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Chapter 1184: Ruins, Inheritance (1)

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"Human, you're digging your own grave!"

The stone man was enraged after his attack was blocked. He then attacked again and fiercely aimed his fist towards the man in black's chest. There was an unstoppable aura wrapped around the stone man's fist as it flew forward with an irresistible force.


The black-robed man raised his hand and grabbed the stone man's fist in a tight grip. Though the stone man's punch had pushed the black-robed man back several steps, there was no sign of emotion in his deep and grim eyes. An indifferent light from his masked face flashed against the ruins.

Gu Ruoyun's eyes were fixed upon the black-robed man in front of her. There was a slight ripple of emotion in her clear and cold gaze.

Could it be him?

It can't be!

Big Brother should be in the West Spirit Mainland so how could he possibly be in the First City? Besides, if he really is Gu Shengxiao, he would never have concealed himself and refused to see me.

Where had my savior come from?

"Human, stop fantasizing about defeating me. That's an impossible feat so I advise you to beg for mercy instead!"

The stone man was still enraged about the fact that the black-robed man had been able to block his attack. His angry eyes looked as if they could spit fire.

The black-robed man gently pursed his lips but his grim gaze remained fixed upon the stone man. He did not say a thing and no one could comprehend the expression beneath his black mask either.

Nevertheless, the chilly aura emanating from the man's body was quite intimidating.


Just then, the man in black released his attack.

The stone man laughed icily and raised his fist to block him. As their fists collided, a powerful energy surged through the man's arm and transferred itself into the stone man's body. A clear and loud cracking then echoed through the ruins.

The stone man's expression has changed from his initial disdain to fear. His eyes slowly widened before he cried out in a shrill voice, "No!"


His entire body had been penetrated by the black-robed man's powerful energy. The crowd then watched as the stone man's body cracked open and exploded into pieces.

Countless shattered pieces of rock fell to the ground in small piles. The stone man's eyes, once filled with fear, slowly turned pitch black before losing its spark...

The black-robed man clenched his fist as blood dripped down from his arm onto the ground.

It was obvious that he had sustained some heavy injuries from the last attack.


Everyone in the ruins immediately plunged into a riot as they gazed curiously at the black-robed man in black. They wanted to know where this man had come from to have such great power.

Elder Mei's eyes slowly darkened. With this man around, their chances of obtaining the inheritance from these ruins would be greatly diminished.

The black-robed man was still standing with his back towards Gu Ruoyun and made no move to turn around to look her. It was as if he was not acquainted with her at all.

"Who are you?"

The woman's clear and cold voice rang out behind him, "Do we know each other?"

The black-robed man's body stiffened. However, he stopped himself from turning around. He continued to stare into the distance as he replied in a grim yet hoarse voice, "We do not."


Gu Ruoyun curled her lip indifferently. There was no way her intuition was wrong, this man was definitely acquainted with her.

However, she could not comprehend what could have possibly happened to have caused him to be unable to face her?

"Lady, aren't you overthinking this?" Elder Mei sneered before she chimed in with a voice filled with mockery, "This man has such great power. How could someone like you, who is trying to curry favor from the Second Young Master of Wind Valley to obtain a high position, possibly be acquainted with a powerful cultivator like him? However, you really are something. You would even rush to gain favor from anybody who seems powerful by pretending that you know him. You..."


Shut up, stupid lady.

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Chapter 1185: Ruins, Inheritance (2)

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Her speech came to an abrupt end.

Elder Mei's expression turned pale and her eyes displayed a sense of terror.

The reason for this was because the black-robed man had turned his gaze towards her with clear murderous intent in his cold eyes. Elder Mei felt as if a hand was clasped around her neck, it was suddenly very hard for her to breathe.

"Your tongue is too impertinent!" The black-robed man's voice was just as cold as ever and the murderous intent on his body was undiminished. "If you say another word, I will send you to your grave!"


A powerful force then charged towards Elder Mei. She could not avoid it in time and the attack landed straight onto her chest, causing her to stumble backward. She spat out a mouthful of blood and her face turned deathly pale.

