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The voice from within her soul paused for a long while before speaking again.

"Little girl, no matter the trials and tribulations you may face in the road ahead, I will be with you every step of the way just as I've once promised you! As long as I'm alive, not one of your loved ones will die."


Gu Ruoyun felt touched and she smiled softly, "Thank you."

"Why should there be a need for thanks between the two of us? If you really want to thank me, I won't mind accepting your body as your way of thanks. After all, the areas that should be larger should be all grown out by now. How about we have a discussion on life's pleasures?"

The man's tone of voice was rather dubious and caused Gu Ruoyun, who was initially feeling very touched by his words, to instantly go very dark in the face. She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, "Zixie, would it kill you to stop taking liberties with my body?"

"It would."


Gu Ruoyun was seriously speechless. She immediately blocked out the voice within her soul then marched straight into the guest room.

From afar, she noticed a figure approaching the door of her room. She frowned lightly and asked, "Can I help you?"


Xia Yu nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned her head and saw Gu Ruoyun, then spoke shyly, "Lady Gu, I'm here to apologize."


Gu Ruoyun calmly replied, "So can you leave now?"

Earlier, her motives in saving Xia Ying was to prove her innocence and not because she had a good impression towards the siblings.

"I..." Xia Yu bit her lip, "Actually... I know that my brother and I both made a very grave mistake. In the Xia Family, it doesn't really matter how gifted we are... We will only ever be distant relatives and can never compare with the direct descendants. In all respects, we have been patient and accommodating, but so what? We would only aggravate the rest. The Second Master himself does not hold a lot of influence in the Xia Family but he has many strong cultivators as subordinates and is a trueborn son of the Master. If we refuse his order, he would chase us out of the Xia Family. So we had no choice but... But to commit such a heinous crime."

Xia Yu explained the situation in a single breath, then continued, "Lady Gu, I know that I am acting shamelessly by begging for your forgiveness, but my heart will never rest until I receive your forgiveness... Which is why I have shamelessly paid you a visit."

"Are you done?" Gu Ruoyun replied curtly, she then took two steps towards Xia Yu, "Can one simply plant false evidence against another all for the sake of remaining in the Xia Household? You should be quite clear of the consequences if the incident today was committed by someone else! And now, you've come asking for my forgiveness just so that you can clear your own conscience? Well, let me make one thing very clear, I do not hate you, neither do I blame you. You are all strangers to me, so I don't have the right to control what you do, and there is no need to discuss forgiveness. Well then, can you leave now?

It's true, no matter what the Xia Ying siblings have done, Gu Ruoyun would feel no anger. Because to her, they are only a pair of insignificant strangers.

There is no need for her to waste her time on them.

"Lady Gu..." Xia Yu's eyes grew red as she replied timidly, "Are you really not going to forgive me? I'll do anything, as long as I can receive your forgiveness."

Gu Ruoyun waved her hand and said, "You don't need to do anything, just don't trouble me in the future."

Then, she pushed open the bedroom door, and shut Xia Yu outside, cutting herself off from her pitiful yet beautiful tear-stained face.

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