gentle.

"Junior sister, Elder Zhao of the Xia Family has arrived and requests for an audience."

Elder Zhao of the Xia Family? Shiyun frowned, then relaxed her expression. She turned around to look at the man and flashed him a gentle smile, "Anyone who comes here is our guest, senior brother. Please invite him in."

The Weapon Refining Sect has never interacted with the Xia Family, so what business would Elder Zhao have with her?

In the drawing room, the elder held a teacup in his hands and took a small sip. When he raised his head, he found a lady dressed in snow-white robes, gliding into the drawing room.

She had a pleasant smile on her face. It was soft and gentle and could make one's worries disappear.

"Lady Shiyun," Elder Zhao regained his senses as he smiled and rose from his seat, "Before my arrival, I've heard many tales that tell of how you are the most beautiful woman in the world. It would seem that the rumors are true. Indeed, no woman can be compared to your beauty."

Of course, Shiyun knew that these words were mere flattery. After all, there are many devastatingly beautiful women who lived on the mainland so no one could actually claim to be the greatest beauty in the world.

However, that doesn't mean that she could not enjoy a bit of flattery.

As such, after his speech, Shiyun smiled softly and replied, "Elder Zhao, what connections would the Weapon Refining Sect have with the Xia Family that you would come to pay me a visit? Furthermore, you did not ask to see my father. Why have you chosen to meet with me instead?

"Lady Shiyun, only you can help me in this matter."

Elder Zhao smiled, "I want to ask you, Lady Shiyun, for your aid in our Second Master's quest to obtain the Xia Family! So far, every single one of his plans had failed. Only you can help him now."


Shiyun looked at Elder Zhao with the slightest hint of a smile, "Elder Zhao, you seem to have overestimated my abilities. I'm afraid that I cannot help you in this matter."

"Hehe," Elder Zhao chuckled, "I've heard that relations between the Weapon Refining Sect and the Dongfang Family are strained, it would seem that the two sides had been feuding for many years. Now, if the Weapon Refining Sect were to receive support from the Xia Family, then we could join forces and destroy the Dongfang Family. With the current Master Xia in charge, this would never happen. After all, the Xia Family, which has remained secluded in Heaven City, would never willingly trample into muddy waters. But if the Second Master were to be put in charge, he would certainly be able to send aid to the Weapon Refining Sect and help you to defeat the Dongfang Family."

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