"Elder Mei!"

Elder Yun's expression changed abruptly. She then hurriedly supported Elder Mei's body as she stared vigilantly at the black-robed man.

She might have been mistaken but she felt as if this man had attacked Elder Mei because she had insulted Gu Nianye!

How could Elder Mei possibly have the audacity to say another word at a time like this? She could only stare at Gu Ruoyun hatefully. To Elder Mei, this woman had caused her to offend such a powerful cultivator! If it had not been for her, Elder Mei would not have had to endure that attack!

"It's fine if you don't tell me who you are." Gu Ruoyun walked to the man's side and thought for a moment before saying, "One day, I shall find out your identity myself."

After saying her piece, she continued further into the ruins.

The black-robed man stared at her as she left and his initially chilly gaze became gentler. His eyes were filled with a frustrating struggle.

The path in the ruins was made from metal and made a clanking sound when walked on. This sound was particularly obvious in the silent ruins.

The black-robed man followed Gu Ruoyun every step of the way but he did not say a word to her at all. He was quiet the entire time but his cold eyes were fully alert with a serious look beneath his black mask.

"Hey, there's a room here!"

Suddenly, a surprised voice sounded amongst the crowd. The crowd immediately saw that there was indeed a room to their left.

That room had been fused together with the wall which was why they had not noticed its existence at first.

"Since this tomb had been built by a powerful cultivator ten thousand years ago, there should be other treasures aside from the inheritance. Perhaps this room has precious things inside!" Elder Mei curled her lips as her eyes filled with greed. "Come, let's go have a look!"

She then opened the large golden door and stepped into the room.

The room was filled with treasure chests which emitted a dazzling radiance, lifting one's spirits.

"Heavens, they're spiritual weapons! So many spiritual weapons!"

"And spirit stones! These spirit stones have an abundance of spiritual energy. If I could absorb all these spirit stones, I might even break through to the next state!"

Spirit stones were a type of miracle stone on the mainland. They contain powerful spiritual energy which can be absorbed by cultivators. However, spirit stones had disappeared along with pill formulas ten thousand years ago and only a precious few could be found. A spirit stone placed in an auction could be sold for sky-high prices.

"These are mine, hahaha, all mine!"

One cultivator could not resist the lure of so many treasures and burst into laughter. He then charged forward with an insane look on his face.

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Chapter 1186: Ruins, Inheritance (3)

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However, before he could reach the treasure, a sword was suddenly thrust forward and pierced through his chest.

His body shook as he turned around in disbelief and looked at the person who had stabbed him. "You, you actually..." he asked in a trembling voice.

"There's not much treasure here. The less of us there are, the more chances we will have to get something so you can go to hell!"

The attacker then pulled his sword out emotionlessly. Even the way he had spoken was extremely cruel and he showed absolutely no mercy at all.


Fresh blood gushed out from the cultivator's body like spring water. He then slowly crumpled to the ground, landing in front of everyone with a thud.

Everyone immediately drew their weapon and struck the person standing next to them.

They must slaughter their own kind for the sake of obtaining the treasure!

"Sir, should we join the fray as well?" Feng Yi stared at Feng Yuqing in confusion as he asked.

Before Feng Yuqing could reply, a cold and indifferent voice chimed in, "If you trust my word, leave these things alone. Nothing good can come from taking these treasures!"

Feng Yuqing fell momentarily silent before he slowly nodded. "We'll listen to Lady Gu."

Knowing this woman's character, she would never open her mouth to spout delirious ravings. Since she has asked them to give up on obtaining these treasures, there must be a good reason why they should leave these treasures alone. Otherwise, they might end up throwing their lives away senselessly! Most importantly, with so many powerful cultivators fighting for the treasure, they really could not expect anything good to happen.

What was it all for?

Actually, Elder Mei was more worried about the black-robed man joining the fight. It was a good thing that he did not react at all and had remained standing behind Gu Ruoyun like a statue. Elder Mei does not know why but when she saw this, a hint of astonishment flashed in her eyes.

Why do I feel as if this man is like a bodyguard and is protecting that woman's safety?

She quickly sneered at herself for having that thought.

How could that be possible? How could a woman who needs to gain the Second Master of Wind Valley's favor possibly have such a powerful bodyguard? Perhaps the black-robed man was just minding his own business behind her. He certainly can't be acquainted with her at all!

In the room, countless cultivators have fallen into a pool of blood as a result of the massacre. At this time, they never thought that they would end up being murdered by their friends after surviving the stone man's attack.

And it was all for the sake of the treasure in those chests.

"It's almost done." Elder Mei wiped the blood from her face and said, "Now there should be enough people to divide the treasure amongst us. We only need to discuss who will take what! Even though many have lost their lives here, we still don't know what's going to happen next."

"However..." She paused before she turned towards Gu Ruoyun and the others. She then smiled as she said, "Those of you who did not take part in the battle can't claim any of the treasure."

"To me, this treasure is not quite as important as you, Elder Mei. I'd rather you give yourself to me, Elder Mei, instead of having this treasure."

Feng Yuqing peeked at Elder Mei with narrowed eyes, looking like a hedonistic son through and through.

Elder Mei felt disgusted but she did not show it on her face. Instead, she chuckled before saying, "Don't worry, once we leave these ruins, I won't treat you unfairly."

However, that would require them to actually leave the ruins in one piece.

"My Lord." After Elder Mei had spoken, she lifted her head towards the black-robed man in black who was standing behind Gu Ruoyun and addressed him. She flashed a pretty and charming smile as she spoke with an attractive expression on her face, "I wonder if any of these treasures have caught your eye? I'll leave one especially for you."

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Chapter 1187: Ruins, Inheritance (4)

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The black-robed man ignored her completely. He did not even look at her as if she was completely transparent. His deep, grim eyes were staring somewhere else as if each word Elder Mei had said to him was blasphemy.

Elder Mei realized her failure in boot-licking and looked rather embarrassed. She was about to speak again when Elder Yun, who was right next to her, pulled her back.

"With such great power, why would he need these treasures? Elder Mei, it's no use for you to do this. We better hurry up and divide these treasures so we can continue our journey."

This man's eyes clearly showed that he was not interested in these treasures at all.

Otherwise, based on his level of power, if he really wants these things, would there be anything left for them to divide?

Funnily, Elder Mei had tried to use these treasures to get into this man's good graces. In the end, he had not been impressed at all.

After everyone had divided the treasure, the group continued on their journey.

The long passageway was like a path to another world. Though it was long, a bright light soon came into view and everyone's heart leaped with joy. They exclaimed excitedly, "We're finally at the end. Is it possible that this is where the inheritance is?"

There was only one inheritance. Hence, everyone by their side was an enemy! They had previously attacked their friends for the sake of those treasures. Now, one single mistake would result in their own deaths by the sword...

Once the crowd had reached the path's end, their excitement soon turned to disappointment.

They were greeted with a single-plank bridge swaying all alone at the end of the path. Beneath it was an endlessly dark void. Fear crept into their hearts and they felt as if something could jump out from beneath the bridge at any moment...

"Looks like this is not the location of the inheritance."

"It's like what I've said, we can't possibly have found the inheritance so soon. The Master of these ruins would not possibly let us enjoy the inheritance so quickly! It seems that if we want to obtain the inheritance, we shall have to cross this single-plank bridge."

The hearts of the crowd sank.

After all, the trials in the ruins would only get more and more dangerous. The stone man earlier on was already very powerful and they do not know what was waiting for them next.

"Let's go."

Elder Yun took a deep breath and walked around the crowd to stand at the front. "We must pass through here no matter what!"

Everyone else followed suit. They had already gone through so much peril, how could they go back now?

Besides, they have no way of retreat.

Shortly, everyone had set foot on the single-plank bridge. Due to the weight from so many people, the bridge began to wobble and seemed as if it could collapse at any moment.


"Roar, roar, roar!"

Just as the crowd was crossing the bridge with great difficulty, a loud succession of roars sounded underneath the bridge. When the crowd looked down, they were so frightened that their souls nearly leaped out from their bodies.

Countless black dragons were rising up from beneath the bridge as they widening their bloody, ferocious mouths and roared loudly. If these black dragons had not been bound by chains, the cultivators would probably have been frightened to death.

"Watch out, don't fall down. If you do, you will become the black dragon's meal!"

Elder Yun's eyes darkened as she ordered in a low voice.


Even though the crowd was already walking very carefully, the single-plank bridge wobbled ceaselessly as if it could collapse at any moment.

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Chapter 1188: Ruins, Inheritance (5)

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Frankly speaking, if the group had gone across the bridge one-by-one, this might not have happened! Unfortunately, no one wanted to fall behind and they were afraid that someone else would get to the inheritance first! Hence, they did not want to concede even one step!

As for flying through the air...

That was impossible!

Perhaps the Master of the ruins had wanted to prevent cultivators from flying through the air so he had placed water caltrops on the single plank bridge as well. If anyone tries to fly, they would end up badly bruised by the spikes from the water caltrops!

Hence, the crowd had no choice but to slowly cross this single plank bridge!

Gu Ruoyun had dared to step onto it because she was certain that she would be able to escape from the dragons.


Just then, an arm reached out from the side and someone, who had been caught off guard, fell off the bridge.

The black dragons, which had been lying in wait for their delicious meal, quickly opened their bloody mouths to catch it. Before the man could cry out for help, the black dragon had swallowed him whole.

"What are you doing?"

After that unfortunate soul had been swallowed by the black dragon, his friend turned towards Elder Mei who was the person who had pushed the unfortunate soul down. He screamed angrily at her and his eyes were spitting balls of fire.

"You can all see it, this bridge can't take any more weight. If there's less of us, perhaps we can still stand a chance in crossing safely." Elder Mei sneered. "You shouldn't blame me, my actions have brought you hope. It's every man for himself and the Devil will take the those who fall behind! As long as we can cross this bridge, what's wrong with sacrificing one or two of us?"

Despite the angry look in the unfortunate man's friend's eyes, he did not say another word.

Elder Mei was right. Every man for himself and the Devil will take the those who fall behind!

Humans have always been a selfish species. What was the harm in sacrificing one or two people for the sake of survival?

"I think there's still an overload of weight here so we must sacrifice a few others to save ourselves."

As she spoke, her gaze turned towards Gu Ruoyun and the rest.

Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and stared straight into Elder Mei's eyes. Her unwavering gaze showed no sign of fear.

"Sir Feng, even though we've known each other for so many years, you've pretty much dug your own grave by coming to these ruins with your powers in that state. Please take your subordinates and that woman, you should jump before I take action!"

Feng Yuqing's eyes sank. "Are you not afraid of receiving retribution for these actions?"

"Hahaha!" Elder Mei burst into laughter. "Now that Feng Xiaoxiao is the Young Master of Wind Valley and will soon take the top position, do you think that Wind Valley will avenge you?"

Besides, the Charm Sect have long been allied with Feng Xiaoxiao! The friendship between the Charm Sect and Wind Valley was purely because of Feng Xiaoxiao alone.

If Feng Xiaoxiao found out that Elder Mei had killed Feng Yuqing, she might feel very excited!

"Sir, watch out!"

Feng Yi and Feng Wu quickly pulled Feng Yuqing protectively behind them as they glared at Elder Mei angrily. "Elder Mei, you've crossed the line. Our Sir is also a direct descendant of Wind Valley yet you would treat him as such! We will inform the Valley Lord about this once we leave this place! You just wait!"

"Leave?" Elder Mei sneered. "Do you think you'll have that chance? You will die here today! You should feel proud for being given the opportunity to sacrifice yourselves for us."

Gu Ruoyun crossed her arms across her chest and stared at Elder Mei with a forced smile. Her eyes were filled with mockery.

When Elder Mei noticed the mocking smile on Gu Ruoyun's face, she was immediately enraged. She then exclaimed icily, "You are going to die very soon so why are you smiling? Lady, you should have thought of the consequences of your greed for influence. Especially since the person that you're trying to gain favor from is the good-for-nothing Second Young Master of Wind Valley!"

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Just kill her, it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it. She’s harmed countless people on this she’s SO ANNOYING 🙄😑 Why won’t someone kill her? Thanks for the chapter


Old lady... Thanka for giving me this good laugh 😂😂 may you have a "peaceful" death


It's funny how that stupid, annoying old woman forgot about the masked man. She even convinced herself he's standing with GY for no reason. Idiot


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Chapter 1189: Ruins, Inheritance (6)

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Elder Mei has shed all pretenses of cordiality and no longer cared about camouflaging her intentions.

Since these people are going to die anyway, why should I keep this act up?


Suddenly, a black wave of energy shot towards her and pushed Elder Mei several steps back. A grim voice then chimed in and her heart froze over.

"Shut your mouth unless you plan to become dragon food!"


Elder Mei spat out a mouthful of blood as she stared in shock at the black-robed man behind Gu Ruoyun. Her face was completely drained of color.

She could not understand it, why was this man standing up for Gu Ruoyun?

Of course, as soon as this thought appeared in Elder Mei's mind, she could not help but blurt out the question. "My Lord, why are you helping them? If they go down, we'll have another thread of hope! After all, this bridge can't take so many of us."

"That's right." The black-robed man laughed icily. "It's true that this single-plank bridge can't hold such a great weight and some of us should get off. Why don't you sacrifice yourself to protect us instead?"

Elder Mei's expression changed several times. She simply could not understand why this man would protect Gu Ruoyun.

"My Lord, these people aren't very powerful so they wouldn't be of much use in the next battle. I, on the other hand, am already a late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state and am much more powerful than them. Under these circumstances, the weaker ones should sacrifice themselves for those of us who stand a fighting chance!"

The man in black robes curled his lips into a disdainful smile but his eyes were as grim as ever. Murderous intent rippled from his body, turning the atmosphere on the single-plank bridge deadly.

"The thing is, I don't even want to see you at all!"

I should sacrifice myself?

I'm not related to them at all so why should I sacrifice myself for their sake?

"Elder Mei!" Elder Yun lowered her voice and interrupted Elder Mei. She then turned towards the group in front of her and said, "Lady Gu, Sir Feng, my apologies. Elder Mei was only thinking for the benefit of everyone's safety. That's why she had made such a decision. Allow me to apologize on her behalf. There are many more dangers ahead so all I'm asking is for you to not start any further internal strifes!"

Obviously, Elder Yun was much more intelligent than Elder Mei.

Elder Yun may be apologizing to Gu Ruoyun but the underlying meaning in her words indicated that Gu Ruoyun was fully to blame.

In her apology, Elder Yun made it sound like Elder Mei had done it for everyone's safety. That was why she had wanted to feed Gu Ruoyun to the dragons. Therefore, Gu Ruoyun's party's refusal to sacrifice themselves was harming everyone's best interests! They were the ones who were wrong!

Indeed, after hearing Elder Yun's words, all eyes have turned towards Gu Ruoyun's little group. Those eyes were filled with accusation and dissatisfaction as if they all believed that Gu Ruoyun had hurt their benefits...

Gu Ruoyun smiled icily but did not bother to defend herself. In the eyes of these greedy souls, everyone must sacrifice themselves for their benefit. Otherwise, it would hurt their interests...

Hence, when faced with people like them, she felt much too lazy to say anything.

The black-robed man furrowed his brows when he heard Elder Yun's explanation. Though the murderous intent was still evident in his grim eyes, he restrained himself in the end.

These people were still useful for now! There were countless dangers ahead and he still needed them to scout ahead.


After enjoying their delicious meal, the dragons once again waited for more humans to drop towards them. In the end, they did not receive any more food no matter how long they waited. They were enraged and let out a furious roar.

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